Future Limo – Is It Going To Be Like This?

When it comes to luxury transportation, limousines are, without any doubt, the number one.  

A luxury and comfortable limo is like a mobile hotel room which will answer to all your needs. Also, with a luxury limo, you will arrive at your destination safe and sound.

In our fast-paced world, with constant innovations and changes, the limo industry is also evolving. In this article, we will talk about future limo and is it going to be the same.

future limousines next step - next step future - future sign
Next step in limousine industry is – The Future | Source: pixy.org

Exotic limos are the limos that are on the market and have the latest styling. It is hard to predict will the limo still has the same features as now.

But, one thing is for sure, since more and more people travel for business, the demand for luxury transportation is constantly raising.

This creates the perfect ground for the market to flourish. Some experts predict that this trend will make essential progress over the next five years.

What is happening on the market right now?

Recently, an American company made a contract with Mercedes-Benz for 100.000 driverless Mercedes S-Class sedans.

In addition, they have been involved in the progress of autonomous cars.

According to some analysts, driverless luxury cars will be the main transportation to businessmen in the near future. Moreover, this American company has ideas on developing this sort of business in the years to come.

Audi Futuristic autonomous car | Source: Wiki

As the internet is also progressing, new markets that were not available before appeared, providing new business opportunities.

Closing deals in person is always more successful, according to some researches, even 34 times more successful than those closed over the email.

How will limousine services react?

If you want to be a part of the world, you have to keep up with it. It is a matter of survival – evolve or be forgotten. It is the same when it comes to development in markets.

Every manufacturer has to discover what passengers think of the driverless luxury cars and would they be interested if services were at their disposal.

When you think of a future limo, you have to think about how costumers that book their transport now, will plan their travel in the future.

Will business travel be the same?

Since the informational technologies never ceased to develop, the expectations were that business travel will decrease.

But, that’s not what happened.

On the contrary, some researches have shown that companies earn $12.50 for every dollar invested in business travel.

edelswiss limousine service
Edelswiss – Perfect limousine service for your ride across Switzerland!

What are the pros of driverless vehicles?

The most important advantage of driverless vehicles is the price.

The chauffeur and everything that he or she provides a significant impact on the price.

The same applies to the service support staff. Without their engagement, the price would be remarkably decreased.

Even today, booking a chauffeured limo service is available, either over the internet or Smartphone apps. That means that the acquired locations will be noted in the car’s software.

So, in the time of need, it is possible to call the vehicle by only one click on the phone. In this regard, there will be no bigger technical obstacles or in finding a fast solution.

What are the cons of driverless vehicles?

The most important disadvantage of driverless vehicles is that there is no human element.

This way, the service would be the self-service for the passengers. Who will take care of the luggage and who will recommend the best restaurants for the business meeting?

The second very important disadvantage is the aspect of security. The researches have shown that autonomous cars have a smaller number of accidents.

Yes, that makes sense, but what about the personal safety of a sophisticated client or the most important person in a company?

Hackers can find their way to access the vehicle’s software, even kidnappings can become a reality.

Imagine that the confidential conversation you have inside a vehicle leak all over the internet. No one would like that kind of scenario.

Future limousine service

The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.”

Cyberpunk is now. Many things predicted in Cyberpunk are happening today. The cyber-world and the real world are merging through things like social media, mobile technology, the Internet of things, virtual and augmented reality.

The same can be expected in the future limo, with a surprising number of technological advancements.

Nevertheless, predictions for future limousines vary.

Its new design will probably provide more comfort for the passengers.

One thing is for sure, autonomous and electric cars will be a common thing in the future.

future limo - future car
Future car | Source: pxhere.com

Here is a list of some amenities that limo services can offer in the future:

  • Autonomous limousines
  • Electricity for functioning
  • Better connectivity
  • Greatest comfort
  • Augmented Reality
  • Economical cross-country trips

Autonomous limousines

The purpose of autonomous driving is to eliminate accidents.

look into the future
Look into the future | Source: pxhere.com

From this perspective, our future day won’t be ordinary, we can expect big things.

