You said luxury bus isn’t a thing – think again

People often equate luxury travel with private jets, stretch limousines, and luxurious sedans. Luxury buses and vans don’t even cross their minds. Never the less they provide a first-class ride unlike any other.

We equate traveling by bus with a crowded, uncomfortable ride. Legroom is small and the seat reclines very little. The buses are very often not clean enough and are a far cry from the luxury travel.

not everything is a luxury bus
Not everything is a luxury bus | Source: Flickr

But this is not the case with a luxury bus. The 21st century has changed the rules of luxury travel. Yes, people still use private jets, limousines, and luxurious sedans but there are some new faces in town. Luxury travel has extended to vans and especially buses.

Luxury bus has everything to ensure an enjoyable ride. Comfortable, leather seats, extra head and legroom, as well as seats that recline to 140 degrees will make your ride unforgettable. Some luxury buses have memory foam beds where you can sleep while you travel.

Luxury bus amenities

You can see many advertisements offering luxury bus rides. But how do you know that they are selling the real deal? People will install minor upgrades and advertise the bus as luxurious. To know what to expect from a luxury bus here is a list of most of the amenities that most luxury buses have:

  • Leather seats
  • TVs
  • Complimentary beverages
  • Complimentary snacks
  • Coffee and tea
  • Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Lots of legroom
  • 140 degrees reclining seats
  • Power outlet next to your seat
  • Big footrests
  • Personal attendant
  • Fleece blankets and pillows
  • High-capacity cargo bays
  • Overhead luggage area
  • On-board restrooms

As previously mentioned, some companies offer luxury buses that are not particularly luxurious. A bus is not a luxury bus if it has minimal improvements even if it can technically be considered as one.

One of the main differences is the replacement of the regular bus seats with luxury ones. Most often, they are comfortable, bigger, and upholstered with leather.

luxury bus seat
Luxury bus seats | SourceFlickr

Luxury buses have much less seating than a regular bus. The reason why is the elevated comfort of the passengers. The fewer seats mean more legroom and seats that recline to an almost vertical position. Usually, there are 3 seats per row. Two on one side and one on the other. Depending on the company these buses can have from approximately 50 to 27 seats. The meaning of the extra legroom virtually disappears in those of 27 seats. The space becomes almost limitless.

Additionally, electronic devices are practically a norm in these types of buses. A big TV and additional televisions at each seat are quite common.
A luxury bus has one or more private bathrooms with fresh flowers in them.

Some may have kitchenettes equipped with a microwave, fridge and a sink. A very popular feature is a bar. Alcoholic beverages can be restocked and included in the rental price.

These buses can very often have custom paint jobs to match their luxurious interior. They are clean inside and out. If you drink too much from the bar, be prepared to pay an extra cleaning fee if you overdo it and make a mess.

Restrooms in these types of rides are very often compact. This means that they include a toilet and a hand washing station.

The key focus of the luxury bus is the comfort of the passengers. It is achieved through previously described extra features.

But there is one more type of these buses which provides ultimate comfort to its passengers. Those are sleeper buses.
There is nothing more comfortable than a memory foam mattress bed. Sleeper buses are equipped with them.

The sleeper buses

The sleeper buses are most often full-sized coaches. They may look like a regular bus from the outside but on the inside, they have 8 to 18 births (sleeping compartments).

Most people describe these buses as moving hotels. And it makes sense. You can spend the night traveling and sleeping at the same time. Leave for your destination in the evening and arrive early in the morning. In some expensive cities, it means saving up a lot by not paying for a hotel room.

coach bus edelswiss - limo bus
Limo Bus – Edelswiss

It saves time too. You can arrive in the city where your office is located early in the morning and not feel tired or be late for work.

Sleeping and traveling used to be very common in the past. Businessmen would use sleeper cars on trains very often. This is what probably inspired the sleeper buses trend. Sleeper cars on trains still exist but are limited to the areas with train tracks. Sleeper buses do not have this limitation.

