How to get the best airport shuttle in Zurich/Basel/Geneva?

Airport shuttle represents transport from the airport to the city, hotel, resort, or any address of your preference. Airport shuttles are often buses, though they can also be trains, vans, or any other form of transportation, like limousines. Even some airplanes can be shuttles, flying passengers on quick trips.

Shuttle services can divide into two categories – shared-ride and multi-ride. A shared-ride service picks up passengers based on their individual flight route, while a multi-ride one picks them up based on a route schedule.

Even though the share-ride is more expensive, it is the most convenient and saves the most time. Multi-ride shuttles cost less, but they involve longer riding times through multiple stops while other passengers get on and off the shuttle.

When it comes to economical and safe transportation to and from the airport, the airport limo service is the best option. It gives you a door-to-door service, which, along with luggage assistance that is usually absent from other means of airport transportation, is also affordable and much easier. However, airport shuttle services are often underutilized.

Airport Limousine Service – Zurich, Basel or Geneva – Why And How?

In this article, we will show you WHY and HOW to choose the best airport shuttle service in Zurich, Basel or Geneva. Those three cities are ones of the most visited, with very high daily flight rates, but the following pieces of advice are applicable to any of the destinations.

You can do many things after you land at Zurich, Basel, or Geneva airports. But before you continue on your business trip or vacation you have to travel there.

After a long airplane ride, you don’t want to worry about how you are going to get to your destination. Taxi services usually take a long time and, most of the time, don’t have enough room for you and your belongings. They can be uncomfortable and expensive for the service they provide.

Airport shuttle service is different. It removes stress from the equation altogether. The vehicles are new and clean with plenty of space for you and your entire luggage. 

We choose to tell you about airport shuttle services from and to Zurich, Basel, and Geneva since they are the most sought after.

From Basel airport, people usually go to Basel city center. Zurich is the second most popular destination in Switzerland that they choose.

From Zurich Airport, people tend to go to Basel and Geneva.

From Geneva Airport, people will most likely travel to Swiss, French, and Italian Alps.

So, why choose the airport shuttle service?

1. Airport transfers are safer

Companies that provide airport transfers hire professional licensed drivers who must pass various tests prior to being employed as chauffeurs.

Those tests include road rules and regulations, driver safety and operation of specific vehicles. They are familiar with the traffic in the area and know the safest and shortest routes to required destinations. They are also trained on how to react and handle the situation when and if the problem occurs.

Using the airport shuttle service eliminates the need for airport parking. It also eliminates the need to leave your car unattended for days at a time. Even in winter, they are safe to take because most of them use tires and chains for snow.

By hiring an airport transfer, you would save yourself from walking from the airport to bus or train stations, planning the arrival and/or long waiting at the stations, as well as from taking several different transfers. You can also be sure that you will arrive wherever right on time. Therefore, taking the airport shuttle is time-saving, too.

2. Airport shuttles are helpful

Airport shuttle is not just getting a lift from point A to point B. Their drivers and chauffeurs are usually familiar with the airports and their flights.

They will wait for you at the airport at the exact time of your arrival and then take you from your residence to the airport at least two hours before your flight.

You can also rely on your driver to direct you to the correct terminal and gate location. They will help you with the luggage and inform you about the popular sightseeing and events of the place you are visiting.

If it’s your first time at the place, you will eliminate the possibility of getting lost on the way, too.

3. They are cost-effective

Although both taxi and airport shuttle will transfer you from the airport to your destination, the knowledge and complaisance of airport shuttle driver could be much more beneficial to you as a passenger.

If you are unfamiliar with the city, taxi drivers could take advantage of it by taking longer routes, and thus the transportation might cost you more.

By taking the airport limo service, you won’t have to leave your car at the airport parking which can be more expensive for a period of several days. Airport shuttles are especially affordable for large groups of passengers because they can share the costs. On the other hand, it is not necessary nor expected to tip your driver.

How to choose the best airport limo service?

1. Do the research

The best thing with airport limo services is that you can book them before you go on a trip. So, along with making plans for your journey, you should take the airport transportation into consideration as well.

All professional companies have websites on which you can get all necessary information, like the area they cover, types of vehicles they possess, prices, money-return policy in case of cancelation, and similar. You should also check forums and check for the experiences others had with the companies you selected.

2. Choose the vehicle that meets your needs

The type of vehicle you will choose depends on the numbers of people you are traveling with, and the size and the type of luggage you will be having. Many airport limo services have a whole fleet of vehicles. The type of vehicle will also depend on the occasion.

There are stretch limos for businessmen going to the meeting straight from the airport; there are buses, vans, or SUVs for families or bigger groups, which are especially practical when going to the winter holiday when you take more luggage and skiing equipment with you.

You can also take a Hummer or party bus if you are a bunch of young people going to a friend’s wedding. Don’t overlook the importance of how much space you’ll need while traveling.

3. Call limo companies

Before you book a car online, you should first call the company and ask them anything that you want and need to know. The information you must get before booking should be related to:

•    Their services,

•    Their prices and what they cover,

•    The payment method,

•    Cancelation policy,

•    Additional services,

•    Fitting in with your schedule,

•    The age of their cars,

•    Policy in a situation of a car break-down,

•    Their license and certification for transportation, if you feel it is important; and similar.

