How to Choose the Best Personal Chauffeur Service?

Not many people are familiar with the proper meaning of a chauffeur service.

For most, the first associations are the movies or Hollywood celebrities. They are right about one thing – a chauffeur service means luxury, but it isn’t reserved only for stars and the red carpet.

personal chauffeur service
Personal Chauffeur Service

To help you understand everything about private chauffeur services, we made this detailed guide that will give answers to all your questions.

You’ll read about:

What is a chauffeur service?

A chauffeur service isn’t just simple transportation from point A to point B. It is much more responsible work that includes a vast specter of duties.

It means a quick response to every client’s request, such as fetching them, making reservations, picking up dry cleaning, distributing flowers, providing useful things inside the vehicle, etc.

personal chauffeured service - personal chauffeur - personal chauffeur service - hands on a wheel - mercedes wheeling
Personal Chauffeur

A chauffeur service also means efficiency and reacting quickly to whatever can come along. In most cases, it is provided by a limo company run by corporations or individuals.

The personal chauffeurs can use either their vehicles or the employers.

These kinds of services are widely popular among successful businessmen and other individuals who want comfort and luxury while driving.

The chauffeur isn’t just a driver

There is a common misconception that a chauffeur and a driver are the same things.

If you look up the word in dictionaries, you’ll see that a chauffeur is a person hired to drive a private vehicle or a limo.

To be exact, the term “chauffeur” is synonymous with luxurious cars, so he must provide only high-quality service.

professional chauffeur opening the car doors - professional chauffeur service
A professional chauffeur will open you car door

A chauffeur is a well-behaved person with immaculate manners that perfectly match with elegant vehicles.

Anyone can be a driver. The only driver’s task is to transport passengers from point A to point B, nothing more.

Not everyone can be a chauffeur. The chauffeur’s duties are much more complex than just transporting passengers.

Is it chauffeur or chauffeured service?

A chauffeured service can include a fleet of various vehicles while the chauffeur most commonly drives luxury cars and couches.

Chauffeur’s duties expand to various fields – he has to carry the luggage, track the flights, do specific things on the client’s behalf, etc.

car chauffeured service - car chauffeur service
Car chauffeured service

After stating this, it is quite obvious that hiring a limo service has a lot of benefits.

Let’s find everything about them:

For those who don’t want the stress

Using a chauffeured service makes your travel more comfortable and stress-free.

It saves your time and sends a certain message to your family and friends or colleagues and clients.

When a private chauffeur service transport you, you can focus on your schedule, make some calls, and answer e-mails. In the meantime, the chauffeur will take you to your destination.

Seeking a convenient solution?

When planning a trip, you usually have to make a lot of decisions. The destination to travel to, to book the fastest and most comfortable transportation, the best accommodation to stay in, and so on.

Further, you need to choose where to go sightseeing, where to eat, and in which activities to partake once you arrive there. Making these decisions is stressful, especially if you are traveling with a group of friends or a family.

limousine munich - munich limousine service
Our limousine in Munich

This is the moment when a reliable chauffeur service comes on the scene to give you convenience. They will simply make everything easier for you and your travel companions.

Brand image

Hiring a chauffeur service influences greatly your overall brand image. You’ll leave a lasting impression on both your business partners and clients when you step out of a luxury car.

Your client will be more than delighted if you send a private chauffeur to pick him up from the airport! This gesture will show how much you appreciate him and they will be more than thrilled to work with you.

sending the proper brand image - branding with limousine service
Sending the proper brand image by choosing the best chauffeured service

Moreover, hiring a limousine can make an important distinction of your company from all the others that are competing with you to become a potential business partner.

With a chauffeur service, they will perceive you as more high-class and worthwhile for their business!

Your schedule is the most important

On a busy day, you might have more than one meeting in different places around the town. You should be devoted to your meetings, without worrying about where you will park or how to get there.

