aerial view of zurich - zurich from the clouds - zurich from the sky - aerial view zurich switzerland

Aug 31, 2022


There are many ways to get from Zurich to Basel, and here we are going to reveal to you all of them and point out all their pros and cons.

professional chauffeur opening the car doors - professional chauffeur service

Jun 15, 2022


If you have decided to visit Switzerland, the best option for driving around this country is to hire a private driver. You can choose the vehicle in which you will ride and be sure that your ride will be relaxing, safe, and unforgettable. There is a “limousine service” which presents a pre-booked rental car with […]

limousine interior design

Mar 30, 2022


Always synonymous with the class and elite, limousines are the pinnacle of luxury. Having that in mind, certain manners are required when riding in a limo. Some time ago limousines were accessible only to the upper class because they were either too expensive or private and rented only to the special class of people. Whether […]

office party - office party dancing - corporate party - corporate party event dancing on a corporate party

Mar 28, 2022


If you have a company, you know that employers need a break, a little fun, and a relaxing environment to motivate them to do their job best.  The best way to show your understanding of their needs is to make a corporate holiday party. A corporate holiday party is a great event to give employees […]

limo service chauffeur - limousine service chauffeur - chauffeur service - private chauffeur

Oct 28, 2021


Not many people are familiar with the proper meaning of a chauffeur service. For most, the first associations are the movies or Hollywood celebrities. They are right about one thing – a chauffeur service means luxury, but it isn’t reserved only for stars and the red carpet. To help you understand everything about private chauffeur […]

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