Limousine Van for Multiple Occasions!

When organizing an event that includes the transportation of several people, you want to provide the utmost comfort for everyone.

Limousine van is here to help you accomplish that.

mercedes limo van in front of a house - gray mercedes limousine van - gray limo van
Gray limo van for every occasion – Edelswiss

You should find a provider and a vehicle type that will meet your needs and keep the occasion for what you are hiring the vehicle successfully.

There are various options at your disposal when deciding what type of limousine van you want, so in this article, we will explore those options more thoroughly.

Stay with us and find out everything about limo vans!

What is a limousine van?

A limousine van is a spacious and comfortable means of transportation that can accommodate from 8 to 18 people, and it is the best choice when you need a practical and affordable solution.

inside of a limo van - limo van interior - limo van inside
Inside limo van – Edelswiss

It usually has the following amenities:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Air conditioning/heating
  • Tinted windows
  • Luxury seating
  • Premium sound system
  • DVD player with and a flat-screen
  • TV USB charging station

A limousine van is the best transportation for any large group who wants to travel the town.

Different types of limo vans

Limo vans can be classified into two main categories:

1. The passenger van

2. The luxury van

The passenger van is a standard fabricated vehicle with a bench row seating that usually can accommodate from 10 to 14-15 people.

It has a lot of space inside, but you probably won’t have enough room to move around – the bench rows are spreading through the almost entire van.

limousine van - limousine van by the sea - limo van by the seaside
Limo Van

Luggage space is adjusted to the number of passengers, and most commonly it has the extended cabin in the rear part. The more – the better, but keep in mind that it can get crowded if each seat is taken.

The luxury van limousine is about the same size as the passenger van on the outside, but inside they seem more spacious as they offer fewer seats than the passenger van. 

This was done deliberately – to enhance luxury and spaciousness instead of transporting as many passengers as possible.

To portray the diversity of a limousine van,  now we will mention some types that are currently available on the market.

You’ll read about:

  • 10 Passenger Van
    • 2021 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon 
    • 2021 Dodge RAM ProMaster Passenger Van
  • 12-16 Passenger Van
    • 2021 Nissan 12-passenger van
    • Sprinter limousine van
  • Stretch limousine van

10 Passenger Van

A van for 10 passengers is a great choice for those who need a comfortable ride while traveling with family or colleagues to an important corporate event.

Most commonly, these vans have 4 rows instead of 3. They are not the most popular vans on the market because they do not get upgraded quite often. Still, they can be personalized and designed with several roof heights, different wheelbase lengths, and desirable powertrain.

Here are some examples of the best 10-passenger vans for your personal or commercial use: 

2021 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon 

The Transit Passenger Wagon represents the leading passenger van in the USA market for a good reason. 

It certainly deserves to be called the King of Versatility.

The Ford Transit boasts 3 roof and wheelbase configurations. 

The roof is available in standard, medium, and high versions, while the wheelbase is available in standard, long, and extended ones. 

It also has 2 trim levels – XL and XLT.

These diversities speak volumes about its high demand. Besides the cargo-style side doors, there are 60/40 sliding side doors, too.

2021 Dodge RAM ProMaster Passenger Van

The RAM 2021 is a very popular cargo van. Depending on the seat configuration, it can transport from 7 to 14 passengers. 

RAM is the only representative of the class with front-wheel drive. It is also a full-size van, but it doesn’t require CDL for it.

Even though it cannot be found on the official website, it can be purchased in various fleets and dealerships.

This passenger van can be a suitable choice for rental companies, contraction firms, or camping.

12-16 Passenger Van

What if you need transportation for more than 10 people? 

In that case, don’t worry!

Some vans only come with standard 12 passenger seating, but some vans offer 15 passengers seating as an upgrade.

Here are some of the best examples that comes with more seats and space:

  • 2021 Nissan 12-passenger van 
  • Sprinter limousine van

2021 Nissan 12-passenger van 

The 2021 Nissan 12-passenger van is suitable for both personal and fleet use. 

It comes with an adjustable seating arrangement, extra airbags, sensors for side-impact, rollover head aid for every seat, and a roof-installed curtain.

This van is very attractive because it provides enormous flexibility through a 12-passenger carrying capacity with up to 324 possible seat arrangements.