A punctual chauffeur is more than willing to follow your schedule, and drop you off at your destinations right on time.

limo service chauffeur - limousine service chauffeur - chauffeur service - private chauffeur
Private chauffeur service – Edelswiss

Do you have some VIP guests that want to explore the town? Whatever you need, a professional will be at your disposal to take your guests to the best places in town.


Most people are in disbelief that only the rich use a chauffeur service. You would be surprised how economical they can get.

All things considered, private chauffeur services are much more cost-effective than most other popular means of transportation. No paying for gas, parking spots, or storing your vehicle while driving.

always check the limo price and its refund policy
What about the chauffeured service prices?

You will get everything – a beautiful vehicle to drive in, an experienced chauffeur, and excellent service.

How to choose the best personal chauffeur service?

As we established, there are many benefits of hiring a private chauffeur service.

Now, let’s talk about what you should consider before you choose one.

Personal Chauffeur is there for multiple occasions.

mercedes limousine inside - limousine interior - mercedes limousine interior
Mercedes limo interior

Not all companies are equal and they offer different services. Not all trips and the number of people who need transportation are the same.

To decide what is best for you and your trip, we have some pointers that will guide you.

Here is a list of all things you should consider before hiring a chauffeur service.

  1. The reason why you need the chauffeured service
  2. The number of people that need a ride
  3. The company’s fleet
  4. You should inspect the condition of the vehicle you choose
  5. The reputation of the company, because how they treat their clients is the most important
  6.  Check for their licenses and insurance
  7. Tête-à-tête conversation with chosen chauffeured limousine services
  8. Seek quality personal chauffeurs

Focus on the reason why you need a chauffeur service

We all travel for different reasons.

Some do so for work, some for leisure. There are different occasions we need to go to. This all dictates the type of vehicle we will use.

Not all vehicles are suitable for all occasions.

If you are going on a business trip, meeting or any business-related occasion, the vehicle of your choice should be a luxury sedan. They portray power, strength, and status.

mercedes maybach limo - mercedes maybach - maybach limousine
Mercedes Maybach – Edelswiss

You may feel that the stretch limo is the way to go for this occasion but it isn’t.

If you show up in a stretch limo people may see you as one who doesn’t follow trends, the one who falls behind. The business world is all about luxury sedans now.

But stretch limos are still very popular or suitable for weddings, proms, or any formal occasion you need to attend.

For airport pick-ups and business trips, sedans make a perfect choice as well. As a limousine for a wedding, a classy white Lincoln is usually the first option.

For more vintage weddings, there is also a romantic Bentley or a Volkswagen Bug.

If you need a limo for a party, then a limo party bus is a must! There are also limo vans and buses for larger groups of people and longer trips.

The number of people who need a ride is important

The size of the party that needs transportation is very important when hiring a personal chauffeur service. It dictates which vehicles will be available to you.

new mercedes s500 - mercedes s500 limousine
New mercedes S500 – Edelswiss

You should always choose the vehicle size that will fit your group comfortably. Make sure to account for the extra space for the luggage if you have any.

If the group you are traveling with is larger, you have the option of a luxury van and a luxury bus available. They will comfortably fit all the passengers and their luggage.

You will have to pay less for this type of transportation than you would have to pay for multiple smaller vehicles.

Check limousine services’ fleet

It is very important to check for an adequate and available vehicle. 

Limousine doesn’t relate to the brand of the car, but the specific car features.

The type of vehicle that is the best for you might depend on the occasion, on the number of people traveling together, on the distance, and the space needed for the luggage.

Do not forget to check for the amenities that come with the car. The best-chauffeured limo company offers its own and unique amenities.

To ensure the quality and luxurious experience, top-notch features include:

  • Tinted windows
  • Interior design with any theme or materials or matching any style
  • Interchangeable cabin lighting. It can be hidden, illuminated in any color, and with multiple intensity levels
  • Built-in computer
  • Modified heating, cooling, and air purification system, which is excellent for a mixed group of smokers and non-smokers
  • Sound System
  • Free Wi-Fi connection
  • Bluetooth Capability
  • Flat Screen TVs
  • Game consoles
  • Bar and full beverage station

Other requirements for the special occasion might include balloons, flowers, music, or special drinks.