The electrification of the personal transport system, which for a long time was just a visionary theory, is now in its initial stages of design and implementation.

Still, the transportation grid is a futuristic concept since it requires hi-tech features that are not reachable yet.

Once the vehicles have the needed self-awareness, you will have your personal space where you can sit back and relax. This implies that the car will work without any human input.

The potential here is enormous. Autonomous vehicles will be as important as the internet.

Right now, a vehicle without a driver is against the law. It is not transparent for how long this will be valid.

There are two reasons why future limo cannot be entirely autonomous:

  • Not enough premium customer services
  • Safety hazards

Future limousine without its vital element

The increasing numbers of car accidents are caused by drivers. The future limo means removing the crucial element out of its impeccable service.

Limo chauffeur has always been synonymous with safety. So, the question imposes: Will the future limos be able to offer the same premium service as it does now?

Self-service ride means there will be no taking care of luggage or finding out about the city you are visiting from the first hand.

The passenger will also have to use the computer to enter or change the route, which is extra work for an already hard-working businessman.

Hiring a limo doesn’t mean just transportation, it means engaging the greatest service whose central element is the chauffeur.

chauffeur service in switzerland - limo driver
Chauffeur riding car

Safety is no accident

A safe ride is the epitome of a premium limo service.

In future plans, the limo will function through internet connections.

Unfortunately, the internet can be hackable, so hackers may change the route or even cause a car accident. In that sense, the chauffeur will have to be present, but his role will be slightly different. His task will be to control the ride and prevent possible hacker attacks.

In short, the limo and chauffeur are the unity that cannot be separated.

The chauffeur might not drive the future limo, but he will continue to be the essential element of the limo premium services that will take care of the passengers.

Electric Limousines

The time is right for electric cars – in fact, the time is critical.              

The largest source of climate pollution is transportation. Pollution is not only bad for the planet, but it is also bad for our health.

Electric vehicles will certainly reduce the pollution and the future of limousine will be electric.

Electric cars include cars, transit buses, and trucks of all sizes. In the past, they were slow and it was hard to charge them because there were not many charging stations.

Luckily, some companies like Tesla and Hyundai are changing this by making progress in the whole design of electric cars. They are becoming more equipped and more luxurious in design.

tesla model s electric car
Tesla Model S – Electric car | Source: pxhere.com

With more charging stations and solar panel roofs, electric cars will become an inevitable part of the future.

The total luxury limousines will keep up with these changes and participate in reducing pollution. A ride without a gas doesn’t mean a ride without luxury, comfort, and relaxation. The electric limousines will be a perfect personal vehicle for regular use.

Better connectivity

Limousines are keeping up with the evolving world – they provide their passengers with a good connection that prevents them from making expensive calls to other countries.

Some limos already have touch screens and personal computers to entertain the passengers. In the comfort of a limo, you will have enough space and privacy to make very important calls or to sit back and relax by watching the latest movies.

In the next decade, with its new amenities, a limo will probably be like an office, giving you everything to do your work the best you can.

On the other hand, imagine making video calls in your prom transportation, interacting with everyone before the party has started. Sounds fun!

The comfort that limousines of the future provides

The future of comfort and luxury transportation is here!

Electric cars and SUVs are already on the market, and it is expected that stretch limousines and party buses will soon follow.

The role of the chauffeur will change along with the limo’s interior design.

Can you imagine a limo spacy enough to have a bed in it?

Passengers will be able to spend a comfortable night inside a limo, without spending money on a hotel room.

In 2018, Tesla has monopolized the market of luxury SUVs and they are planning new interior designs for the vehicles.

