Hiring a personal chauffeur service has always been common among businessmen and entrepreneurs for business purposes. But, it is becoming more and more popular on other occasions as well. Because they are elegant and classy, people hire limousine services for their weddings, to arrive at the venue in style or head straight to their honeymoon stress-free.

Other frequent occasions include transportation to corporate events, airport transfers, birthday party celebrations, prom nights, and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Personal Chauffeur Service – Tips Before Choosing

There are many benefits of hiring a private chauffeur service, but here is what you should consider before you choose one.

personal chauffeur service
Personal Chauffeur Service

1. Check their references

Quality comes first. Look for a reputable and experienced company with excellent references. Ask your friends about their experiences with some companies. Also, use the internet to get information.

A company should be able to demonstrate that they have perennial experience in transportation and a solid reputation for quality and safety, proper and valid licensing, and up-to-date insurance.

Check for their team and fleet, the services they offer, photos and contact. Check for the comments and evaluation of their clients and see what their experiences with particular companies were. Those are the most valuable source of information.

2. Check for their licenses and insurance

Verify that the company has the proper licensure and insurance for work and that the vehicles have passed required inspections which are current and valid.

For service taking you or your party across the border, check for their regulations and compliance requirements in order to avoid the occurrence of any problem abroad. Also, ask about the insurance but beware that some limousine service providers may ensure their vehicles under a personal auto policy.

Personal auto insurance policies rarely cover clients who hire the vehicle. You can request and obtain proof from the company for all their licenses and insurances. Operators should be eager to provide proof of valid and appropriate documents.

3. Seek quality chauffeurs

Not every chauffeured service will ensure that you get the best possible service. Serious companies hire their staff upon completing necessary training courses and only after they pass a full background check. To become a member of personal chauffeur service, the following characteristics must be met:

  • Having no criminal record,
  • Clean driving history,
  • Excellent defensive driving skills,
  • Impeccable appearance,
  • Punctuality,
  • Good manners.

Confirm that the driver has the appropriate local and international licenses to drive the type of vehicle you seek to rent. A professional driver is also helpful with the luggage and ensures all your requests are fulfilled and that your ride is safe and smooth.

A professional chauffeur is equally as important to the success of your event as is a safe vehicle. Choose a provider that places a high value on the caliber of their chauffeurs and can provide proof of their qualifications.

4. Check the chauffeur service`s fleet

If you haven’t used services of particular limo company before and if it is possible for you, visit the company in person before you hire them. The time to find out what you’re getting is not on the date of the special occasion. This way you can ask them everything you are interested in and confirm or remove any doubt you had.

Meet their staff in person, see what types of vehicles they have in their fleet, and check for the above-mentioned documents. If you can’t make this arrangement, then make a video call so that they can show you their vehicles.

It is smarter to take time to have this item checked, have enough time to make a decision and book a limousine service in advance. The more specific requirements you have, the further in advance you should reserve your limousine. You can book them online, which is quite useful when you need a personal chauffeur service somewhere abroad.

luxury limo - luxury limousine
Luxury Limousine

5. Get everything in writing

Depending on the occasion, you may have some special requirements. Limo considers a luxurious vehicle with at least 2 and up to 28 seats or more.

Modern limousines have a variety of amenities they come with, like flat TVs, game consoles, free Wi-Fi, dance floor with a pole, Jacuzzi, and others. They can also fulfill some special wishes, like to provide special drinks in the car’s mini bar, decorate the vehicle or fill it with balloons and flowers.

To make sure that you get everything you require, print it out on a piece of paper or send them via e-mail. Also, insist on a written contract that clearly states all the details of your reservation, as well as the prices, and is sure you understand all the terms and conditions of your agreement.

6. Check for their prices

Regular chauffeur services are not as expensive as they used to be, but the overall price will depend on the type of the vehicle, the mileage, and your special requests. Get yourself enough time to do thorough research and find a limousine service that offers a competitive price that works within your budget.

Search for any discounts or weekend offers as most limousine companies provide various promotional deals and can even customize a package to suit your budget. Gratuity is usually included in the price and it is up to you to tip your private chauffeur, but you are not obligated to pay extra.

However, the lower price might result in unprofessional and lower quality service and higher risk. Don’t let price determine your choice of limousine and check if there is a cancellation and refund policy.

Choosing the right personal chauffeur service will enhance your event and make it a day to remember. Consider these six tips when selecting a limousine company and give yourself a time to make the right decision. The safety of you and your companion(s) is a priority.

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