Limousines – Limos – Everything You Need To Know About!

Always synonymous with the class and elite, limousines are the pinnacle of luxury. Having that in mind, certain manners are required when riding in a limo.

In this article, we will give a little guide on how to behave in a limousine, and you will have the chance to find out how easily limousines evoke images of class and luxury.

In that will convince you of our list of top 10 limousine interior designs, so don’t miss reading it!

Let’s start with 7 tips on how to behave in a limousine and have the smoothest ride ever!

How to behave in a limousine – 7 Tips

Limousines are elegant cars. There are numerous types of vehicles limo companies have in their fleets, but they all share some characteristics – an extended body, a partition between the passenger and driver compartments, luxurious interior, and sophistication.

Today’s modern limousines come in designs like sedans, stretch limos, SUVs, motor coaches, vans, and limo buses. Which one you will choose depends on the mileage, number of passengers, occasion, final destination, luggage, and amenities you would like to enjoy.

suv mercedes limousine - mercedes limo s class
Mercedes Limousine

There are limousines perfect for business trips, wedding days, or ones carrying up to a whopping 24 passengers excellent for long group travels or partying.

Today’s modern limousines come in designs like sedans, stretch limos, SUVs, motor coaches, vans and limo buses. Which one you will choose depends on the mileage, number of passengers, occasion, final destination, luggage, and amenities you would like to enjoy.

There are limousines perfect for business trips, wedding days, or ones carrying up to a whopping 24 passengers excellent for long group travels or partying.

People who hire a limo expect a different experience than just being transported from point A to point B. A regular taxi can serve this purpose very well. But, a limousine service is there to treat you like a VIP.

Limousines vs ordinary cabs

There are various reasons why people prefer to order a limo service rather than to hail an ordinary cab:

  • Safety: limo companies provide comfortable rides with guaranteed safety. Serious limousine services hire drivers that are certified for their excellent driving skills.
  • Drivers are helpful and courteous: limousine chauffeurs are well trained and educated not only in driving but also in communicating. Their dealing with the passengers is polite and respectful. They greet their passengers with a smile, open the door for them, help them with luggage, and make sure that their comfort is maintained throughout the ride.
  • Punctuality: with serious limo service company timing is never an issue, they promise customers timely pick up and manage time in a way that they face no issue even with heavy traffic.
  • Perfection: modern cars are all perfected to every bit which is why people love traveling in those perfect leather seats. Besides, they come with all the new technology which makes travel comfortable and interesting.
  • Spaciousness: when you are renting a limousine service, you are buying commodity and comfort. There is an extra leg room in sedans, and there are vehicles in which you can dance and fool around.

As you expect from a limo service and the chauffeur to respect you and to make your ride pleasant, it is also expected from you to behave in a proper and respectful manner.

There is something called limousine etiquette which passengers should take into consideration.

How to behave in a limo – “limousine etiquette”

1. Dress code

It is not necessary to wear business attire for a ride in a limo, however, you should dress neatly.

Dress in comfortable clothing that is clean, pressed and stain-free, with no rips or other markings on it to make you appear like you don’t care about how you look. Dress in accordance with the occasion and you will be on point.

2. Know how to get in and out of the limousine

Getting in and out of such a luxurious vehicle should be graceful, which requires some practicing.

Limo service doesn’t consider the vehicle only, but the chauffeur falls under that service as well. He is there to open and close the door for you and not letting him do that is seen upon as rude.

When you get the door open, you should sit in the first empty seat you see and swing your legs in smoothly. Then, you can scoot over in the row to make room for others.

The last person to get in the car should always be the first one to get out of the car. Upon arrival at your destination, remain seated until your driver opens the door.

how to behave in limousine - how to get in and out of the limousine
Getting out from the limousine in style

3. Plan your trip in advance

Limousine companies are becoming more and more popular and on average there are about 100 trips every week. That’s a lot of passengers to satisfy and a lot of different routes to keep track of.

Therefore, you better make your reservation in advance online or via phone. You should provide the limo service with all detailed information: type of the vehicle you need, number of passengers, destination, all stops in between, and any special request if there is some.

