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Limousine Sightseeing Tours in Lucerne

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Limousine Sightseeing Tours in Lucerne

EdelSwiss Limousine Company’s sightseeing tours can make your experience of Lucerne last for the rest of your life.
Get to almost any corner of the magical city of Lucerne and enjoy your view while comfortably seated in one of our luxury limousines.

Lucerne’s favorable location makes for a very good base point for exploring central Switzerland.

Also, since November 2009, Zurich Airport can be reached from Lucerne within 40 minutes thanks to a direct freeway from Lucerne to the airport.

A great place to visit all year round is Mount Pilatus, a 2,132 meters massif towering over the area.
Mt. Pilatus is a mythical place with a great past, and folklore tales that say it was a dragon’s lair, home to giants, and the maker of weather and grave of rulers.
On a clear day, the mountain offers a panoramic view of 73 Alpine peaks.

Lucerne’s amazing venues:

The Chapel Bridge – a famous landmark of Lucerne, said to be the oldest wooden bridge of Europe.
The Bridge dates from the 14th century and it is a perfect destination for a sightseeing tour as you can see around 100 paintings from the 12th century.
Lucerne Museums – Lucerne hosts a number of museums and the most visited include the Swiss Transport Museum, Lucerne Art Museum, the Rosengart Collection, the Richard Wagner Museum, etc.
– If you are a fan of history and culture, include in your tour – the remnants of The Old City Wall (or Musegg Wall), the magnificent Culture and Congress Centre (or KKL for Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern), the famous Glacier Garden or the Dying Lion Monument.

Lucerne is a haven for tourists and you are welcome to enjoy some of our breathtaking sightseeing tours, visiting both the city and places of interest near it.