4 (Great) Airport Surprise Ideas

Whether you depart or return home, journeys always leave a certain mark on your life.

The moment you set your foot on the ground is the moment you find out that the journey is over.

airport surprise - airport
Airport – place for a perfect surprise! | Photo by Ferran Fusalba Roselló on Unsplash

Maybe your journey is over, but the happiness continues with the special someone waiting for you, making a surprise on your coming back to keep the nostalgia and melancholia away. Traveling impressions merged with homecoming like this will become a long-lasting memory.

In this article, we will make a list of airport surprise ideas that you can find inspirational when you decide to make this move. So, let’s start:

  1. Airport welcome signs
  2. Short welcome stories
  3. Airport proposal
  4. Airport shuttle surprise

1. Funny airport welcome sings

Airport welcome home with a sign | Source: Freepik.com

Airport welcome home with a sign has been seen in so many movies: a person lands after a long and tiresome flight, arriving finally at home.

Heavy luggage and exhausted face, the person barely walking with a back sore, and all of a sudden, the person spots their loved ones with a big sign that warmly welcomes them back.

All the fatigue disappears from the face, now the face welcomes happiness in a big and honest smile, hurling to hug the most favorite person in the world.

But, this isn’t always the case. Some families and friends simply enjoy to make their loved ones feel awkward and uncomfortable, just because it is hilarious and beyond all expectations.

Context is crucial, so with a welcoming sign, you can make things funny, sweet, and unforgettable.

Here are some examples and occasions ideal for making a welcome sign:

  • Don’t go back to prison
  • Get well soon
  • Surprise your siblings
  • Rehab
  • First meeting

Don’t go back to prison: For example, if the person is released from prison, you can make a funny airport greeting, “warning” them that this is the last time you will pick them up here.

Get well soon: if someone returns home from a hospital or surgery, this could be an exceptional way to show them your love and care, by trying to cheer them up and prepare for a better chapter in their lives. The sign will show that they can always count on you and that you are the one they cannot imagine their lives without.

Surprise your siblings: If your big brother or a sister comes back to your town, your juvenile and immature greeting sign will make them burst into laughter, wishing they haven’t returned at all. Just kidding, they will enjoy it, because they are back to make you miserable, again. So, write on the sign to go back to their town because you hate them. Bittersweet siblings love, isn’t it?

Rehab: On the plane you met a nice girl, left quite an impression, so you are walking together to the arrivals halls, chatting about all things you have in common. Just as you summoned all the power in you to ask her number, with your peripheral vision you spotted your friend holding a sign “Congrats on finishing the rehab”! At least now you know you won’t ever get that number.

airport surprise after rehab - hug on the airport
Seeing someone that you care after a while is priceless! Surprise that person! | Source: Freepik.com

First meetings: Military service requires a lot of sacrifices while wearing a uniform, like being away from home. The men can miss important things like when their wife goes into labor and childbirth.

Seeing the baby for the first time can be extremely emotional, so spicing up with a hilarious sign you two only understand will perfectly improve the experience.

2. Short welcome stories

Some airports have a machine that will print your story for free while you wait. Imagine there is no internet and you don’t know what to do with yourself while waiting. Luckily, there is this awesome machine that will give you two things: you will spend your time productively and you will amaze the person you are waiting for in a very creative way.

Be a fertile writer, add your weird sense of humor, and be ready to read it at loud when your loved one arrives. Of course, read a sentence or two, you can keep no one’s attention that long, but they will be interested enough to continue reading in their ride home. Your girlfriend will be more than happy to tell her friends how you surprised her, thinking about her while you were waiting.

3. Airport proposal

There is something exquisitely romantic when reuniting with your partner at the airport.

Airport proposal will surelly be a great surprise! | Source: Freepik.com

You get goosebumps while waiting and then live once again the thrill of first setting eyes on someone, even though this time you know you are setting your eyes on the right person. And also, you will feel like you are starring in a romantic movie.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, time apart makes you appreciate what you two have. On the other hand, if your partner is coming back from a trip, the moment when you see each other will overwhelm you with love and joy. This is why the airport proposal is a perfect and creative way to show your devotion and readiness for the new chapter of your lives.

Be aware that you may deal with a lot of challenges, so this bold move is fruitful only for those who are well-organized and go into great detail. Airports are always crowded so you will be in the spotlight when she says “yes”, everyone will cheer and applaud. Be sure that your girl would like to share your intimate moment this pompously.

If you want to elaborate on the setting and add more details, you will have to seek permission from the airport and airline authorities to avoid getting into trouble during your special moment.

Here are some suggestions that will help you make a perfect proposal surprise:

  • Keep it simple
  • Keep the strangers involved
  • Find the signs

Keep it simple. Greet your partner with a lovely bouquet, tell her how much you love her, and get down on your knee. Ask her the most important question by holding a diamond ring. You can call your close friends and family members to help you out, for example, they can hold your photos, play your songs, etc.

Even simple bouqet of flowers is a great way to surprise your loved one! | Source: Freepik.com

Keep the strangers involved. It would be so romantic if random strangers give her a flower and address her by her name until she is holding a bunch of flowers and then you appear to ask the question.

Find the signs. Engage your friends to hold the signs, leading her to you, positioned in the back, holding the final sign WILL YOU MARRY ME, with a ring in your hand.

4. Airport shuttle surprise

A surprise for airport transfer can be a perfect birthday gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or friend. The service will do everything that you request, and your favorite person will have a ride of a lifetime.

Airport Shuttle – Always a perfect way to surprise anyone! | Source: Freepik.com

You can add a cool drink to freshen up, decorate the vehicle, while the well-mannered chauffeur will make you and the person feel special with all small gestures, like opening the door for you.

This is a unique way to show your love and devotion to someone, who will be delighted with the elegance and glamour, feeling like a movie star.

If you are in Switzerland, you can hire our premium limo service for your airport surprise!


The feeling of tiredness and waiting at the airport after the flight can make people lonely. Therefore, this is a perfect moment to show your appreciation to your loved ones by surprising them with a funny and creative airport sign.

A welcome home sign or a proposal message at the airport will make someone enormously happy and even change their life.

Are you ready to make your splendid surprise? Keep in mind that love doesn’t cost a thing and a hug can be priceless.

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