This will ensure your trip goes off without a hitch and that no one will have to scramble at the last minute.

planning time for limo ride
Plan your time for the limo ride

4. Respect their time

Limousine services are well-known for their punctuality. Even if you ordered one to pick you up at the airport in a rush hour, your limo will be waiting for you right at the agreed time.  

So, they also expect you to be punctual. It is a sign of respect. Anyway, most limo companies charge their services on an hourly rate, so every minute counts.

And though drivers usually know how to avoid heavy traffic, they cannot always control it, so give them and yourself enough time to get to your destination. You’ll be less stressed out and you will enjoy your journey more.

5. Be courteous

Be respectful and polite towards your limo driver and the company you hired at all times. No matter the occasion you are hiring the limo for, you and your fellow travelers should act like adults and watch your manners.

This means no screaming, no drug use, no fighting, and no other illegal acts. Don’t stick your head through the moon-roof either.

You should also refrain from talking to the driver, cursing, or engaging in anything that could be seen as offensive. And keep your feet off the seat, no matter how tempting it is to put them up.

You’ll be held responsible for any damages that occur to the interior and exterior of the car and receiving a bill full of hefty fines after such a wonderful experience can really spoil a positive memory.

6. Remember to tip

Some limo companies include the gratuity in your bill, but most of the time it isn’t.

Though it is not quite necessary to tip the driver, rewarding him for his effort and pride in making sure you have the best and safest experience possible is desirable.

There is no ‘right’ amount to tip, but 15-20% on top of the rental price is considered pretty standard. However, you’re free to go above that amount for truly excellent service, we leave that up to you.

7. Mind your trash

Depending on the occasion, most limo companies allow passengers to bring their own food and drinks into the limo.

The law on the age of the passengers who are allowed to drink alcohol should be respected, of course, but it is nice to sip on some champagne on the way to your event.

However, remember to drink responsibly. Vomit on upholstery is a surefire to go from glamorous to awful in a heartbeat. You should leave absolutely no debris behind, either. 

Even though it’s easy to forget about trash disposal when you’re relaxing and having a good time, always remember to throw trash away properly.

Every limo company will charge you every little inconvenience, like crumbs, scattered bottles of gum left in the carpet.

Limousine – often evokes images of class and luxury

Some time ago limousines were accessible only to the upper class because they were either too expensive or private and rented only to the special class of people.

Now, when those times are passed, everyone can rent a limo, and oh boy do people rent it.

Whether you want to go to a special event such as a prom, a birthday, or a simple night out with a bunch of friends and you just want to have fun and be seen, which you definitely will be, since there is rarely a person that will not turn its head when a loud, glamorous and shiny limo passes down the street.

True, when people mention the word limousine they usually think about the class and the luxury it represents, but there is more to it than you can see in the movies and special events. 

Let’s take a short tour through some fun facts about the most luxurious vehicle there is. We will answer the following questions:

  • What are Limousine Origins?
  • What are the origins of the word limousine?
  • Did all limousines have air conditioning?
  • What is the longest limousine ever?
  • What are the “Big Band Buses”?
  • How many people fit in a limo?
  • What is the fastest limo in the world?
  • What is the heaviest limousine in the world?
  • How tall is the tallest limo in the world?
  • How much is the most expensive limousine in the world?

1. What are Limousine Origins?

The very first limousine was built in 1902. The driver had to sit outside under a covered compartment, and it had the capacity of 4 passengers.

Rich owners of expensive carriages were accustomed to their own privacy and were used to leaving the driver or coachman outside at all times.

When automobiles arrived, the same people required the same arrangement for their chauffeurs. 

Even the definition of the limousine by the US Society of Automobile Engineers is ‘’a closed car seating three to five people inside, with driver’s seat outside’’. 

In 1916, the same society sub-categorized the berline as ‘’a limousine having the driver’s seat entirely enclosed’’.

luxury limousine - luxury limo
Limousine – Old Timer

2. What are the origins of the word limousine?

The name limousine originated from the word ‘’Limousine’’, which is a region in France. The region itself is best known for its local traditional outfit – a cloaked hood worn by shepherds for protection against the harsh weather.