You must insist on an impeccable interior and enough space, an experienced chauffeur, and safety.

chauffeur service fleet davos - chauffeur and fleet - chauffeur limousine fleet - wef limo service

Limo companies usually have a large variety of vehicles in their fleet.

If it’s not easy for you to decide, feel free to ask them for some advice.

They will listen to your needs and wishes and do their best to get you the most perfect vehicle. The open conversation promises an unforgettable experience.

Inspect the condition of the vehicle you choose

When you find the perfect vehicle for your trip, make sure to inspect its condition.

Every reputable company will be more than happy to provide any information you request. Our advice is that you ask to see the actual vehicle.

If you cannot do it in person, ask the company to send a recent video of the luxury limousine of your choice.

If they refuse to do so, it is not a good sign and we don’t advise you to do business with such a company.

Check the reputation of the chauffeur service company

When you plan a trip, make sure to have enough time to research and find adequate chauffeur service.

limousine service chauffeur - chauffeur
The best limousine service – The best chauffeur

Look for a reputable and experienced company with excellent references.

Ways to do so are many – ask friends for information and their experiences with certain companies, search them online or even visit them.

If you opt for an online search, look up information that is important to you. Pay attention to how user-friendly their website is, see how easy (or difficult) it is to find what you are there for.

Quality comes first.

Therefore, serious companies take their online appearance seriously. Find information about their team and fleet, the services they offer, photos, and contact.

However, the most valuable source of information is the clients of particular limo services.

In case you don’t know anybody who used the services of a particular company, check for the comments and evaluations on their website or social media.

They will provide you with first-hand information about their experiences with certain chauffeur rental.

It is smarter to take time to have this item checked, have enough time to make a decision, and book a chauffeur service in advance.

The more specific requirements you have, the further in advance you should reserve your limousine.

You can book your vehicle online, which is quite useful when you need a private chauffeur service somewhere abroad.

Check for their licenses and insurance

Verify that the company has the proper licensure and insurance for work and that the vehicles have passed required inspections that are current and valid.

businessman examining papers - signing the insurance contract - insuranec
Signing the insurance contract

If you need the limo service to take you or your party across the border, check for their regulations and compliance requirements to avoid the occurrence of any problem abroad.

Also, ask about the insurance but beware that some limousine service providers may ensure their vehicles are under a personal auto policy.

Personal auto insurance policies rarely cover clients who hire the vehicle. You can request and obtain proof from the company for all their licenses and insurances.

Operators should be eager to provide proof of valid and appropriate documents.

The company you choose should be able to demonstrate that they have perennial experience in transportation and a solid reputation for quality and safety, proper and valid licensing, and up-to-date insurance.

Tête-à-tête conversation with chosen chauffeured limousine services

After you narrow down the list of companies you find suitable, go and visit them personally if possible.

If not, a phone or video call via Skype will do the job as well. This way you will find out more about the limo company, their services, quality, and availability.

limousine in front of hotel - point to point transfer - limo transfer hotel
Limousine transfer from hotel

There are several important questions you must ask in order to get the most premium service:

For how long have you been in the business? – Coordinating a successful ride is not an easy job. In-depth experience of both the company and its staff in transportation is highly important in this business to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Do you have transportation licenses? – You want to make sure that you are getting a trained and experienced professional driver. Also, if you need to travel to different countries with the same company, ask them if they possess International Drivers Permit and international insurance.

Do you provide car seats for children? – When traveling with children, the most important thing for you is for them to be safe. Don’t forget to ask this question because not all companies offer this service and the laws regarding the age of children who need a car seat might vary from country to country.

Can I take my pet with me? – If you are planning to take your pet(s) on your trip, this is another important thing to ask the chauffeured limousine company.

pet friendly - pet in a car - dog in a ride - dog in a car
Pet friendly or not?

