Limousine for Events in Lugano

Limousine Service for Events in Lugano

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Limousine Service for Events in Lugano

EdelSwiss Limousine Company offers a fleet of luxury limousines and transportation for numerous events in Lugano and the neighboring lake region.

The city of Lugano is located in the south of Switzerland on the shores of Lake Lugano.
Situated in just half an hour from two beautiful Alpine lakes – Maggiore and Como and only an hour away from the fashionable streets of Milan, Lugano offers a great base for exploring this fascinating region between Switzerland and Italy.

Besides carnivals, numerous concerts, exhibitions, and activities, there are several festivals to choose from all year long in Lugano:

  • Autonassa – the center of Lugano becomes an open exhibit show.
  • Caslano Blues Nights – a third edition of the open-air musical summer.
  • The International Boogie Woogie Festival – every April this festival attracts several thousands of visitors to Lugano.
  • In July, Lugano hosts a Jazz Festival – an open-air festival free to all visitors, featuring some famous jazz artists, including Miles Davis, Ray Charles, BB King, Dizzy Gillespie, and Bobby McFerrin.
  • Food and Wine Festival is a free open-air event exhibiting local wines and food.
  • Festival dei Festival – Lugano has been playing host to the Festival dei Festival since 1993.

Long Lake Festival – Lugano

From the 2nd of July till the 2nd of August Lugano becomes a stage for more than 250 different events, held in Lugano streets, squares, and parks each day for a month.
The 5th International Festival proposes entertainment, theatre, dance shows, and concerts as well as a lot of activities for kids through six different stages: Rock’n’More Festival Lugano, Classica Festival Lugano, Buskers Festival Lugano, Urban Art Festival Lugano, Family Festival Lugano, Words Festival Lugano, and many other side events.

Luxury Limousine for Events in Lugano