A wedding day is one of the most important events in many people’s lives. It is a celebration of love and partnership and it has got the legal and/or religious significance.

Every couple wants this day to be nothing less than their vision of perfect. Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, a lovely venue, a great band, and cheerful wedding guests will make any ring exchange ceremony unforgettable. But, is there something else that could spice up the wedding and make it even more classy and stylish? Read on to find out!

Do we really need to persuade you to hire a wedding limousine? Alright. Should you have any doubts, we will now eliminate each one of them.

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Wedding Planning

1. What are the top reasons to choose a chauffeured limousine service for your wedding?

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should rent a limousine service for your special day – wedding-day:

  • Pre-wedding party
  • The grand entrance in a wedding limo
  • Punctuality
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Photo-shooting

a) Pre-wedding party

It is now a tradition for brides and grooms to have a bachelor and bachelorette party before their wedding. Renting a limousine is a great and fun way of celebrating your last unmarried days with your friends.

You don’t even have to leave the limo since there are party buses equipped with amenities like pools, hot tubs, bar stations, sound systems, and even separate rooms. And the most important is that everybody will get their home safe, no matter how wild the party may get.

party bus for wedding
Party bus for a wedding – Source: Wikimedia

b) The grand entrance in a limousine

Arriving at the ceremony in a chauffeured limousine will make your entrance elegant and classy. Your appearance will be memorable. Furthermore, it is also a great way to leave the venue after a long and exciting, but also an exhausting day. Taking off to a honeymoon? The limousine can give the newlyweds a shuttle to the airport right after the wedding.

c) Punctuality

 A limo company is not only there to give you a lift, but their chauffeurs are trained and highly skilled professionals who are there to make your ride super comfortable. The respect of your desires and your time is their command.

Renting a limousine for the wedding is a sure way to get to your ceremony safely and right on time. It is also a stress-free when you don’t have to drive a car after you drank a couple of cocktails. You can relax and enjoy your party to the fullest.

d) Limousines are Cost-effective

Even though limousines represent luxury, high class, and style, they are wrongfully considered expensive. In the present, there is a wide selection of limos and limo companies which rent cars specially designed for weddings that are pretty much affordable.

wedding limo luxury
Wedding limo looks luxurious, but it is cost-effective

Moreover, a feature that differentiates limousines from regular cars is a greater number of seats. This means that other people like a best man, a maid of honor, or bridesmaids and groomsmen can accompany the wedding couple in their ride to the ceremony. Not to mention that transporting that many people all at once instead of everybody going in individual cars can be eco-friendly.

e) Photo shooting

We are living in a digital and in the most visual of all ages. Social media, especially Instagram, urge us to take photos of each and every event that happens in our lives. A wedding day is certainly one of the most important events and every couple expects perfect photos from their wedding. Pre-wedding photo shooting of the bride and groom is a trend.

groom and bride in a wedding limousine
Groom and bride in a wedding limousine | Photo by Cayton Heath on Unsplash

It primarily requires an excellent photographer, but also a venue and accessories.  A charming white old-timer, as is a Mercedes limousine, would make a lovely and romantic shooting background. On the other side, a red Volkswagen Beetle would make you feel bold and exotic and such would be your photographs!

Now that we agreed on wedding limousine rental is a must for a full sense of perfection, let us see what the best ways for decorating the limo are.

2. Wedding Limousine – Dos

First, you have to choose an appropriate vehicle. This depends on the theme of your wedding and your budget. Do you want it to be modern and luxurious, or you rather opt for a more traditional and retro look?

Once you pick your perfect ride, make sure you ask the limo company for permission to decorate their car. Weddings are already expensive and you don’t want any additional charges and unpleasant surprises.

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So, what to use to decorate your wedding limousine?

  • Traditional floral and greenery wraths or garlands are classy and elegant, and can also be rustic if you are more for a boho wedding.
  • If a white limo is your choice, decorate it with pastel colors of bows and ribbons. This will give it a romantic touch. Or you can use a bright red ribbon and wrap it like a gift! Best fabrics to use are tulle and satin.
  • Nothing says ‘celebration’ better than the colorful and celebratory balloons.
  • Old-school tin cans or anything that makes noise. Before this became a tradition, it was a custom to tie shoes to the wedding carriage. It originates from the 5th century when people used to throw shoes at the bride and groom as a way to grant them luck. Tying of baby shoes was supposed to symbolize the wish for fertility.
  • Scribble “Just Married” on a window of a limousine using liquid chalk, white shoe polish, or soap. They are easily removable and won’t damage the car paint or window tint. You can also use window stickers or hang a “Just Married” sign or banner.
  • Instead of writing directly on the car with materials that could potentially damage the car, you can opt for mirror frame clings. They can be personalized in a variety of ways to get your message across. They can show off your and your spouse’s initials or names and wedding date.
  • Use Pom Poms to pretty it up. It can be girly and playful.
  • Tie some streamers onto the side-view mirrors, door handles or to the back of the bumper.
  • Break out the bunting for a vintage look.
  • Personalize the license plates.

3. Wedding limo – Don’ts

Though there are many different ways and accessories you can use to decorate your wedding limousine, there are some that are out of the question:

•    Spray paint, dye, markers, anything that is not easy to remove. This is particularly forbidden during summers because the dye could transfer to the surface of the limo and cause damage.

•    Tape on windows leaves behind a sticky residue that is difficult to get off. It can also damage the tint is applied on the inner side of the window.

•    Sugary substances – Products that contain sugar, like whipped cream, should never be used. Sugar is sticky and extremely bad for car’s paint.

•    Tin cans – Though we mentioned them above as a traditional way of decorating the wedding car, you must be careful because they can damage the tires, and can even spark against the pavement.

Limousine for your wedding – Conclusion

Well, we hope that you are going for a limousine for your wedding. There is no reason not to fully enjoy the exclusiveness of this particular day. You have also seen that there are many interesting ways in which you can decorate your wedding limo.

Pick the ones you like the most and give them your personal touch. Only keep one thing in mind – don’t overdo it! Decoration of the wedding limousine should suit the car you choose. It should exude elegance, style and a good taste. Remember, in this case, less really is more.

If you live in Switzerland, or you are having a wedding in this beautiful country, feel free to contact our limo service – Edelswiss.

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