What are all the things am I paying for? – To avoid the occurrence of additional fees, ask which services their charges cover. Ask them whether they charge their bills from garage to garage, point to point, or per hour.

Ask who pays for the fuel, especially for longer trips, insurance, tolls, and administration costs, and whether the luggage fee and tip for the chauffeur are included in the price.

Limousine breakdown is rare, but it won’t hurt to ask who covers the charges if that happens. Before booking, make sure that you know all the charges to avoid any bad surprises. Be smart and ask them to e-mail you the invoice.

How do I pay? – Ask them if it is necessary to pay some percentage in advance and how to do it. In modern-day times, payments are usually done via e-banking, but some companies might have some other options. Also, ask them about their return money policy in case of cancellation.

Seek quality personal chauffeurs

Not every chauffeured service will ensure that you get the best possible service.

chauffeur service in switzerland - limo driver
Portrait of a handsome male chauffeur riding car

Serious companies hire their staff upon completing necessary training courses and only after they pass a full background check.

To become a member of chauffeur service, the following characteristics must be met:

  • Having no criminal record,
  • Clean driving history,
  • Excellent defensive driving skills,
  • Impeccable appearance,
  • Punctuality,
  • Good manners.

Choose a provider that places a high value on the caliber of their chauffeurs and can provide proof of their qualifications.

What are the best occasions to hire a chauffeur service?

A chauffeur service isn’t only hired for weddings, proms, or corporate events. The private transportation business is blooming and expanding in various fields.

Here are some of the most popular occasions that put a chauffeur service in high demand:

  1. Wedding
  2. Prom
  3. Airport transfer
  4. Corporate event
  5. Night out
  6. Birthday party
  7. The proposal, a bachelor/bachelorette party
  8. Class and family reunion
  9. Holiday touring and sightseeing
  10. A ride to the SPA

1. Wedding

The wedding is without a question one of the most important events in our lives. It can be tiresome while planning and organizing, but the entire context is very romantic.

wedding limousine decoration - wedding limo decoration
Wedding limousine decoration

Transportation s one of the vital tasks of any wedding planner. If you want to emphasize elegance and style, a chauffeur service is the best option.

It isn’t reserved only for the bride and the groom – it’s also perfect for other family members and out-of-town guests who are coming to your wedding ceremony.

2. Prom

Most parents get slightly anxious as their children’s prom is getting close. To put their parental mind at ease, it is the wisest thing to hire a reliable chauffeur service that will have everything under control.

prom limo - prom limousine party
Prom limousine party

But that is just one out of many reasons why a chauffeur service is an excellent choice for your prom. When hiring professionals, you can count on the following:

  • You will be together in one place
  • The party starts in a luxurious limo
  • You can bring and play your favorite music
  • You will make quite an entrance
  • Your elegant outfit will perfectly match with an elegant Mercedes
  • You will like a Hollywood celebrity on a red carpet

Chauffeur service for the prom is the safest and the most sophisticated transportation at the same time.

Having fun without stressing about anything is how a great prom should look like.

3. Airport transfer

If you hire a chauffeur service for your airport transfer, you can count on the most comfortable and efficient ride.

airport limo - airport chauffeur - transfer from airport
Airport limousine transfer

It is very popular in the business world nowadays, where time is highly appreciated. A chauffeur service respects your time, and it is practical, reliable, and cost-effective.

Hiring a private airport transfer is also the best choice for those who are in the city for the first time. There will be no missed or wrong turns, you will be in the best hands.

4. Corporate event

As we said before, the most frequent clients at chauffeur service companies are businessmen.

If you have several meetings within a day, taking a taxi or driving your car will make you feel exhausted before you end all the obligations.

With a hired chauffeur, you won’t have to worry about that. He will be waiting for you ready to take you to the next meeting.

Chauffeurs get the traffic info not only from the GPS systems but also from their main office. Plus, they are highly discrete and confidential, you can even have a video meeting inside the vehicle.

