5 + 1 Bonus tips to get to the airport on time

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”, Saint Augustine once said. And he was right. There are many positive sides of traveling.

It improves your understanding of other cultures, it broadens your horizons, it expands your real-life social network and makes you get to know and understand yourself better. Travelling makes you a smarter and more interesting person and it boosts your self-confidence.

Studies have also shown that traveling benefits your overall health and enhances creativity. It changes you physically and psychologically. But although traveling reliefs stress from everyday life, organizing a trip can be very stressful and complicated. This particularly applies to travel by plane.

Get To The Airport on Time – Our Tips

Airport checks last forever and since it is recommended to arrive at least a couple of hours before the flight, it is easy to forget or miss something in all that hurry. With our 5 plus one bonus tips you will make sure to get to the airport always on time.

Let’s see them.

1. Have your ticket and passport at hand

People usually over pack thinking that that trip is a great opportunity to wear or use something they even forgot they had it. The truth is that most of the things are brought back home unused. You really don’t need a half of your closet no matter where you are traveling to. The most important items are:

  • ID,
  • passport and other documents,
  • money,
  • the airplane ticket,
  • medication if necessary,
  • a phone with a power bank.

Everything else is easy to compensate. Don’t forget to check the airline’s regulations regarding the number and weight of the luggage that falls under the ticket you bought. By the way, see also which items are not allowed on board.

Based on this information, the destination and purpose of your travel, pack appropriate items in an amount sufficient to cover the number of days you will be away from home. Also prepare a handbag in which you will take your wallet, the documents, your phone, and the ticket.

This way you will have everything at hand during all those airport checkups.

2. Spare a day for the trip

Airports can be quite stressful. Combine it with a hard working day and there you’ll have it – the tension and nervousness. Even if your flight is in the evening, the best is to take one extra day off and devote it to the preparations and transfer to the airport.

Get enough of sleep, pack everything you need using the tip above, and head to the airport couple of hours before the flight. It is recommended to be at the airport at least two or three hours earlier. Even if you are a spontaneous person and not that into thorough planning, make an exemption.

It is not prudent to pack and organize at the last minute. Quite the opposite, it’s risky! Don’t be lazy, take a list of every little thing you are going to need on your trip and tick them as you are fulfilling them. Do it in advance and leave enough time to arrive at the airport and go through all the checks.

And remember, airlines don’t have any qualms about leaving you behind!

3. Avoid public transit

Although public transportation is useful for everyday life transits, it is better to avoid it when going to the airport. Buses, subways, and the like can break down, get stuck in traffic, have a construction, etc.

Besides this, it can happen that there are no lines running early enough or late enough to get you to your flight. This is especially true during the holidays.

swiss airport transfer
Airport Transfer

Going with your own car is even worse because then you have to think about finding a parking spot and worrying about the vehicle while you are away. Also, not many people live near the bus stops and subway stations. And even if you do, the bus line leading to the airport doesn’t stop at every single bus stop in the city.

If your bags are too difficult to carry, dragging them onto a subway car or public transit bus might be difficult, especially if you are traveling during rush hour. This might get you stuck on the way and you can miss the flight.

4. Choose the appropriate airport transfer

What has best demonstrated in practice is that hiring a private chauffeur car service drastically reduces the anxiety of airport transfers. A limo driver is skilled and very well familiar with the roads, regulations and rush hours. He/She knows how to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams.

They know exactly how much time it takes from your address to the airport. They are extremely punctual, and highly reliable. They will open the door for you and give you a hand with your luggage.

Chauffeurs are extremely disciplined when it comes to time management. You just need to give them your flight departure time, and from there, it’s their responsibility to ensure that you get to the airport on time. Hence, you will arrive safely at the airport with a couple of spare hours, pass all the check-ins and gates, and have enough time to go around the duty shops, read a book or magazine, have a bite, and board on the plane relaxed and ready for a new adventure.


5. Book the most suitable vehicle

Limousine is not a brand of a car. The number one feature differing them from non-limousines is the partition between the driver’s and passengers’ compartments. Others include spaciousness, comfort, and equipment. Therefore, there are many types of vehicles in each limo fleet. This means that you can always find the perfect limo that will meet your needs at the moment.

Put on a list the number of people you are traveling with, the purpose of your travel, the distance, and the luggage you are going to take, then go online to check for the most suitable private car chauffeur service. Narrow your choices down and start calling the selected companies.

It is always better to talk to them than to rely only on Internet presentation and booking. This way they can also answer all your questions should you have some, and offer solutions for any special request. Just don’t wait the last minute to do so. Limo services are popular and quite busy, so make sure to book yours before others.

Bonus tip: Check-in online

To save yourself from long queues to check-in, you can easily do so online on your smartphone, computer or tablet. Online check-in opens 23 hours and is open until 1 hour before departure and this type of boarding pass replaces the one on the paper.

It is valid for the baggage counter, at access control, at the duty-free shops, and at the boarding gate. You have to download the SWISS app or go to swiss.com, follow the steps and choose whether to receive your mobile boarding pass as a link by text or e-mail or in the SWISS app. Advantages:

  • It is accessible 23 hours before departure,
  • You can select your seat online,
  • You go straight to the gate with your baggage,
  • It is convenient and secure,
  • Also possible for groups of up to 9 people,
  • Print the home printed baggage tag at home and profit from shorter waiting times at baggage check-in.

The only requirement is to have a mobile phone or tablet with access to the Internet, and the airport from which you are departing must support this form of check-in. Some of the Swiss airports with online check-ins are in Zurich, Geneva, Lugano, and Sion.

If out of any reason you are unable to print out your boarding pass, you can pick up one either at the check-in machine or the check-in desk at the airport.

You can also print it there within the required check-in times in a case that you have forgotten to do so at home. This will save you from long waiting in line and leave you a space to fulfill all the steps above, relax and enjoy your flight.

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