Sleeper bus amenities

The luxury bus of this type has some different features than a traditional luxury bus. Bellow, you will find out what are the most common features of a sleeper bus:

  • Comfortable beds and linens, of course
  • A personal outlet
  • Reading lamp
  • A screen in every birth
  • Complimentary earplugs
  • Privacy shade curtains
  • Soundproof walls
  • Attendant
  • Free water
  • Free coffee and tea
  • High-capacity cargo bays
  • Free high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Air-condition for every birth
  • On-board restrooms

If you don’t feel like sleeping or just want to sit down many of these buses have a lounge area. This area of the bus usually has a big-screen TV.

It is a new way of comfortable travel which doesn’t break your bank.

The difference between a minibus and a luxury bus

When people hear that some luxury buses can have a maximum of 27 passengers, they may automatically conclude that it is a minibus.

The minibus can have from 18 to 25 passengers but it is not a very big vehicle. It usually has very limited up to no luggage space. It doesn’t have a restroom and it is not the most comfortable ride in the world.

mercedes minibus
Minibus – EdelSwiss

On the other hand, even if some luxury buses can transport only 27 passengers, they are full-sized charter buses. Removing the seats from these types of buses has enabled installment of the extra features which increase the comfort of the passengers.

Top 10 World’s most expensive buses

When it comes to luxury transportation, the rich never fail in sophistication and style, starting from luxury cars to luxury yachts. However, the abrupt progress of luxury buses marked the world of travel.

Luxury tour buses or motor-homes are an ideal way to feel comfy and homelike while traveling. Inside they have a bathroom, kitchen, and all other benefits you can enjoy at home. With these beautiful works of art, you’ll add class and elegance to your journey.

Here we will list the top 10 world’s most expensive buses, so let’s check them:

  1. Superbus Dubai
  2. Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo
  3. Foretravel Prevost H3-45 VIP
  4. The Vantare Platinum Plus
  5. Marathon Coach 1301
  6. The Prince Sultan Bin Fahd’s bus
  7. Newmar King Aire
  8. 2020 Emerald 0410
  9. Monaco Dynasty 45P
  10. Country Coach Magna 630

1. Superbus Dubai

Superbus Dubai is a definition of luxury, worth around $18,000,000. This vehicle is perfect transportation among the most expensive and extravagant cities. It moves at a speed of 250 kilometers per hour and it is 15 meters long.

It has 8 doors on each side and 23 seats, furnished with leather and each having a massage chair, an airbag, and a seatbelt. The passengers can also change the climate from their comfortable seats.

This vehicle is special because of its super light and durable 530bhp carbon fiber used as a construction material.

It was first tested in Holland, last September.

2. Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo

Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo is one of the most expensive and the longest buses in the world, worth around $3,000,000, and at a length of 20 meters. With its modern design, the bus looks like a futuristic vehicle, stepping out from a Hollywood movie.

It moves at the speed of 150 kilometers per hour and thanks to the Volvo 6 cylinder engine. Fuel consumption is 20% lesser than average, and the main feature of its futuristic look is the transparent glass roof.

The luxurious interior consists of a wooden floor and marble countertop, along with an upper deck and staircase. The passengers can adjust the temperature, light, and sound. You can enjoy in the comfort of a marble furnished bathroom and a kitchen, looking out the transparent glass, feasting your eyes on the night sky.

This piece of luxury is extremely popular among oil-rich Arab Sheikhs.

3. Foretravel Prevost H3-45 VIP

This gigantic vehicle costs around $2.88 million and it is a part of the H-line of luxury RV makers at Prevost. It’s powered by Diesel D13 500HP engine.

It’s very spacious and modern, with the highest cabin of 12 ft. 5 inches. It even has 500 cubic feet for underfloor storage and plenty of cargo space.

The shell is light weighted, yet very firm, constructed of molded fiber. Both the driver and the passengers can enjoy the outstanding panoramic views.

The interior is very modern, with a wooden floor and a beautifully arranged kitchen with marble tables. The special power management system emphasizes bus power and battery endurance.

This splendid bus is embellished with Emperor Sauna Suite, shower television, and the Spa.

4. The Vantare Platinum Plus

The Vantare Platinum Plus is a very spacious and luxurious bus that costs around 2.5 million dollars.

Its interior beauty consists of Italian leather, a floor made of granite or marble, LED ceiling decorations, and Swarovski crystals. It offers king-size beds and 13-inch LCD television, placed behind the mirror. It also has a giant liquor cabinet that makes it a true piece of art.