Early automobile drivers used a similar hood to protect themselves, therefore, the automobile was simply called a limousine. Although the name was not changed since, the abbreviation for limousine – ‘’limo’’ – became very popular.

Apart from the French word for the limo, ‘’chauffeur’’, the limo driver title was also derived from French. It means the stoker since the early limousines were based on steam-powered technology and they required the stoker to stoke the engine.

3. Did all limousines have air conditioning?

Even though it sounds unusual now, the first automobiles didn’t have air conditioning.

The first modern air conditioners for limousines were built in New York and Chicago in 1939, and the first limo with built-in air conditioning was released the next year. 

The clients could choose whether they want to have an air conditioner or not, and it cost an additional $274. The old system was not very efficient because it took about half of the trunk and there was no way to measure the temperature.

limo - stretch limo - stretch limousine
Stretch Limo

4. What is the longest limousine ever?

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the longest limousine ever built was a 100 feet long Lincoln. It was made by Jay Ohrberg from California in 1997. If you are asking yourself why on Earth would someone need a hundred feet long car, the answer was quite simple; why not.

The limo was first built for advertisement, but since it was on display, many people wanted to rent it. The limo, because of its size and its 26 wheels, had two drivers; one on the front and one on the back. For it to turn, the middle part has to split up and turns into a hinge, so that it folds when it turns.

This white limo appeared in many movies, shows, and commercials because of its uniqueness. It was also equipped with many amenities, such as a Jacuzzi hot tub, four televisions, air conditioners, two fax machines and more.

The limo was marked as the world’s longest vehicle and its record was not been beaten since.

5. Big Band Buses

Because of its luxury and uniqueness, the limo was irresistible to normal and famous people alike.

The first stretch limousines were introduced during the swing music era in 1928, built-in Fort Smith, Arkansas, by an Armbruster Company. 

They were nicknamed ‘’big band buses’’ because they used to carry big bands such as Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, and Glenn Miller, as well as all of their equipment and instruments. BBB became so popular that many more musicians started using limousines for transportation.

6. Size does matter – how many people fit in a limo?

Since the first limo could carry around 4 passengers at most, companies competed with each other who can make a limo with more space, while keeping the luxury, accommodation and most importantly drivability. Even though there are only two main groups, traditional and exotic, varieties are plenty.

Starting from a stretch limo that could hold up to 10 people, up to super-stretch limo that could easily grasp up to 20. Then there are custom made SUV limousines, manufactured to satisfy every client’s need for amenities and luxury. And for those that have a different taste, there are exotic limousines, which are often made from luxury or sports cars and even Minis.

7.  In the driving seat

Since the limo is unique in its own way, the passengers are mostly behaving in a somewhat special way, to say the least. The driver’s seat is separated from the passenger’s part, but nonetheless, passengers and drivers get harsh with each other’s, therefore, according to the laws, it is important to hire the designated driver for the comfortable journey.

Each company trains its own drivers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and aside from training them on how to drive the limo, they are training them on customer service.

Having a good relationship with your client is of utmost importance, and drivers are expected to meet their expectations by performing well in the job and catering to their needs.

8. All shapes and sizes

If you thought it can’t get any weirder, you were wrong.

The fastest limo in the world can hit 170mph. It’s a Ferrari limo and it can seat up to 8 people. It is 20 feet long and it has 400bhp.

The most expensive limo to be built costs around $14 million. It is owned by the Sultan of Brunei, it was used for his wedding day and it is 24-carat gold plated.

The heaviest limo in the world is called the ‘’Midnight Rider’’ and it weights staggering 22.933kg. Also, the horn of this vehicle plays ‘’The Midnight Rider’’ by the Allman Brothers.

When it comes to height, the tallest one is 3.33m tall. It’s a vintage white stretched sedan and has 2 engines and 8 monster truck tires, setting it 30cm of the ground level to climb into.