5. Night out

If you want to experience how alive the city becomes at night, this is the perfect opportunity to hire a chauffeur service.

Chauffeurs can get easy access to nightclubs, bars, gigs, and concerts. You can surprise your friend and get this party started.

Make the best adventures together, without worrying about parking and traffic.

6. Birthday party

Aren’t you tired of traditional birthday celebrations? A maverick like you needs something more refreshing and riding in an elegant SUV or S class Mercedes seems like a great idea!

birthday surprise - birthday cake
Birthday surprise

Hiring a chauffeur service for someone’s birthday can also be the best gift ever. Together you will have a blast in the most luxurious way!

7. The proposal, a bachelor/bachelorette party

A chauffeur service is the best choice for romantic and intimate moments such as a proposal or a bachelor/bachelorette party.

Inside the limo is where the magic turns into reality.

As a best man or a maid of honor, you can organize an epic night out everyone will talk about for years!

8. Class and family reunion

Reunions can get very emotional, so hiring a chauffeur service is a safe ticket in keeping those moments private.

If your crew is large, you can hire a limo bus. Or make quite an entrance with a luxurious limo at the venue and instantly impress each high school comrade.

Most family reunions happen in the same way – the ride starts with the airport pick up, hired in advance. The chauffeur will monitor the ride, while you will have the space to catch up and talk about all the things that you have missed in the meantime.

9. Holiday touring and sightseeing

Sightseeing and exploring new places can get quite exhausting when you don’t know the direction and have to make several stops.

switzerland sightseeing - limousine sightseeing
Switzerland sightseeing

You should be focused on beautiful Swiss scenery and architecture, not wasting time and energy on other irrelevant things. A professional chauffeur will direct you to the main tourist attractions, right in front of the entrance, and come back to pick you up.

Comfortable leather seats are an awesome spot from which you can soak up the surrounding beauty, lie back, and have a glass of champagne.

If you feel tired, you can take a nap or fresh up with a cool drink. When you are done with touring, the chauffeur will take you straight to your hotel.

Switzerland calls you for appreciation and admiration while driving in the highest comfort and style.

10. A ride to the SPA

If you have decided to completely get rid of the stress, you should choose a chauffeur service to take you to your body & mind oasis.

The chauffeur will pick you up and drop you off at the arranged time. Do it alone, or choose the best company for this elegant relaxation.

Your entire body will be rejuvenated and energized, and if you choose a chauffeur service, all that comes in style, prestige, and comfort.

How much is chauffeur service?

If we consider an hourly price for a chauffeur service, it may range from $75 (€64) up to $250 (€214).

Most companies have hourly minimums that set the price up to $225 (€193), and up to $1,500 (€1,288) for larger vehicles.

stretch limo rental cost - limo rental cost - stretch limo rental price - limo rental price - money
Limo rental prices

Have in mind that there are packages for special occasions that may range from $400 (€343) up to a 50-person party bus for $1,800 (€1,546).

For example, a wedding chauffeur service package may range from $500 (€429) to $1,200 (€1,031).

We gave you an idea of how the prices vary in general, but when hiring a service for your event, consider all the factors that may affect greatly on the final price, such as the model of the limo, at what time you rent it, for how long, etc.

What does Edelswiss private chauffeur service offer?

Are you planning to hire a chauffeur service for your special occasion?

Limitless offers are out there so it may seem a bit hard to decide which one is the best.

With our chauffeur service Edelswiss, you just can’t go wrong.

No matter what is the occasion, a wedding, a business meeting, or an airport transfer, you’ll get only the best.

Edelswiss is more than willing to meet each of your requirements. We are a well-trained and highly professional company that has never disappointed its faithful clients.


After reading this article, you are completely ready to choose the perfect transportation for any occasion.

The right choice will emphasize the luxurious, sophisticated, and solemn side of your event. You will shine while stepping out of the best car for chauffeur service.

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