The Best Limousine Service – How To Choose It?

When organizing your special event, deciding what is the best limousine service isn’t an easy task.

Due to high demand, the number of limo companies is constantly increasing.

In a sea full of fish, how do you choose the right one, or the best one?

To fulfill this task, you have to engage yourself and do some research.

Follow our detailed guide, and you’ll be confident enough to make the right choice.

Below are the top 10 tips that will help you determine what makes the best limousine service. Let’s explore them:

  1. Distinctive reputation and online reviews
  2. Business experience
  3. Licenses & Associations
  4. Insurance
  5. Extensive fleet
  6. Chauffeur license
  7. Contract
  8. Hours of operation
  9. Cost-effectiveness
  10. Latest fashion and style

1. A well-reputed company is a good company

A good reputation is worthier than a golden belt.

When organizing an event, you have to consider all possible outcomes. Unfortunately, some limo services do not fulfill their promises.

the best limousine service - best limo service - limo service reputation  - business reputation
The best limousine service – Reputation

To avoid that scenario, research all your options.

Start with reading online reviews of the company.

A good-quality limo service will surely have loyal clients who will eagerly comment to increase the company’s rating.

On the other side of the coin, dissatisfied clients will leave bad reviews to warn others not to make the same mistake.

You can also use some other ways to test them. For instance, you can make a phone call and see how efficient they are.

If no one answers and there is no other choice than to leave a message, you will know that you are dealing with a company that can’t provide a good service.

Investigate to find a company that will justify that a good reputation is worthier than a golden belt.

2. A limo company that has been long in business provides the best service

Years in business are very important and should be taken into consideration when choosing a limo service.

Don’t hesitate to ask how long the company has been working when seeking quotes.

If anything unexpected happens, an experienced company will know exactly what to do to solve all the things that unwantedly came along.

long time business - old limousine service - long time limo business
Long time limousine service business

Moreover, it would be best to hire a limo service that focuses on one field and therefore promises to accomplish all your expectations about your special occasion.

Specialty is essential as it provides a service that goes into great detail.

Companies that deal with one specific area will more efficiently answer your requirements than a service that is a jack-of-all-trades.

Hiring an experienced service that concentrates on one particular field will put you at ease, you will feel safe, everything will be run smoothly, and your event will be a success.

3. Every respectable limousine company has a license number

To legally operate, every limo service must have a license number declared by the state. The best way to maintain a license is to have insurance that covers passengers.

repsecting the law - respect the law
You cannot be the best if you don’t respect the law!

To make sure that the limousine service is licensed and registered, check if it is signed in the DMV’s database of Licensed Transportation Providers.

Moreover, a good limousine service should be a part of some reputable associations, such as the National Limousine Association (NLA).

And finally, look into the Better Business Bureau before hiring a limousine service. There you’ll get an insight into the company’s rating and read about past clients’ complaints if there are any.

4. Every respectable limousine company has a vehicle insurance policy

As we mentioned before, to maintain a license, every company should have insurance that covers clients.

No one wants to put their safety at risk, therefore, never hire a limousine service that doesn’t carry insurance.

businessman examining papers - signing the insurance contract - insuranec
Signing the insurance contract

You certainly don’t want a scenario in which an injury cannot be covered by the company insurance policy.

Also bear in mind that personal auto insurance policies rarely cover the clients who hire the vehicle.

Choose limo services that have at least third-party insurance cover if you want to make sure your costs will be recuperated in case a road accident happens.

The most important thing is your safety, and safety first is safety always.

5. Every respectable limousine company has an extensive fleet

Deciding what type of vehicle you want for your occasion is very important since it will emphasize the luxury and the whole theme of the event.

Every occasion requires a unique vehicle and a good limo service should provide you with a variety of options within their fleet.

A company that has a range of sedans or classic limos that can accommodate two to three passengers, and limos that can accommodate more than 10 passengers, is regarded as a good company.

Even though the number of vehicles isn’t the ultimate indicator of the quality of the company, the fleet will help you decide what limousine service is the best for your event and your needs.

limo fleet - limousine service fleet - limo company fleet
Edelswiss limousine service fleet

For example, small companies usually provide personalized service and they mostly focus on a specific type of service such as airport transfer.