It has the following  high-quality technology features:

  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio
  • NissanConnect SM with navigation and mobile application
  • A regular Bluetooth hands-free phone configuration
  • A streaming audio through Bluetooth
  • A 5.0-inch color display audio and rear-view display

Sprinter limousine van

In terms of interior space, there are huge differences between manufacturers. 

mercedes limousine inside - limousine interior - mercedes limousine interior
Mercedes V-Class limo interior

For instance, if you compare similar models, the Ford and Chevy vans are almost the same sizes. Still, the van that is considered the largest is the Mercedes Benz Sprinter van.

Almost all of its parts are larger and taller than parts of standard brands and therefore they provide more space, especially the tall roof models that offer 6’3” headroom. 

They promise utmost comfort and the most room for your elbows. Plus, they come with the best technology, performance, and fuel efficiency. 

They are amazing vehicles in every way.

If you want to experience the highest level of comfort, space, and elegance, we offer you our Mercedes Benz limo van for your next trip. Keep reading to find out more!

Stretch limousine van

Klassen is a German company that designs premium stretch vehicles.

Most of these vehicles are extended almost over the entire meter. 

The idea is to respond fully to all customers’ needs regarding space and comfort. 

Sprinter limousine van is a perfect manifestation of a high-class limo van service

Passengers will get the full treatment with a large flat-screen monitor that comes with an installed PlayStation 4 and multimedia system. 

For complete relaxation, you will be served with automatic folding tables, a coffee maker, a humidor, Champagne flutes, and much more. On top of that, every feature from inside can be monitored remotely via iPad. 

Ideal transportation vehicle for many occasions

Whatever you are celebrating, a limousine van gives something extra to your occasion and turns a beautiful day into a memorable experience.

Here we will list some of the most appropriate occasions for hiring a limousine van that guarantees the best service you can get. Let’s check them together:

  • Bachelor/bachelorette party
  • Prom night
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Corporate event
  • Touring and sightseeing

Bachelor/bachelorette party

It’s a fact – hiring a limousine van for the bachelor/bachelorette party equals success.

bachelor limo party
Bachelor party in a limousine

If you have a larger number of friends, it would be annoying and frustrating to arrange multiple vehicles to collect you all. 

With a stag party limo, all of you could easily travel together. You won’t have to worry about leaving someone behind because of the transportation or for being stuck in the traffic.

The chauffeur will pick each one of you at your door, regardless of the part of the city you live in. All the people could stick together and party all night long.

The high ceiling and wide vehicle will make you feel like you are not moving on wheels. Tall roofs enable you to stand up tall inside and moving around is easier and more comfortable.

Entering and exiting the vehicle is easy and elegant as well. Also, you won’t have to worry about messing up your outfits as your suits will remain impeccable inside the bachelor party limo.

Prom Night

Hiring a limousine van for the prom is the safest and the most comfortable option at the same time. 

prom limo - prom limousine party
Prom limousine party

Having fun without worrying about anything is how this special night should be spent.

If the group is large, renting a limo party bus is a great choice. It gets cost-effective when the price is split. 

Moreover, the reliable chauffeur will provide the safest ride to and from the prom venue, and the parents will be at ease since their children won’t be driving.

The best thing about these group vehicles is that the whole crew will be in one place. They will have the chance to warm up right before the event with their favorite music playing in the background. 

It’s certainly better than driving in a taxi or a parent’s car. 

The photos will be the coolest ever, and the good vibes are bound to grow over the rooftop.

EdelSwiss is more than glad to make your special night perfect, so do your party bus rental on time!

Wedding ceremony

The wedding day is one of the most important events in our lives. Even though it can be tiresome while planning and organizing, it is very romantic.

wedding - wedding day
Wedding day Isn’t just an usual day

Transportation is one of the major concerns of any wedding planner. 

Hiring a limousine van is the best choice if you want to be with your close ones all the time, plus you will add luxury and comfort to your occasion.

Limousine vans aren’t only suitable for the bride and the groom, they are also practical for other members and out-of-town guests who will be a part of the wedding party. 

The gesture of hiring a van for guests will be highly appreciated, they will recognize how much you respect them and pay attention to every detail.

You can even hire transportation for your wholesome party to the wedding venue. 

Or go one step further and hold the reception in the limo party bus itself!

The reason for this decision is simple – these buses aren’t like standard ones; they are ultra-luxurious and specifically designed for these occasions. 

Depending on the model, they can accommodate up to 50 people. Even with this many passengers, there will still be enough space for everyone to stretch out.

