How to plan a corporate holiday party in 5 steps

If you have a company, you know that employers need a break, a little fun, and a relaxing environment to motivate them to do their job best. 

The best way to show your understanding of their needs is to make a corporate holiday party.

A corporate holiday party is a great event to give employees and coworkers a break from everyday routine, work, stress, and bring them together.

office party - office party dancing - corporate party - corporate party event dancing on a corporate party
Corporate party is all about fun, so don’t forget that

The next step is to plan a good and entertaining party, without boring and bad vibes. 

And if you want to organize the best corporate holiday party ever, you are in the right place!

We present to you a list of 5 important things to consider for a perfect corporate party:

  1. Date
  2. Budget
  3. Venue
  4. Entertainment
  5. Transportation

Set the right date for your holiday party!

The first step is choosing the right date for your corporate party. 

happy coworkers celebrating while company - corporate party dinner - corporate party in a restaurant
Corporate party – Beautiful atmoshpere

On holidays many people plan their vacations and want to spend this time with family and friends. 

So, when you start planning the date, you should think about this and inform workers earlier so that they can organize their free time.

In this section, you should also think about other public or special events, day of the week, or whether, because all these factors affect setting a date.

Think of your employees

The employees are the main part of your corporate holiday party. 

Since the holidays, many employees booked some arrangements or planned journeys, and because of that you should inform them earlier or adapted dates to their free days.

The whole party is dedicated to them, and with this fact, you should adjust the dates according to their free time.

It would be best if you can inform them about two months earlier if it is possible.

Also, you should determine when your holiday parties will take place. For example during business hours, after work, or on weekends.

corporate party for new year - corporate party for holidays - holidays corporate party - holidays event
Corporate holiday party – New Year

And finally, you should avoid dates in Christmas week or New Year, because these dates are mostly booked.

Political and public event

When we talk about organizing some events, we have to consider other important or special events which may be interesting to all of us. 

Political, public or some other special event, can attract our employees or they almost planned to visit them. 

Also, some of these events like national holidays can affect the availability of stores or some services and you won’t be able to get everything that you need for the party.

So, the date of our corporate holiday party should not be on the same day as other special events. 

Long-range weather forecasts

bad weather - raining - cloudy weather raining
Bad weather – Raining

The last thing that we will mention in planning the date of the corporate party is the weather forecast. 

This is the important thing if we planned our party in someplace outside. 

Strong wind, rain, or bad weather, could spoil your plains and ruin the party. 

Also, whenever your party has been outside or inside, bad weather can affect staff to stay at home due to bad weather. 

So, because of all these reasons, you should check the long-range weather forecast before you choose the date of your corporate party.

Determine the party budget

The budget determines what activities your party will include. 

If you have a big budget or money wasn’t a problem, you can hire a professional party planner to organize the party that you want. 

But, if you haven’t too much money in your budget, you can do all things alone with the right budget plan.

When you are determining a budget plan, you should include:

  • venue for a party, 
  • food, 
  • drink, 
  • transportation, 
  • entertainment, 
  • some special gifts if you planning this type of party.

Of course, there are so many little things that you forget about, like invitations, a holiday menu, or types of drinks and alcohol. But, is also important to include them in the budget. 

And, we will talk about all of that below the text.

Choose a venue for your holiday party

It is important to choose a good place. 

chose a venue - venue - corporate party restaurant - corporate party venue
Choose a proper venue for corporate holiday party

The venue must be on location which is available to everybody whether you have organized transportation or not. 

If you haven’t organized transportation, you should choose the place that is easy to find or navigate to, and make sure that public transport can drop them at this location. 

But, if you have transportation, a long drive is not a good choice. The ride should not take more than 30 minutes. 

Next, the place should be chosen by the theme of the party. 

That means if you want a formal party, you will choose an elegant or exclusive place, but if you want a casual type of party you will take some everyday place.

Also, for picking the right place is important to know the number of invited members, but you shouldn’t forget about the plus ones!

Then, you can select a venue large enough to accommodate everyone.

And, there are some of the most chosen venues:

1. Bars, cafes, and clubs

baltho bar zurich
Baltho | Source:

In places like these, people mostly organized small and informal parties, with live music and more entertainment. 

This is the ideal venue if you want to give your employees a relaxing party, with funny games, and an unforgettable atmosphere!

In bars, cafes, and clubs is okay to organize some comedy night or similar fun activities.

2. Restaurants

If you don’t want to take any risks, you should choose the restaurant for your corporate holiday party. 

Restaurants already have their offer for different types of celebrations, so it’s up to you to choose the offer that suits your corporate party.

This place mostly chose people which want to organize formal, elegant, and graceful celebrations.

windows restaurant geneva
The view from the Windows Restaurant in Geneva | Source:

3. Hotels

Hotels are not places just for sleepovers or types of accommodation. 

Nowadays, many hotels in their complex have restaurants, bars, conference rooms, and many different ideal venues for a corporate party.

The venue in some hotels is mostly elegant and nicely arranged, ideal for a large number of members.

This is the perfect place if you want to make a corporate party in slightly further locations with the possibility of accommodation or using other hotels services. 

corporate holiday party
Corporate Holiday Party

Party theme and entertainment

When we talk about themes and entertainment for the party, there are too many different types that you can choose. 

Some of them are below.

Party theme

Themes can be inspired by movies, TV shows, time, fashion, Holywood, colors, and so on. 

But, when we talk about a corporate holiday party, you should pick the right one that suits your company.

The themes that business people almost choose are:

  1. Classic party themes – inspired by TV shows, movies, or music
  2. Party inspired by the color – back and white is the most popular
  3. Masquerade party – masking in the person of the past, superhero, or something like that.


Entertainment is an important part of the party. Without that, your party can be boring and uninteresting. 

Entertainment will bring your employees closer and make them learn how to work in teams and be good colleagues. 

Of course, location influences the choice of interesting activities. 

We present to you some ideas for entertainment activities which will improve your corporate party:

  1. Quiz your guests in real-time
  2. Organize collective board games
  3. Hire a magician
  4. Invite a motivational speaker
  5. Organize a video game tournament

Transportation is the key to a successful corporate holiday party

Transportation is an important part of planning a corporate holiday party. 

Especially, if the venue of the party is not too close, then you should organize transportation to drop everybody at this location.

zurich limo service - zurich airport limousine - zurich airport limo service
Edelswiss – Limousine service for every occasion

There are many types of transportation, like buses or minibusses, cars, sedans, SUVs, and so on.

But, the best way to show your reputation and care to employers is to rent a limousine

Limousine ride is not comparable to any other car rental service. They represent luxury, comfort, class, and elegance.

If the party is planned to be in some high-end venue, a chauffeured limousine is necessary to complete the atmosphere. 

Arriving at the corporate holiday party in a limo and having a chauffeur open the door for your guests will make quite the entrance.

Also, you don’t worry about a large group of people, because there are limousine vehicles with 10 and more seats that can gather more people at once and bring them to the venue.

And finally, the most interesting thing is that limousines are a synonym for entertainment. 

Loud music, playing games, watching videos, or enjoying some drinks are some of the fun things you can do in a limo.


We presented to you the most important things of every corporate party

If you follow all these steps with a little creativity, we are sure that you will make a corporate holiday party remember!

Go ahead and make an unforgettable party!

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