Among its amenities is the exceptional Avic N-2 GPS system. Receiving notifications about the traffic and the weather was never this impressive. In addition, it has Sapele Pommel veneers from Africa that embellish the dash and steering wheel.

You can even park a car under the bus in a garage space. Can you imagine anything posher than this?

5. Marathon Coach 1301

Beautiful Marathon Coach 1301 costs around $2.47 million. It’s powered by the Diesel Volvo D13 500HP engine. It boasts the perfect usage of space, so you can carry enormously big luggage, the bus will certainly provide enough space.

It is featured with 42 inches wide TV, synonymous with ultra-luxury.

This is also one of the strongest buses of all time.

6. The Prince Sultan Bin Fahd’s bus

Just as the name suggests, The Prince Sultan Bin Fahds bus was designed exclusively for the Prince Sultan Bin Fahd, the President of Saudi Arabia.

This single-decker and the ultra-luxurious bus has a lavish interior design that features a massive lounge, a royal suite, and a bedroom with luxurious beds and seating options.

Inside this bus, you will feel like you are staying in a delightful five-star hotel.

7. Newmar King Aire

The Newmar King Aire costs around $1.6 million and it is truly the King when it comes to luxury. It is a class A motorcoach, powered by X15 diesel engine having 605 HP.

Its 12.5 KW Cummins Onan diesel generator guarantees a secure power service. For high-class security, there is a modern monitoring system and a keyless entry system at the gate.

The interior is decorated with LED and porcelain floor. It offers a spacious kitchen, a residential space that consists of two villa sofas, a washer, dryer, and everything you need for a perfect journey.

8. 2020 Emerald 0410

45 feet long, this extravagant jewel costs around $1.6 million. It is powered by the Volvo D13 engine and made with the high-quality conversion shell Prevost H3-45.

But, its beauty grows with the interior. The furniture follows new trends and posh designs, bringing royal and aristocratic sensations. The bathroom and gallery are very spacious and luxurious. Emerald has 2 TVs: 49ʺLED TV placed in the salon, and 65ʺ LED TV placed in the bedroom. It also has an electric fan cooling system.

When riding on this bus, you will feel like a true VIP and experience divine pleasure.

9. Monaco Dynasty 45P

The Dynasty 45P is one of the most pompous creations of Monaco, and it costs around $585,750.

This work of art is powered by a 600HP Cummins engine.

The extravagant interior reflects in the LED placed in the ceiling and the floors of porcelain tile. The vast bedroom is decorated with walls, wardrobes, and cabinets made of cedar. The TV works on central command.

In this Monaco creation, you can feel its artistic beauty, and enjoy the unique and comfortable ride.

10. Country Coach Magna 630

This 40’s bus conversion to a luxury motor home costs around $495,000.

Country Coach Magna 630 is powered by a 600HP Cummins engine, which makes it perfect for mountain terrain thanks to its power tilt and telescope wheels. Its garage is specifically designed for sports cars.

The spacious lounge and glossy floor make the interior extremely beautiful. New designs can be spotted in a queen-sized bed, luxurious chair, and other interior decorations. The rooms have Plasma TV.

The Hydro Hot hydronic system controls the warmth and provides hot water.

worlds top luxury bus
One of the world`s top luxury buses!

The keyless touch-pad entry is the highlight of this ultra-luxury vehicle.

Are luxury buses wheelchair friendly?

All companies are required to have wheelchair-accessible buses when they are requested. However, not every bus is outfitted with wheelchair lifts. For this reason, you should note it in your rental inquiry.

The price of renting a luxury bus

It is not easy to specify the price of renting this vehicle. It mostly depends on the features and services you choose. One thing is for certain. It is much cheaper and more effective than paying for the first-class ticket at the airline for the same amount of people. Luxury buses provide the first-class experience that will not break your bank.


There is a new luxury ride in town. It is called a luxury bus. People are using these buses more often these days. The reason is simple. Luxury buses offer increased comfort and excellent service. You can even comfortably sleep in them.

The additional advantage is all the extra luggage you can bring with you. Sit or lay down and relax. Watch a movie, drink coffee or tea. Eat some snacks or a proper lunch or dinner. You will always have an attendant to help you with everything you may need.

It is a new way of travel in luxury, comfort, and style.

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