In case you are attending a wedding for which the couple didn’t hire the transportation, you can contact a limo van service with your relatives or friends, split the expenses, and appear together in style.

Corporate event

Nowadays the most frequent users of limousine van services are businessmen

corporate holiday party
Corporate Holiday Party

Their job dictates their movement – they often travel to other cities, so spacious vehicles are the most appropriate option for them.

The most important thing for businessmen is to be punctual, and a professional driver will get them anywhere right on time. 

There will be no stress about jammed traffic, as the chauffeur is familiar with every street and shortcut. This will also protect your reputation as a highly precise partner.

If on your agenda are several engagements during the day, hiring a taxi would make you exhausted before the end of your trip. 

limo van in front of a hotel - mercedes benz limo van - mercedes benz v-class
Mercedes Benz V-Class – Edelswiss

By hiring a limousine van, you and your colleagues get a reliable person who will be with you all the time and always ready to take you to the next destination.

The chauffeurs are always updated and well-informed. They don’t only use the GPS systems, they also get all traffic info straight from the main office.

You can even hold a video meeting inside the van as the chauffeurs are well-known for their discretion and confidentiality.

Don’t hesitate to hire one, you’d be surprised how frequently the executive limo van is chosen for travel in the business world. 

They help you leave a strong impression by portraying yourself as a highly professional and punctual person.

Holiday touring and sightseeing

All about touring and sightseeing lie in collecting the beauty of nature, landscapes, and architecture. 

ski resort limo van - ski resort limousine van - mercedes benz van ski transfer
Hire a Mercedes Benz van for your ski transfer! – Edelswiss

Unfortunately, making frequent stops and asking others for directions can get quite exhausting.

As you know, a vacation should be restful as it is an ideal occasion to relax and have fun. Traveling with the entire group in one place is much more interesting than heading solo. 

It is pretty much unimaginable to reach this level of leisure and positive vibes inside a taxi.

Experiencing new places and enjoying them with your companions while riding in the highest comfort and style has always been more appealing. 

Comfortable seats will be a perfect spot from which you can observe the scenery, lie back, and comment with your friends or family.

limo van interior - edelswiss limo van -edelswiss limo van inside
Inside one of our limo vans – Edelswiss

It is very hard to find a parking spot in front of crowded tourist attractions. In addition, parking is forbidden in the surroundings of historically significant sites. 

Taxi would probably drop you off far from the entrance, so you would have to walk. 

In case you hire a limousine van, you will put your mind at ease. 

The chauffeur will drop you off right in front of the entrance and come back to pick you up when it suits you.

And, as a bonus, a professional driver will take you right to the hidden gems of town which you probably wouldn’t see otherwise.

Inside a van, you can fresh up with a cool drink or have a quick nap if you feel the need to. 

When you finish the sightseeing, you will get the ride straight to your hotel and accommodation.

Be with your loved ones and travel in comfort and luxury to all your destinations. 

Enjoy the scenery surrounded by love!

Mercedes Benz limo van in our fleet

If you live in Switzerland or have a special occasion to attend on this beautiful ground, Edelswiss is more than happy to meet all your criteria.

limo van by the sea

Our vast fleet offers a Mercedes Benz limo van that will add more room, comfort, and lovely intimate moments to your ride.

We represent a professional company with lasting experience in providing the best limousine services to thousands of customers. 

The Mercedes Benz van we offer is equipped with everything you need – inside you will feel at home, and your excitement for the upcoming occasion will only increase in our cozy and luxurious environment.

Feel free to contact or visit us in person, and our team will be more than pleased to make an arrangement for you. 

We and our Mercedes Benz limo van will give our best to provide you with a perfect and unforgettable ride.


Limousine vans are grandeur, but renting one doesn’t cost a fortune. These luxuries on wheels are now affordable to common people too.

limo fleet
Edelswiss limousine fleet

It is a lot cheaper to rent a van as compared to renting so many vehicles to fit together the entire group of passengers. 

Each one of you will have to provide transportation for himself, so why not hire a single vehicle for all of you and even save some money for the occasion itself?

The rent will be decreased and all the passengers will pay less while at the same time enjoying more amenities provided by the limousine services.

To conclude, the best option for any group occasion is to rent a limousine van and a private chauffeur to drive you around while you are having fun with your companion inside. 

There will be no headaches and stress about traffic jams, and you will get your homes safe and sound.

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