Once a year, one of the most famous Swiss ski resorts becomes the home of a unique event that brings together the most eminent and relevant representatives and leaders of contemporary global society who are equally committed to solving issues and improving the state of the world. With members and heads of over 100 governments present, along with executives and leaders of over 1000 global companies and various types of organizations, the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting turns the Alpine town of Davos into a crowded and busy place.

Precisely due to the overall number of participants and concerns about the environmental impact of the Meeting, the “Towards a Greener Davos” initiative was developed. It aims to lower the emissions released into the environment by vehicles of more than 2500 participants and staff members traveling to Davos and Klosters by approving only environmentally friendly vehicles with designated emission rates that are eligible for the Greener Davos sticker. The car sticker needs to be placed on the vehicle’s interior windshield on the driver side so it can be easily seen right away.

Not only are they good for the environment, the vehicles with green (hotel) car stickers will deliver the best service, as they may access special waiting zones (Panorama Parking – next to Davos Ice Rink, Kirchner Museum – opposite Hotel Belvédère, and Registration & Flüelastrasse), as well as hotels in the secured zones for participants’ check-in and check-out. They will grant access to the exterior zone of the three high-security hotels: Hotel Seehof, InterContinental and Steigenberger Grandhotel Belvedere.

Ever since the initiative was introduced eight years ago, EdelSwiss Limousinen became compliant, so each year we provide the latest models of predominately Mercedes-Benz vehicles with acceptable emission rates that grant access to the highest-security and waiting zones in Davos. With necessary access, we can fulfill the needs of forum participants and remain on their full disposal during the entire duration of the Meeting.

Things to consider:

  • Even with car stickers and hotel badges, the drivers won’t be able to approach the entrances of the hotels located in the high-security zones. Rather, the Hotel Pickup and Drop-off Zones located near hotels vary and are determined by each hotel.
  • The hotel car sticker and driver badge do not grant access to Hilton Garden Inn/Promenade 101 building, Congress Center and Kongress Hotel, as these are located in the Restricted Access Zone or the “red” zone. Only state-level officials have access to the red zone, and other high-profile participants need to personally ask WEF for permission. Since access is strictly limited, the pickups and drop-offs are executed some 50 m away from the red zone.
  • Waiting zones are not parking areas. This means that the driver needs to stay in the car with the engine off. The driver cannot be asked to leave the vehicle or keep the engine on, as he would risk having his car sticker irrevocably removed by the police, and/or the car towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Drivers with hotel car stickers and driver (hotel) badges are only able to pick up and drop off the passengers – they are not allowed to enter the hotels.
  • For more info about traffic and schedule during WEF, check out this handy map by clicking here.

How does it work?

  • The Annual Meeting in Davos is a high-prestige occasion that requires careful preparation and consideration. The schedule is carefully planned, and each client is assigned to one vehicle and one driver for the entire duration of the event. The driver’s details (name and phone number) and vehicle license plate information are sent to client’s assistants, event managers or booking agents before the event start.
  • The daily service is usually booked for 8 hours which is also the minimum and our recommendation, as the clients avoid being charged if the vehicle wasn’t used for more than 8 hours (e.g. if 12 hours are booked, 12 need to be charged regardless of the usage). Even though the service is booked for 8 hours the driver will remain at the client’s disposal for as long as it is needed.
  • In case the guest is arriving with a commercial flight, the driver will wait for the client with the requested name board at the airport arrival terminal just outside customs. The flight is monitored, and the pickup time adjusted in case of delay or early arrival. The clients don’t need to worry about landing earlier or later than planned.
  • In case the guest arrives with a private jet, the driver will periodically check the status of the private plane with the handling agency and will adjust the pickup accordingly.
  • In case the client books the VIP service or the VIP lounge at the airport, the driver will coordinate the pickup with the airport VIP service staff.
  • The transfer from Zurich airport to Davos lasts approximately 2 hours, but the clients should also be aware that the access road to Davos can get quite congested during the first day of the Forum. Also, the weather is an important factor that needs to be taken into consideration. For example, last year the limousines approaching the registration area formed a line of 8 km and the snow came above traffic signs!
  • Upon arrival in Davos, the chauffeur will take the client to the Registration to pick up the registration badge. After the registration is completed, the chauffeur will take the client to the hotel for check-in and will remain at the client’s complete disposal from then on.
  • The client will coordinate the schedule and the pickup time for the following day directly with the chauffeur.
  • After the client releases the driver, the driver submits the daily report with the exact number of hours and mileage to the office team, which then notifies client’s assistants, event managers or booking agents.
  • After the client departures and the driver submits the final report, our office team notifies the booking person and presents an invoice for the total service cost.