Limousine Interior Designs – Top 10

Limousine services are more than mere transportation of passengers from point A to point and limousines are more than vehicles. Limos have always been connected to luxury, comfort, and fun and the limousine interior has always made people feel amazing throughout history.

For a long period of time, this type of transportation was available only to the elite. Today, it’s still the case. Presidents, celebrities, monarchs, business people, and even Pope either possess their own limo with a private chauffeur or regularly hire limousine services. Other people use their services usually for some special occasions.

Over time, the appearance of limousines changed. With the progress of humanity and technology, they’ve been developing as if the manufacturers are racing who would build the most amazing and unbelievable vehicle.

Since the limousine is not a brand of a car, there are many types of vehicles used for this purpose. There are limos of various shapes, sizes and equipped with different amenities. Some designers went crazy with their ideas resulting in some of the most incredible, unique and astounding pieces.

We present to you the evolution of limousine interior designs.

The First Limousines

Have you got any idea about what the first limousines looked like? Just remember any movie set in a period from 3 or 4 hundreds years ago. Back then, people used carriages and wagons pulled by horses.

Only wealthy people had an interest in possessing a vehicle with a personal chauffeur and traveling around. Therefore, gold plated carriages were not rare.

Such vehicles were built with two compartments, one in the front for the driver and one in the back for the passengers.

Compartments were separate, and unlike the frontal one, the back compartment was completely covered so, besides their privacy, the passengers had protection from heat, rain, and snow.

chariot limousine
The first limousine – Carriage

The First Motor Vehicles

The second part of the 18th century was fruitful for the transportation industry. Steam-powered vehicles appeared. The 19th century brought some innovations such as hand breaks, multi-speed transmissions, and better steering.

Changes in the limousine interior also happened. The driver’s compartment got its coverage, and the back one had room for three to five passengers.

They were either built with only one front-facing seat or with one front-facing and another rear-facing seat so that the passengers can interact with each other during travel.

In 1928, the first stretch limousine was designed and mostly used for the transportation of musicians, their bands and equipment.

stretch limo - stretch limousine - white stretch limo
In the past, the stretch limousines weren`t like this

Modern Limousines

The air conditioning was first built in the limousine back in 1933. Since the 1960s, manufacturers have been building additional features for these vehicles. As presidents started travelling in limousines, bulletproof glasses and armoured plating were added.

In 1974, the first six-door funeral limo was built, a design that is still in use today. The limousine interior underwent some changes too. They come with various features and amenities providing a comfortable, pleasant and entertaining ride.

limousine interior design
Limousine Interior Design

The Best Limousine Interior Designs

Here is a list of the best limousine interior designs so far. Take a look and enjoy the ride!

  1. Mercedes Maybach
  2. Rolls-Royce Phantom
  3. Excalibur Limousine
  4. The Midnight Rider
  5. Batman Black Hummer Limo
  6. Hummer Limos
  7. Corvette Stretch Limo
  8. Lamborghini Aventador Limo
  9. Ferrari Stretch Limousine
  10. Mercedes-Benz S 600 Pullman Guard

1. Mercedes Maybach

Semi-aniline leather, hand-fitted to each seat, makes the diamond-quilted and button-tufted design of the Mercedes Maybach rear cabin look royal. Heating and massaging rear seats are standard. Individual seats with folding tables and calf-rests are also available.

Coming in many colours with matching throw pillows, and with hand-finished wood elements, it looks very exotic and comfortable. Ride in Mercedes Maybach is easy, smooth and safe as its network of radar, camera and navigation technologies act to anticipate what’s ahead and watch all around you.

premium limo service - mercedes maybach
Mercedes Maybach – Edelswiss Fleet
mercedes maybach inside
Mercedes Maybach from inside

2. Rolls-Royce Phantom

Rolls-Royce and luxury have always been synonyms. Soft leather, hand-polished woods, and lamb’s wool carpeting exude comfort, richness and grandness. Roll-Royce Phantom EWB (extended wheelbase) allows the front and rear compartments to be both visually and spatially separated.

