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Whether you are requiring a drive to any of the Basel city center hotels, ski or vacation resorts, or any other destinations in Switzerland, you can rely on EdelSwiss Limo service for a smooth and seamless ride. Most popular destinations involve transfers to and from Basel airport including Zurich, Geneva, Bern, Lugano, St. Moritz, Friedrichshafen, Zug, and St. Gallen. During January, a very popular destination is the World Economic Forum in Davos. We cater to all clients, whether you are arriving for business or pleasure, alone or with a large group of fellow passengers, we got you covered. With our pre-booking system, you avoid uncertainty and get to your destination safely, relaxed and on time.

Special offers for travelers who are embarking or disembarking on their cruise trip in Basel

If you are going on a cruise from Basel or you are disembarking and finish your cruise here, you should check our offers and finish or start your trip with style and the most comfortable way possible with EdelSwiss.

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With our transportation service, you can be certain that we put our customer’s comfort in the first place. Together with the modern technology we can ensure that when our customer’s plans change, we change as well.

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Safe customer experience is an important goal in our service. Dedicated and carefully vetted chauffeurs are making sure that you arrive comfortably and safely at your desired destination.

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You can rely on us to deliver an exceptional service for you, whenever you need it. There is a reason why the EdelSwiss has been at the pinnacle of limousine service industry.

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Our confidence and professionalism are based on our long experience, highly trained professional chauffeurs, 24/7 dispatchers, and emergency customer support personnel.

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EdelSwiss offers a wide variety of luxury, exclusive vehicles including the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, luxury Mercedes-Benz V-Class and Mercedes Sprinter of different seating capacities.

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We pride ourselves in pushing the boundaries of support for our clients. That's why you we are available 24 hours each day.

EdelSwiss Limousine Service Fleet

Edel Swiss offers a wide variety of luxury, exclusive vehicles including the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, luxury Mercedes V-Class and Mercedes Sprinter of different seating capacities.

mercedes limousine - mercedes class limo

Mercedes E-Class

3 Passengers

2 Bags

mercedes limousine - mercedes class limo

Mercedes S-Class

3 Passengers

2 Bags

mercedes limousine - mercedes class limo

Mercedes S500

3 Passengers

3 Bags

mercedes limousine - mercedes class limo

Mercedes Maybach

3 Passengers

2 Bags

mercedes limousine - mercedes class limo

Mercedes V-Class

6/7 Passengers

10 Bags

mercedes limousine - mercedes class limo


16 Passengers

20 Bags

mercedes limousine - mercedes class limo


50-52 Passengers

60 Bags

mercedes limousine - mercedes class limo


8 Passengers

0 Bags

How long does the trip to Basel airport last?

The duration of the transfer from Basel port to Basel airport will depend on the docking pier and the time of the day, i.e. traffic. The travel time from St. Johann pier to Basel airport is the shortest and can last between 7-15 minutes. Klybeck and Dreiländereck piers are located on the other side of Rhine River, with Klybeck being closer to the Dreirosen Bridge and Dreiländereck being the furthest away. Travel time from Klybeck is usually some 10-15 minutes, and from Dreiländereck it can be up to 15-23 minutes.

I am not sure where my ship will be docked. How will the driver find me?

The most important information for cruise port pickups is the name of the ship. Write the name of the ship when placing the booking, and our team will check the port’s docking schedule. The driver will come to meet you at the correct docking pier – St. Johann, Klybeck, or Dreiländereck.

How will I recognize my driver after I disembark?

Your chauffeur will wait for you in front of the ship, next to the car with the name

How long does the trip to Zurich airport last?

The travel time from Basel river cruise port to Zurich airport depends on the type of vehicle and traffic. The usual travel time by a sedan car or a minivan with good or moderate traffic is 50 minutes to 1 hour, while by a minibus is 10-15 minutes longer. When the traffic conditions are bad, the travel time can be prolonged to one and a half hours.

Can I include a quick sightseeing tour after I disembark?

Yes, a quick sightseeing tour of Basel can be included before the drop-off at the hotel or the airport. Timewise, a 1-hour tour would be quite enough, unless you wish to include a stop for lunch or shopping.

Are there any sights worth seeing en route to Zurich?

In case you are traveling from Basel port to Zurich and wish to include some sightseeing on the way, you might get disappointed as there are no sights worth seeing en route to Zurich. There are many places worth the visit if passing through Switzerland, but a significant detour is required. For example, one option would be to visit Rhein Falls, Europe’s largest waterfall, located some 50 km north of Zurich. There is also the option to plan a full day tour to include Lucerne and sightseeing of the mountains south of Lucerne, e.g. Pilatus, Stanserhorn, or Titlis.

I am landing in Basel for my cruise. Where will the driver wait for me?

Basel airport has a single passenger terminal. Your driver will wait for you inside the arrival hall, just outside the customs exit with a name board.

Is it easy to get lost at Basel airport?

Basel airport is located on both Swiss and French territory, so the airport has two sectors – a Swiss and a French side. Arriving passengers can leave the baggage claim area either for France or Switzerland, and the respective exits are clearly marked. However, it is not uncommon for the passengers to take the wrong exit and end up on the French side instead of the Swiss side where the driver is waiting.

What happens if I accidently go to the French side?

Taking the wrong exit can be stressful for the passengers, but the most important thing is not to panic. Please call us or the driver immediately upon realizing that you’ve ended up on the wrong side to inform us of your whereabouts. You can also ask the Info Desk personnel to make the call on your behalf and to instruct you on how to go to the Swiss side. The driver will wait for you until you come out to the Swiss side.

Where would be the best to meet the driver if I miss him/her after the customs?

In case you miss the driver, please go to the Info Desk. You can ask the personnel to place a call to the driver on your behalf or call the driver directly and wait by the counter.

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For 20 years we have been proudly delivering excellence to our clients coming to Switzerland from all four corners of the globe.

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All of our vehicles for all transfers are sporting a 4×4 (all-wheel) drive for higher standards of safety during the trip.

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