Why is an early booking so important?

  • Driver’s accommodation – All drivers will remain in Davos or Klosters during Forum duration, and the proximity to the client’s accommodation is one of the most important things to consider. The closer the driver is to the client, the greater the flexibility and responsiveness. Since Davos gets overcrowded during the Forum, accommodation can become quite an issue. Early booking allows us to make early hotel bookings for the drivers, which will guarantee the desired location. In the case of short-notice bookings there is a good chance that we won’t be able to find vacant rooms for our drivers nearby, so much further hotel needs to be booked.
  • Vehicle availabilityMercedes-Benz vehicles, especially the Mercedes S350 or S400, are the most requested vehicles during the Economic Forum, so their number is very limited. By placing an early order, you can rest assured that your superiors or clients will get exactly what is needed. Otherwise, other vehicle brands, such as BMW, would need to be offered instead.
  • Better rates – The limousine and chauffeur service rates get higher as the beginning of the event approaches. With an early commitment, you can get your company a much better deal.

EdelSwiss Limousine Service

  • Mercedes-Benz vehiclesEdelSwiss offers latest models of predominately Mercedes-Benz vehicles: Mercedes E-Class executive sedans, Mercedes S350 VIP sedans, Mercedes S400 VIP sedans, Mercedes V-Class luxury minivans, as well as larger capacity vehicles such as luxury Mercedes Sprinter minibusses and coaches for a larger entourage. We also offer the latest models of BMW sedans, including BMW 5 series and 7 series. The vehicles are offered to clients specifically requesting these vehicle brand, or to all clients after the Mercedes-Benz vehicles become completely sold out.
  • Safe, all-wheel drive vehiclesThe Annual Meeting is held in January which is the peak of the winter season when heavy snowfall is expected. Our entire fleet consists of 4×4 sedans and minivans, vehicles that are perfect for the toughest winter road conditions, guaranteeing complete safety and a stress-free ride.
  • Comfortable & stylish rideMercedes-Benz vehicles are the embodiment of modern luxury saloons and minivans, where travelers’ experience is raised to a whole new level. We aim towards raising the client’s comfort and mood to even higher heights by providing necessities such as bottled water, refreshments, Android and iPhone chargers, and Wi-Fi on board.
  • Professional & experienced drivers – Our chauffeur team consists of professional, experienced drivers that are well experienced with WEF protocols and high-profile clients. All code-dressed, diligent and helpful, all English-speaking, while some also multi-lingual.
  • 24/7 customer supportEdelSwiss is extremely proud to have the “best back office and customer support team in the region”, according to our numerous clients. Our team will be with you every step of the way – from the initial inquiry to official booking to being available 24/7 during the event, quickly reacting and adjusting the service to all changes, new requests or cancellations. The Meeting can get quite vibrant, so rest assured that our team can follow the pace.
  • Quick & Easy booking – Perfect service and experience of the clients themselves is a crucial goal of EdelSwiss Limousine Service. However, making the entire booking experience enjoyable and easy for their booking agents, assistants or event management is another important goal. Speed, perfection, and ease are three qualities that our back office aims to deliver every single time.

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