To have complete privacy from the outside world, rear occupants can activate the Electrochromatic Glass to make the windows opaque. This so-called Privacy Suite acts as an excellent sound insulator too.

Rolls-Royce is a company that is loyal to its 1920s ‘golden age’ luxury identity, so the lack of the latest in-car entertainment systems in some models is not surprising.

roll`s royce limousine
Roll-Royce Phantom EWB
phantom inside
Phantom Limousine interior

3. Excalibur Limousine

The Excalibur Limousine is a classic beauty perfect for weddings and similar red carpet services. Its stunning appearance and elegant interior make it rather a museum specimen.

Excalibur Limousine is fully equipped, perfect for business and personal comfort. Inside, you will find the finest luxuries, including plush seats, driver-passenger intercom, TV with video player, stereo CD with multi-disc stacker, twin ice buckets, service bar with cut crystal glasses and decanters, mood-setting lighting, and – the best of all – a power moon roof to look at the sky while reclined in the seat.

4. The Midnight Rider

Weighing 23,000 kilograms, this 21 meters long and 4 meters high vehicle is the world’s heaviest limo. It has three lounges, five big-screen televisions, including a satellite, a bar, and a restroom.

Midnight Rider
The Midnight Rider

Its interior is designed as a resemblance of a Pullman train car from the 1870s. Wood veneer trim, polished brass, some interesting fabrics, and heavy velvet curtains are a few of the interior features. It can accommodate up to 40 people, leaving enough space for a pole dance.

Fun fact: its horns play Midnight Rider by Allman Brothers.

The Midnight Rider Interior | Source

5. Batman Black Hummer Limo

The giant Bat Wing doors swing open and shoot the well-known Batman symbol into the night sky. Darkened cabin with plush, bat-shaped leather seating is as mysterious as the Caped Crusader himself.

Neon lit Batman symbols pulsing throughout the cabin in a multitude of colours and the smoke machine induces the atmosphere. On the far side of the limo, there are two convenient stainless steel Gotham city minibars. Enjoy your drink while hundreds of Bats swoop across the internal roofs skyline display.

Batman Black Hummer Limo
Batman Black Hummer Limo Interior | Source

6. Hummer Limos

Hummers are stylish and opulent. Their design makes them suitable both for business and pleasure, but these vehicles are the most perfect for partying. Lots of space, flawless interior and attachment of all possible modern equipment, make Hummers the most fun and thrilling limos.

Full bar stacked with all kinds of drinks, from spring water to soft drinks and champagne, all sorts of nibbles, laser lighting, fiber optic neon, and strobe lighting, DVD player and LCD screen, fully integrated sound system and karaoke, LED color lit dance floor and smoke machine help you to fully enjoy your ride in a fabulous way. With Hummer limos, it’s all fun and games.

hummer limo
Hummer Limo

The Sunset Jewel Hummer Limousine

This multicolor hummer represents a shining enchantment and color play on its exterior. Like a chameleon, it changes colors in front of you, leaving your jaw down in bewilderment.

The interior of this gigantic hummer can seat up to 16 people, and don’t be surprised to the idea that everything inside is covered in gold! Stop controlling yourself, be an excessive spendthrift, and live to the fullest. Have a ride that you deserve – in the greatest splendor!

This hammer has a huge sound system combined with a lightning and laser show that will make you party like a rock star! With its touch screen and Bluetooth connectivity, you will be in charge, experiencing the limousine in your way.

Hummer Limo Interior
Hummer Limo Interior

7. Corvette Stretch Limo

The Corvette limousine is one of a kind sports car turned into a total work of art. With its length of 7-meters, it is the longest known Corvette. It took eight months to build it.

Corvette Stretch Limo
Corvette Stretch Limo | Source:

The Corvette Stretch Limo possesses many of the regular features like other limos, including flat-screen television sets, fireplace, a bar, and a dance floor, along with some serious speed. It can accommodate ten passengers, which is a lot more than some much bigger limos.

corvette limo interior
Corvette Limousine Interior | Source

8. Lamborghini Aventador Limo

A beautiful black and orange beast with four scissor doors! Thanks to the extended wheelbase, there is enough room for seven to eight people. Three seats in the back are facing forward, another seat sideways and two more seats are facing backwards.