Medium-sized limo companies have a variety of vehicles and they cover every occasion, from airport pickups to weddings and proms.

Finally, larger limo companies have a wide range of vehicles from town cars and luxurious limos to charter buses, and they can operate on all sorts of events.

Car breaks-down rarely happen with serious limo companies. They hire mechanics to maintain their vehicles regularly.

Clients’ safety is imperative, so all the vehicles must work properly. But vehicle maintenance doesn’t consider mechanical reparations only.

Professional chauffeurs are responsible for the overall appearance of the vehicle. This means that each client should be greeted with an immaculate and shiny limo.

Ask to see the vehicles in person

There is no worse scenario than being picked up with an old-fashioned limo that doesn’t even resemble those on the website.

old car in a limousine service fleet
You don`t want to see this coming to pick you. Check the limo fleet before you order a limousine | Photo by Adam Griffith on Unsplash

If you are celebrating something big like a wedding, you must ensure that everything stays perfect, even transportation.

Be confident enough to arrange a pre-meeting and see the fleet in person as it may change the course of your big day.

Also, if the cost seems too good to be true, you have one more reason to meet the representatives and ensure you have everything in its place.

6. Only licensed and well-trained chauffeurs provide the best limousine service

The best limousine service will provide only those companies who have a licensed chauffeur and with credentials to drive a limo.

In addition, a well-mannered and sophisticated driver will lift your event to a higher level of elegancy.

You have to make sure that you have a reliable and trustworthy driver who will transport you, your wife, and anyone else inside a vehicle.

chauffeur waiting in front of a limo - chauffeur - professional chauffeur - chauffeur service
Professional chauffeur in front of a limo

Also, you need a professional who will follow the schedule, arrive on time, fulfill all of your requirements, and make your event a success.

When employing drivers, limo services expect a drug test and a physical examination. Plus, according to some state regulations, most reputable companies will check the criminal records of potential employees.

Chauffeurs should have a clean driving record and be familiar with routes, shortcuts, and every important and famous place in the area.

Finally, chauffeurs should match your expectations and event. Feel free to ask the company how they will be dressed.

personal chauffeur - limo chauffeur - stretch limousine chauffeur
Professional (personal) chauffeur

For example, if you are hiring a limo service for a night out, you’ll expect a driver who is energetic, familiar with the best clubs and restaurants, and also friendly and tolerant.

Express your requirements in case that you are not satisfied with their choice. Utter elegancy for your big event and anything less is unacceptable!

7. The best limousine service offers a contract

When you sign a contract, your event becomes a reality.

A written contract is a promise that all the services you have asked for will be fulfilled. Read it carefully and make a copy.

A simple phone call is never enough when hiring a limo service.

businessman making a call - businessman calling
Businessman making a phone call

Regardless of how reputable the company is, you should get everything in written form because it will protect both you and the company.

A written contract should contain the following terms of service:

  • at what time the chauffeur will arrive
  • how long will you use the limo
  • the preplanned routes you will use
  • the total cost
  • refund
  • deposits
  • the model of the limo
  • all additional requirements for the event

You should also discuss what to do in case unexpected things occur.

For instance, ask the limo service if you can extend the duration due to some changes of plan, and all the extras that you might need.

If the limo gets damaged, you should also be informed of what is expected from you to do. This is the time when you should behave responsibly and protect everyone inside a vehicle.

8. A good limousine service is 24/7 available

The best limousine service means complete dedication and accessibility at any time.

No matter the occasion, each limo company should have someone who will take calls 24 hours a day.

It is advisable to mention this when making arrangements with the company. It is important to know that you can count on them if something doesn’t follow the plan.

When you feel their willingness to follow the plan from start to finish, you will create a trust that will give you peace of mind. And in anything unpredictable happens, they will be by the phone, ready to react and provide solutions.

24h customer support
Best limousine services have 24/7 customer support

By knowing you can rely on the company, you will be stress-free and enjoy your event to the fullest, be completely present, and therefore happy and cheerful.

