Differences between stretch limo and limousine

You might be surprised, but limousine as a concept dates back well before the invention of motorized automobiles.

Even during the era of horses-and-carriages, wealthy people enjoyed transportation with a personal coachman.

personal coachman - coachman - riding a carriage - ancient chauffeur
Yes, even in the past personal coachman’s were something wanted! | Image source

Throughout the centuries, chauffeurs ferried rich people around in a separate cabin, hidden from public sight.

Therefore, limousine doesn’t refer to the type of car but is a rather generic term.

Accordingly, limousines are distinguished by a glass partition that separates the driver’s seat from the passenger compartment.

They are also luxurious and stylish.

white stretch limousine - sunset in a limousine - white strech limo on a sunset - beautiful white limousine - white stretch limousine on the road
Sunset in a stretch limousine – Why not?

The origin of all limousines

Private vehicles with personal chauffeurs were especially popular in Europe.

In fact, the term ‘limousine’ supposedly originates from the word Limousin, which is the name of a province in France. This region lies in the foot of the Massif Central, an area with long and cold winters, and a lot of snowy days.

In the region, shepherding was the main occupation. To protect themselves from harsh weather, the shepherds wore cloaks with large hoods.

The covered compartment of the first automobiles looked like a raised hood of the cloak that shepherds of the Limousin region wore. This is how the word ‘limousine’ got its today’s meaning.

mercedes limousine - mercedes limousine interior - mercedes limo inside
Mercedes Limousine Interior

Regular vehicle or a limousine – how to tell?

Although a taxi also comes with a driver, it is easy to distinguish it from a limousine. Limousine is a luxury car that often has special amenities and comes in different sizes.

The limousine can be a town car, a sedan, a mini SUV, an SUV, a flex-fuel, a hybrid, or a stretch limousine. Even vans and party buses count as limousines when they are provided by a limo company and equipped with gadgets and have a professional chauffeur.

The two types of limousines most commonly used are the regular and the stretch limousine. Read further to find out how to differentiate the two.

Difference between a stretch limo and a regular limo

As we stated above, there are many different types of limousines.

Their differences lie in the size, purpose, the number of passengers they can accommodate, their colors, amenities, occasions they are the most suitable for, personal preferences of passengers, and similar.  

It is the same with regular limos and stretch limos. They differ in the following characteristics:

  • The size and number of passengers
  • Amenities
  • Purpose
mercedes limousine - mercedes regular limousine - mercedes limousine front
Mercedes regular limo

Sedan limousines characteristics

When you mention a limousine, people usually think of a luxury sedan or saloon car, since it is the most common.

The word ‘sedan’ roots from the Latin word ‘sedes/sedere’ which means “to sit”. Italian word ‘sede’ means ‘chair’, or – to be more precise – a ‘covered chair on poles’, something like an enclosed litter. That is how in the early 1600s we got the Italian word sedan.

A standard sedan limousine can fit three people comfortably. They usually serve as a means of transportation for business people, their clients, and executives.

mercedes sedan limo - mercedes sedan limo in the dark - sedan limousine
Mercedes sedan limousine – Perfect line

Sedans are also perfect for indiscreet transportation, as they can easily blend into traffic and not draw much attention.

Though smaller than stretch limos, regular limos are still very comfortable, have got a lot of legroom, and provide a large trunk for optimum storing capacity.

Although they don’t come with the same equipment, sedans provide the feeling of riding in a very luxurious car. 

However, newer models also come with modern amenities such as:

  • heated rear seats
  • remotely controlled air conditioning
  • a stereo
  • adjustable rear head restraints
  • Security features such as armoring and bulletproof glass

The regular limo, either a sedan or a town car, is a classy, old-school and sophisticated vehicle, which makes it the king of all the limousines.

So, what is a stretch limo?

stretched limo - stretch limousine
Stretch Limousine

Stretch limousines are actually extended versions of a large sedan. To portray it, the chassis of the limousine has been extended, i.e. it has got lengthened wheelbase.

…and how long is the typical stretch limousine (in meters)?

A typical stretch limo is about 10 meters long, with a 3-meters-long stretch.

By Guinness World Record, the longest limo in the world ever built was 30 meters long.

It had impressive 72 seats, 26 wheels, and even a helicopter landing pad and was named the “American Dream”.

Both stretch limo and regular limo usually have 4 doors.

But The Lincoln 120 ultra-stretch model has 5 doors for easier entering and exiting of the limo.

personal chauffeur - limo chauffeur - stretch limousine chauffeur
Professional (personal) chauffeur opening limo door

How many people can fit into a stretch limo?

Stretch limos usually can accommodate up to six people comfortably. But, there are some types of stretch limos today that classify as the six-pack, the eight-pack, and the ten-pack.

However, it doesn’t mean that they accommodate that many people comfortably, but rather one or two passengers less.

Stretch limos are therefore perfect for the transportation of a group of friends, a family, or several business associates. They come in various colors and models and they are used for a variety of occasions.

What are the amenities of stretch limos?