4. Don’t wait the last minute for airport transportation

As soon as you are done with the research, you should book your transportation. Don’t wait until the last minute because you might end up with the vehicle and service that won’t suit you the best.

Airport transportation services get booked pretty quickly, especially during the holiday season. Make sure to book your transport in advance in order to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience.

5. Don’t break the bank

Yes, Switzerland is well-known for its banks. But with this, we mean that you should stick to your budget and don’t spend too much on transportation. As well as your trip, you should plan out your budget and keep your expenses in order.

There are thousands of airport limo companies offering different services, types of vehicles, car amenities, and other conveniences some of which might not be necessary. Select the company and the vehicle that meet your needs and fit in your budget perfectly, especially if you are going on vacation.

You want to enjoy your time in the places you are visiting and not to spend most of your money on transportation.

Airport tips

When we are talking about airport shuttle service from the Geneva, Basel, and Zurich we thought to tell you more about things to do while you are at those airports. These tips will give you some insight into what to expect once you are at these airports.

Zurich Airport tips

Zurich Airport is the biggest international airport in the country. It has an incredible reputation as it is ranked as one of the top-10 airports in the world.  It is the principal hub of Swiss International Air Lines. Passengers can find some unusual services at this airport such as medical and dental centers, an eye clinic, and a vet.

Zurich Airport terminals

The Zurich airport has three terminals A, B/D, and E.  You can access the gates A and B/D from the Airside Center (the main airport complex). The terminal E is accessible via Skymetro (an underground people mover).

Skymetro is 1.1 km (0,68mi) long and connects the main Airside Center with the E terminal.

zurich airport
Airport in Zurich | Source: Wiki

Restaurants and cafes

In this airport, there are areas open for the general public and passengers-only. Places, where you can eat and drink beverages, are plentiful. From fast-food restaurants to Swiss- focused franchises. Restaurants, where you can sit down and eat, are also available. There is also a wine bar. 

Familiar fast-food where you can eat are McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC. Grab a coffee at Starbucks, Helvetia Café, Zuri Kafi, and Edelweiss Café.

Hotels and lounges

If you have a layover and need to spend the night at Zurich airport you don’t have to worry. The Radisson Blu Hotel is the only full-service hotel located right in the terminal. There is a Transit hotel near the D gates where you can rent a room, bed or a recliner for periods of three to 12 hours.

This airport has several lounges. The airlines SWISS and Emirates have their lounges.

There are open-access lounges that anyone can enter and use facilities, for a certain fee. Among these, the better-known are Aspire and PrimeClass Lounges.

Three free family playrooms are located on the A and D airsides.


The WiFi is free for the first four hours. After those four hours have expired, you will have to pay a certain fee. For an additional hour, the price is 6,90 Swiss francs, 9,90 for four hours, and 14,90 for 24 hours.

Geneva Airport tips

Geneva Airport is very busy. It is constantly bustling with people who are in a hurry. It is good that you know a little about this airport before you are there.

geneva airport - geneva airport from air
Geneva airport from air | Source: Wiki

Free WiFi

Geneva Airport has free WiFi. This free access lasts for 129m. What do you have to do to get free WiFi at Geneva Airport?

You need to find the network “Free WiFi GVA”. Once you have done it enter your mobile number. The access code will be sent to your phone.

Info for smokers

This airport is a no-smoking zone. But you can light up a cigarette in a smoking lounge after you have gone through security into departures. The location of the lounge is on the right-hand side, past all the shops.


You can use Euros or Swiss Francs at restaurants at the airport.

 Shopping center

To go shopping at Geneva Airport you have to go underground. There is a full range of shops and services available at the train station. To get there you should follow signs to “Gare CFF” you can access via arrivals. You can find a luggage service, a supermarket, and a restaurant. When you need to look at your best you can go to a hairdresser and even a manicurist there.

Sleep time

You cannot stay the night at the airport. Its main terminal closes from midnight to 4 AM every night. All doors are closed and all areas are inaccessible.

Basel Airport tips

Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg airport is a very unusual airport. It is run by two countries Switzerland and France. This airport is completely located in France, but the airport terminal is split into the French sector and the Swiss sector.

basel airport
Basel airport | Source: Wiki

This airport has three airport codes: EAP (its neutral code), MLH (French code), and BSL (Swiss code). The facilities and services are limited at this airport. Here are some of them.


The WiFi is free at this airport.


A restaurant on the fifth floor serves both sectors of the terminal building. There is also a food court and a brasserie. Second, third, and fourth levels house various bars and snack bars too. The restaurants close around 10:30 PM and reopen at 4:00 AM.


Several duty-free shops can be found in the international departures area.  You can buy books, magazines and confectionery goods which are sold by several newsagents.


In the past people who decided to spend the night at the airport benches, chairs, and floor were woken up by the night guards. The word is that they won’t bother you now.  If you want to be more comfortable you can find a hotel information desk in the Swiss section of the airport.

Children play areas

Children play areas are available at the Basel airport.


Regardless of which city and place you are traveling to or from, these are the general tips on how to choose the most suitable airport limo service and enjoy completely your trip. It is always better to plan everything thoroughly in advance and be safe, then just jump into it and be sorry.

The airport tips we provided will help you in getting around the airports in Zurich, Geneva, and Bern. Having all this information we are certain that you will make a good decision when deciding on the airport shuttle service from Zurich, Geneva, Bern.

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