9. The best limousine service is cost-effective

We have to admit that hiring a limousine service probably isn’t the cheapest thing.

Nevertheless, the idea is to find a company that will provide the greatest value for your money.

A reputable company that is long in business will give you a price in advance. You should also compare prices so that you get an idea of what price should be considered a reasonable one.

Good limo service has a strict cancellation policy. Don’t forget to ask the company about it and the time frame of making a cancelation.

Experienced companies usually make a deposit when finalizing a deal. This creates a binding contract between the customer and the company.

Still, it wouldn’t be wise to pay fully in advance. There is a risk that a service that seeks the full payment in advance will let you down and won’t provide the quality you need.

Sometimes, limo companies have additional fees that they join with the base rate.

For example, they can add tolls, administration costs, fuel surcharges, a fee for luggage, and gratuity for the driver. To avoid a bill that is at least 30% higher than a quote, ensure that your final price is all-inclusive.

Even though most companies charge by the hour, when you are hiring a limo for your wedding, check if they are offering some wedding packages that usually include a set of period services.

wedding limo luxury
Wedding limo looks luxurious, but it is cost-effective

They may or may not exclude some things, such as the number of places the limo will go, the number of stops, and whether the limo will wait till the end of the ceremony and take the passengers back to their home, hotel, airport, or straight to the honeymoon.

This is why is important that the final price is all-inclusive – you’ll be safe from unpleasantness and everything will be strictly according to the plan. 

To get all the information, scroll down their websites and see how welcoming and open to suggestions they are.

The best limo services strive to present themselves as best as possible online and they are highly transparent.

It is advisable to ask if the limo company includes a tip for the chauffeur in the total price or not.

limousine service chauffeur - chauffeur
The best limousine service – The best chauffeur

On average, it is expected 15 to 20 percent for a tip. Also, book in advance to avoid extra charges in the period of higher demands.

In the end, keep in mind that price is what you pay, value is what you get.

10. The best limo service showers you with beauty and style

Limo companies that follow the latest fashion are prone to provide the best service.

Modern limousines are perfected to each detail and that is why people adore traveling in those ultra-comfortable leather seats.

modern limo - modern limousine - modern vehicle
Modern limousine

Furthermore, they come with all the new technology which turns travel into an impressive experience, filled with luxury, elegance, and comfort.

Inside of a limousine, you can expect a bar with cool beverages, a state-of-art entertainment system, and mood lighting to set the atmosphere.

phantom inside
Phantom Limousine interior

If you want to soak up the night sky, you can open the moon roof and feel a fresh breeze while you are enjoying the view from spacious and leather seats.

Moreover, there are limos with a love seat specially designed for couples. Imagine how romantic your night would be while holding hands in this love nest!

Beautiful cars are also a perfect backdrop for a photoshoot.

For example, if your daughter is celebrating a prom, or if you are hiring a limo service for your wedding day, a theme-matching limo will enhance the event and make everything shine bright like a diamond.

Think about a charming old-timer as a perfect background for romantic and dreamy moments.

The idea of stylish transportation is to leave all the details to the service, while you can relax, party, or take your business to the next level.

The good company will provide VIP tickets and accesses, VIP parking, and also reservations when you are attending a sporting event or a concert.

Choosing the right service for a special occasion is important because it will contribute deeply to creating everlasting memories.

What is the best limousine service – conclusion:

Do you want to hire a limo service for your special event?

When it comes to choosing a limousine service, it may seem like a heavy task since there are endless options out there.

But now, after reading our top 10 tips about what makes excellent service, you can’t go wrong.

limo - mercedes limousine
Premium limousine service – Edelswiss – Mercedes Benz fleet

Whatever the occasion, a wedding day, a prom, a 21st birthday, or just a night out, you are ready to choose only the best.

Edelswiss is happy to answer all these requirements.

We are an experienced and professional company that never failed to provide the best limo service to thousands of customers.

Contact or visit us and our team and ensure in person that we provide only the finest.

After all, a classy person like you doesn’t deserve anything less. Choose your limousine today and let’s make memorable moments together!

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