From amenities, they are equipped with TV screens, tinted windows, stereo system, fiber optic lighting, a full beverage refrigerator, and even hot tubs. How thoughtful, isn’t it?

Stretch limousines tend to be romantic, which is why they are mostly used for weddings. They are considered elegant and stylish and are associated with high-class events.

Stretch limousine is also excellent as a backdrop for photographs. If you want classy, elegant, and charming photos to keep memories on your wedding day or a prom night, stretch limos are the perfect background.

black mercedes limousine - mercedes limousine sedan - mercedes limo autumn
Black Mercedes-Benz limousine

What can you do inside a limo?

Here are some suggestions for having a great time while in a limo:

  • Have something to drink – if you are old enough options are bigger
  • Listen to the music – the chauffeur will be glad to indulge your music taste
  • Relax – rest in luxurious style
  • Watch movies – turn on the TV and find your favorite movie
  • Play video games – one more entertaining way that limo can provide

Interesting fun facts

Limo fun fact no. 1:

There are super stretch limos that can seat up to 14 people. Some models can even seat up to 20.

These cars are very large and come in many different models: Lincoln Town Cars, Hummers, Deville’s, Escalades, Excursions, and Party Buses. They come in various colors, but the most popular is – believe it or not – pink!

cadillac dts deville touring sedan - cadillac deville - presidential limo cadillac deville
Presidential Cadillac DeVille

They are excellent for birthday or bachelor/bachelorette parties because they allow you and your friends to travel together.

Super stretch limos are fully equipped with modern technology gadgets and other commodities, like a dance floor, so the fun and entertainment are guaranteed.

Because of their length, it is not easy to get in and out of super-stretch limo, so many come with side rear doors now. For easier access, many companies have started building super stretch limousines with five doors.

Because of their length, it is difficult to maneuver these vehicles, so their chauffeurs must be highly experienced and properly licensed.

Limo fun fact no. 2:

Limousines are usually owned by governments to transport statesmen and politicians, by large companies to transport executives and clients, by broadcasters to transport their guests, and some are owned by individuals.

However, private individuals rarely own stretch limousines. Most manufacturers of stretch limousines are located in Europe and the United States and supply mainly limousine companies.

edelswiss limousine service - swiss limo service - limousine service in switzerland
Edelswiss – Perfect limousine company for your trip in Switzerland

Stretch limousine requires a lot of space on the road and a drop-off/pickup space for these cars is a challenge compared to regular sedans.

Public roads are crowded and there is a problem with parking as well. All over the world, most parking lots are only fit for regular passenger cars. Roadside parking is mostly forbidden, too.

The only place to park such large vehicles would be in an area foreseen for parking of heavy vehicles, along with buses and trucks. So much about class and luxury, huh?

Limo fun fact no. 3:

Be cautious! Despite the overall safety of limos, the industry remains largely unregulated. And stretch limousines are less safe, especially those that are converted.

Missing protections include side-impact airbags, accessible emergency exits, and reinforced rollover protection bars. Additionally, due to the lack of regulations, driver qualifications may not be scrutinized.

With such large vehicles, making a U-turn is quite problematic and challenging. This applies to so-to-tell Franken-creations.

white stretch limousine parked - white stretch limousine - stretch limousine parked
White stretch limousine -parked

However, factory-built stretch limos are required to meet strict safety regulations and serious companies hire drivers only after they pass full background check and training.

Our aim was not to scare you with some of these facts but to warn you to inquire about all the safety features of the limousine you are about to rent so that you can relax and enjoy your ride.

  1. British company Prestige Limousine created the first-ever 400-hp Ferrari F1 360 limousine by adding nonstructural carbon-fiber panels bonded to the existing Ferrari. This limo comes with enormous Ferrari-red gull-wing doors.
  2. Custom-built 312-horsepower Camaro limousine by Avolar Limo. It is known by the nickname Bumblebee Transformers. The reason is obvious.
  3. The Indycar-style GP limo by Canadian Michael Pettipas is the luxury monster truck.
  4. The look-alike Batmobile limo is fitted with all the gadgets the original Batmobile had.
  5. The Vault by Armored Limo is the ideal ride for an upscale heist during a bachelor party.
  6. The 350-hp Monster Limo has hugest tires – over 120 cm in diameter!
  7. The v-class VIP Limousine from KLASSEN is the ultimate stretch limo built around the V-class Mercedes-Benz van. Everything in this limo can be controlled with an app.


To summarize, the limousine can provide you with amenities that a regular car cannot. For instance, its length gives you lots of space for different purposes.

You won’t come across a lot of people who will buy it as a family car, because the limousine is regarded as the ride that is usually reserved for only special occasions.

Limo vs. stretch limo?

We stated that they differ in the following characteristics: the size and number of passengers, amenities, and purpose.

You also won’t have any second thoughts about what a stretch limo is, now you know it is the extended version of a large sedan. Both a regular limousine and a stretch limousine can be called a limo.

It is interesting to know their prices even though you probably won’t buy them, but who knows what life will bring?

If not buying, renting a limo is always an option.

Limousines of any shape and sizes are exciting and great fun!

Choose the best one for yourself and have the most memorable event in life.

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