Limousine Van + Bachelor Party = Success

There are countless ways to organize a bachelor party. We can think of one less traditional but super exciting way of celebrating life before ‘the game-over’.

And since you are here reading this article, you’ve been thinking the same as well. It’s a fact – hiring a limousine van for the bachelor party equals success.

mercedes van - bachelor party limo van
Limo Van

What is a bachelor party?

A bachelor party is a celebration of a groom’s ‘last days of freedom’.  In English speaking part of the world, there is also the term “stag night”. In the past, ‘stag’ used to be slang for a ‘man’. Stags and men with antlers were a common motif in cave paintings.

The stag, standing alone and proud, has long been a symbol of virility. Stag parties had some forms even in ancient times. In Sparta, friends used to throw a banquet for the groom’s last night as a bachelor. And even then, there was a female equivalent to a bachelor party – in Ancient Greece a bride would join her female friends and relatives in paying tributes to Artemis, the goddess of childbirth and protector of young girls.

In the new era, they became a tradition via the party-loving Henry VIII who married six times. For long times, it was a custom for the groom’s father or best man to host a formal dinner for the stag and his male relatives and friends.

Modern times offer endless ways in which you can organize a bachelor party for your soon-to-be-married friend. From camping in the wild, going to the concert of your favorite band, renting a beach house, trying your hand at any of various extreme sports, or traveling to a long-desired place, to usually unavoidable heavy drinking and unavoidable hangover.

You just have to take the groom’s preferences and your budget into consideration and let your imagination give you the night of your lives.

bachelor party in a limo
Bachelor party limousine

Successful party organization steps

Several steps necessary for a successful organization of the party are:

  • Decide who to invite – the more isn’t always the merrier,
  • Think about the group activities you would like to organize,
  • Book appropriate accommodation,
  • Order thematic shirts and accessories,
  • Make a deal about sharing expenses,
  • Check for group discounts for certain services,
  • Make a soundtrack for your trip,
  • Arrange transportation.

Regarding the transportation, our recommendation, as you can guess, is a limo van. Here is why:

1. A bachelor party is no ordinary event

Your best man’s wedding is an extraordinary event, meaning that his bachelor party must be an extraordinary event too. Therefore, it requires an extraordinary and unforgettable night!

This is the perfect occasion to make memories before he conjoins with his soon-to-be-wife. The whole group will be impressed by the idea, as well as by the luxury and style when they see the limo waiting for them at their door.

There are many ways for having a great time when you rent a limousine van, it’s impossible to go wrong with a limo! Even if you hire one just to take you and your friends from your homes to the venue, you can be sure that your night will start off right.

2. A limo van will provide enough space for everybody

If you have a larger number of friends, it would be annoying and frustrating to arrange multiple vehicles to collect you all. By renting a limo van, all of you could easily travel together. You won’t have to worry about leaving someone behind because of the transportation or for being stuck in the traffic.

The chauffeur will pick each one of you at your door, regardless of the part of the city you live in. All the people could stick together and party all night long.

The high ceiling and wide vehicle will make you feel like you are not moving on wheels. Tall roofs enable you to stand up tall inside and moving around is easier and more comfortable.

Entering and exiting the vehicle is easy and elegant as well. Also, you won’t have to worry about messing up your outfits as your suits will remain impeccable.

3. Little party never killed nobody

Limousines scream fun! The moment you step in the van, your party starts. Limousine services offer vehicles equipped with modern amenities which raise the fun to the next level.

You can sing along, dance under the blinking lights and disco ball, cheer for your favourite club that plays a match, play video games, or simply enjoy the luxury and elegance while travelling around.

The large windows are great for looking out them, which is an advantage if you are driving through some scenic areas. The elevation of the vehicle gives you a better perspective as well. And is it necessary to mention that the windows are tinted and that there are a full minibar and a stripper pole? Well, what happens in a limousine van, stays in a limousine van!

limousine van with a stripper pole
Limousine perfect for bachelor party

4. Limousines are cost effective

Limousine vans are grandeur, but renting one doesn’t cost a fortune. These luxuries on wheels are now affordable to common people too.

It is a lot cheaper to rent a van as compared to renting so many vehicles in order to fit together the entire group of friends. Each one of you will have to provide transportation for himself, so why not hire a single vehicle for all of you and even save some money for the party itself?

The rent will be decreased and all the friends will pay less while at the same time enjoy more amenities provided by the bachelor party limousine services.

5. Renting a limo is stress-free

The last thing you want is some of you to be a designated driver for the night. It is a great responsibility, plus the person won’t be able to drink and party.

While everybody is going crazy, he will miss out all the fun and you want to avoid that. And if any of your friends decide to drive but is drinking anyway, it’s a bit risky.

Drinking and driving is not safe and is against the law, so you might end up in jail. Or at the morgue. Another thing you would like to avoid, right?

Also, you won’t have to worry about parking, you will avoid traffic jams, and you will get your homes safe when the party is over.

So, the best option is to rent a limousine van and a private chauffeur to drive you around while you are partying inside. The only headache you will have the next day will be from a loud music and a hangover.

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