Planned features are the following:

  • autonomous driving system
  • prolonged touchscreen technology
  • single vent air conditioning
  • digital instrument panel

Also, changes in the seating are expected. The message seats and the seats with heat are part of a present, but they are not in use.

augmented reality
Technology of the future! | Source: pxhere.com

In the future, air-conditioned seats will be a common thing, with softer, improved materials. When these seats become a reality, sweaty rides will be a part of the past.

Other amenities include a wireless phone charger, upgraded front storage, and a mobile app that can activate every car option.

Integration of Augmented Reality in new-age limousines

Augmented Reality can benefit our lives on so many levels, especially in the car. The future of the connected car means improving your driving skills and preventing accidents.

Brands such as BMW, Land Rover, and Mercedes are creating new models with implied Augment Reality in their design.

The purpose of AR is to assists drivers and also passengers. It helps you on so many levels with its well-improved features. Here we will list in which ways AR operates:

  • Connection
  • Heads Up Display
  • Live POIs
  • Another pair of eyes
  • Alerts and sensors
  • Improved parking
  • Adaptation
  • Notifications

As you step into the limo, AR, internet access, and voice control will collaborate to make you ride stylish and the safest possible.

Navigation and recognizing conditions on the road are much easier with Heads Up Display (HUD) in the windshield, which makes the ride more relaxed than listening to audio cues and with your eyes focused on the road.

Live POIs will help you to locate everything, like parking spots, gas stations, and interesting and well-rated restaurants that are near-by.

AR works as an extra set of eyes to raise road awareness. AR emphasizes objects on the road with an aim – to avoid a possible car accident.

Sensors and alerts raise awareness about your surroundings and any possible changes around you, like a change in speed or a full-stop of a vehicle in front of you.

AR helps you identify any parking spot, its cost, and time limits for a spot.

Whether you are driving through a tunnel or getting out of a garage, the car’s HUD automatically adapts to provide the clear sight and ensure the safest ride.

The HUD, car’s speaker, and microphone will keep your eyes on the road and let you know about all upcoming notifications.

To help you to fully understand AR, we will share the following info with you.

Augmented reality is the result of using technology to superimpose information, sounds, images, and text on the world we see.

smart automobile - smart limousine
Smart automobile – Smart limos | Source: Wiki

Through its visual input, you can get information about your surroundings.

It is a set of data about reality.

It can also focus on special objects for creating a clearer view.

Right now, we are on the verge to find out what are the options of the AR in the future limo.

Economical cross-country trips

When organizing a special event, you want to have a great time with your friends and family, and not worry about driving.

A combination of driverless car and Augmented Reality screen sets a ground for a luxury and cozy cross-country trips.

You can have a pleasant ride that escapes stress and lines at the airport. In the future, limos might even have beds, so there will be no need to book a hotel room. The point is that limos will adjust to your needs, not vice versa.

Will the limo look the same?

“The way the future has been viewed in the past.”

Can you apply the retro-futurism concept to a look of a sports car, for example, Lamborghini?

Imagine flying cars, zeppelins, and highly advanced technologies inside a presidential limo, for example!

How will an average future limo look like? Take into consideration the look of Sentinel 400, a futuristic concept car, designed by Syd Mead.

Check those gorgeous retro-futurism illustrations that show how previous generations imagined their future and get the creative juices flowing!


It is a little bit hard to imagine that customers, who book chauffeured service in the present, choose driverless service instead, only because of the lower price.

Those sophisticated clients usually tend to book a 4 or 5-star hotel.

Would they rather choose a machine over a polite staff member that speaks several languages or would those individuals like to visit a restaurant without the best recommendations from the first hand? Just a rhetorical question.

The human element in limo services in an indispensable factor that is impossible to replace in the years to come. Instead, driverless service will be possible in public transportation and the taxi business.

Nevertheless, the future of the limousine looks bright. Augmented reality will make the trip more exciting and we can expect an increase in comfort and luxury.

A limo will evolve just enough to answer the needs of its passengers in the future.

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