The seats are heated and covered in easy wipe-down leather, so spillages can easily be cleaned up.

The interior is custom-fitted like any other high-end limo. There are plasma screens, iPod docks, a surround sound system and a champagne cooler with the finest Natural crystal glasses. This is the most jaw-dropping vehicle ever!

9. Ferrari Stretch Limousine

Ferrari 360 Modena is a splendid limousine from one of the most famous luxury brands – Ferrari.

The Ferrari 360 Modena came out in 2003, without knowing how popular it would become. It has 8 seats, plus one in the front, next to the chauffeur.

It is designed in the modern and lavishing style, with a cabin equipped with multiple TVs, LED lighting merged with a cinematic surround system, and bar arrangement.

It holds the Guinness World Record for being the longest Ferrari, and also the fastest stretch limo in the world, which is not surprising since it is equipped with the 3.6-liter engine. Its gull-wing rear doors open automatically.

With this type of limo, you would be in the spotlight because Ferrari’s speed and looks leave everyone speechless!

10. Mercedes-Benz S 600 Pullman Guard

The S 600 Pullman Guard is the latest model of Mercedes-Benz, the world’s oldest carmaker. It is powered by a twelve-cylinder engine with 380 kW/517 hp that enables the car to leave a danger zone quickly. It is incredibly spacious with amazing proportions.

The interior is exquisitely elegant and modern in its combination of wood and leather. It is designed to perfection, offering the greatest comfort to passengers. They can enjoy the stylish ambiance in cozy face-to-face seats. The standard-fit V12-design individual rear seats are extremely comfortable. In addition to that, they are equipped with massage, as well as active ventilation. Lightning in the back compartment enables passengers to read and work in perfect conditions.

The electric roller blinds are set for protection and privacy in the back compartment of the limo. The limo is provided with the full equipment for emergencies. It is perfectly safe thanks to the integration of special protection. That includes run-flat tires, a self-closing fuel tank, and a fire-extinguishing system.

For a video and a more detailed description of the Mercedes-Benz S 600 Pullman Guard check out this blog post.

The most extraordinary features inside a limo

Through the limousine evolution, the construction designers went even further and they installed some specific features that suit their customers’ needs. Have you ever heard of a limo with a fridge full of blood in it? Don’t worry, it is just a precautionary measure, not a Halloween party! It is installed in the US President’s limo in case the President gets injured.

In the President’s limo, a grenade launcher can also be installed in case of a direct armed confrontation. For safety and to prevent that, the President travels with his security staff.

A hot tub is one of the most exotic things ever installed in a limo. Yes, this is for real! The vehicle must be parked so that this feature can function properly.

Showers are usually installed in limo-buses because you have to stand up to take a shower. This feature is very useful, you can travel all night and use it in the morning before the important meeting or event. There is no need to rent a hotel, which makes it money-saving too.

Some limos can lower the back seat into a bed. But the most comfortable are those in limo buses. This is perfect for group travel.

The interior of some limousines is even superhero-themed. Your Batmobile is no longer a fantasy!


Limousines are extraordinary vehicles and they represent a branch of the automotive industry that develops quite fast, possibly because designers are free to express their creativity and innovation to the maximum. We are left to admire their imagination and wonder what the future will bring to the world of limousines.

Through our list that comprises of only some of the most interesting limousine interior designs (though it can be extended to infinity), we showed you how creative designers can answer everyone’s needs.

Now you know that the interior design of a limo usually includes soft and comfortable seats, a stereo system, large TVs with high-quality LCD screens, a DVD player or a PlayStation, a bar arrangement, a light show, and air conditioning.

But is it enough just to know what a limo looks like?

We believe that you need to experience it yourself. Therefore, don’t miss the chance to add a little sophistication while riding in them, follow our tips, and be yourself the image of class and luxury. Rent a limo, and have a luxury ride to remember!

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