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When you are traveling for work you want nothing to go wrong. In the world of business, the way you are perceived is extremely important. You know that every second counts. This is why you must never be late for any of your engagements.

You will need a reliable and trustworthy limo company to help you every step of the way. The transport from the airport to your destination should be a business-class transfer.


People predicted that business travel will decrease in popularity with the development of social networks and conference calls. It has become easy to talk to people on the other side of the globe. But, business travel has actually increased in number.

We may feel that our lives are completely digital and that there is no need for actual human contact, but we humans are social creatures. According to the Harvard business review, face-to-face requests are 34 times more powerful than a request sent over the email.

The research by Oxford economics has shown that companies realize $12.50 for every dollar invested in business travel. It is no wonder why business travel has increased recently with the trend of getting even bigger.

Business travel includes flights as well as transfers from and to the airport making airport transfer very important.

airport transfer limousine
Airport Transfer

A high-quality business-class transfer is important for many reasons. When you choose Edelswiss every single advantage this mode of transportation offers will be flawless.

Advantages of business-class transfer offers are as follows:
1. You will never be late.
2. Your chauffeur will take care of the luggage.
3. You will always portray a good image.
4. You will save money in the long run.
5. It is suitable for group travel.

With business-class transfer you will never be late

Always being on time in today’s traffic is a difficult task. It proves to be even more challenging in a city you don’t live in. When you add a busy schedule, you are bound to have when on a business trip, it is a daunting mission.

The business-class transfer is crucial to keeping up with your appointments and meetings. Visiting clients, having urgent meetings or just traveling from one place to another is easy with Edelswiss.

This is how it works

Our chauffeur will be waiting for you at the airport terminal. He or she will hold a sign with the name you provided at the time of booking. The experienced chauffeur will use the streets with less traffic so you get to your appointment on time. Just in case he or she will have the help from the GPS system as well as people back at the office checking the traffic for any unpredicted situations.

If you are worried that your chauffeur will not wait if your plane is late, don’t be. Your chauffeur will monitor the route of the plane and will adjust accordingly.

What about your luggage?

The chauffeur will take care of the luggage

When you choose business-class transfer from let’s say Zurich airport to Geneva you get one more service in the mix.

You won’t have to worry about the luggage. Your chauffeur will take it over, carry it and put it in the limo for you. It is very convenient.

driver for business class transfer
Business Class Transfer – Chauffeur

Your chauffeur is not simply the driver of a limo. He or she is a professional who takes the job they are doing very seriously.

In order to become a chauffeur a person must have a driver’s license but also has to go through extensive training that includes customer service. You will always get the top-notch service when you ride a limo.

The good image goes the long way

We all know that a good reputation is important for a successful business. This is the reason why it is not easy to achieve and maintain it.

You have to invest a lot of your time, work, and money to achieve a good reputation. However, only one mistake can make it disappear.

When you hire a business-class transfer good image is guaranteed. Your chauffeur is always in a black suit and white shirt and limousines always look elegant and sophisticated. They show to the others that you are a serious player.

In addition, you will never be late. Being late can detrimentally hurt your reputation. This is why the business-class transfer is perfect. No matter how hectic your schedule is, you won’t miss any appointments.

You will save money

When you read such a thing, you can cringe a little. But it is true. The cost depends on the package you choose. When you hire a limousine, you can transport many people and that can mean money saved.

the best limousine service - edelswiss limousine service - premium limousine service
Premium Limousine Service | EdelSwiss

You are wondering how. Rental fees for multiple vehicles, gas, and parking can add up to a lot. Not to mention the emotional cost of you driving through an unknown city and finding a spot to park. When you divide the price of renting a limo it will sometimes be less than renting multiple cars for many people.

If you are a solo traveler you may feel that taking a taxi is cheaper. Monetary it is but in reputation not at all. Since limousine attributes to a good image renting it is an investment that pays back. It has a return in more business opportunities that a good reputation brings.

In fact, not renting a limo as your business transfer can cost you. It will hurt the good image you worked so hard to get. When you don’t have it business opportunities are sparse. Less work equals less money made. Therefore, not renting a limo for your business-class transfer may cost you a lot.

Limousine is suitable for group travel

As previously mentioned, many people can ride in a limo. For bigger groups limo bus is the way to go. They provide comfort and style for many people and can be perfect for overnight travel. Since the limo bus can be fitted with beds it can double as a hotel. You won’t have to pay for a hotel room that night. Isn’t it convenient?

Limo van is perfect for groups too. People can easily stand up. They can switch places. It could even be an office on the wheels.

To sum up

As business travel gains in importance so does the way we travel for business. There are many options available for business-class transfer but the best one is limo transfer.

The limo transfer offers high-quality service provided by professionals in the field of transport. You will reach your destination on time. The image you will portray is one of a serious business player. It will save time and money. Not to mention that it will spare you the headache of driving in an unfamiliar big city. You can never go wrong by choosing a limo for your business-class transfer.

When you choose Edelswiss to be sure that all our high end and luxury vehicles are well maintained. Our staff will have your back and your reputation will be impeccable. You will always have the best ride. We will pick you up and drop you off from and to any location. The only thing you should take care of is the true reason you are in Switzerland, to do business.

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