Prom limo rental – Everything You Need To Know

Prom is a traditional celebration of youth, extremely important for each teenager. It promotes the school spirit, but it also brings students together for the last time.

This gathering is usually the last chance to have fun together, to look back on their memories, and to share them before everyone starts the new chapter.

prom - prom on the beach - celebrating prom
Celebrating prom in a special way

To keep this important event perfect, you should plan it in advance and take each detail into consideration.

To save your precious time and to enhance the style, the right transportation is the key – therefore we recommend you hiring a prom limo.

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know before hiring a prom limo service.

limo for a special occasion - special occasion limo - limo service for a prom - prom limousine rental - mercedes benz limo for prom - mercedes benz new limousine
Mercedes Benz new limousine for a prom? Why not. | Edelswiss

1. Benefits of prom limo rental

Transportation to the prom venue is a vital element of your entire plan.

Here are 5 benefits of renting a prom limousine.

With a rented prom limo – your parents will worry less

As parents of a teenager, your parents have got many worries. And on your prom night, they will worry about a dozen more things. The most important to them is that you are safe.

Hiring a reputable limo service means that only a professional, experienced, and extensively trained chauffeur is sitting behind the wheels.

By renting a prom limousine service, you won’t worry about navigating the streets or finding a free parking spot.

Your only duty is to relax and enjoy the night with friends, or your prom date.

prom couple - prom date - prom couple matching
Prom couple in a matching outfit – Stylish couple

Getting a limo or a prom party bus will make your parents be peaceful. There is nothing better for them than a reliable service that will get you and your friends to a prom and back home.  

If you are looking for a fun – Hire a prom limo

There is surely no fun if your parents drop you off at your prom.

You probably wouldn’t like your parents to show up in a minivan or having to ask a friend to pick you.

By renting a limo you would avoid the embarrassment or the hassle of transportation planning.

Limousine service will handle pick-up and drop-off. You can enjoy a glamorous evening and your parents can relax at home knowing you are in good hands.

prom night - prom
Prom night is a special night

Getting a limousine service for this event will also enable you and your friends to go to prom together. Nowadays it is popular to go to the prom in larger groups or with other couples, ensuring that the ride to the event is as fun as the prom itself.

You can talk, turn up the music and sing along, or take photos without distracting the one who is driving. After all, this special night is all about entertainment and creating memories.

Renting a limo will extend the night time

The end of the prom night doesn’t have to be the end of the party. 

rent a prom limousine - prom limousine inside - prom limo party
Prom limousine party

Instead, you can arrange an after-party, or some other memorable event, and invite your friends to join you. You can also take your date to a romantic place, to create unforgettable memories.

Whichever place you choose, your limo driver will take you to. Hiring a limo makes sense because most drivers know the area well, which is important if the celebration is located somewhere outside of your high school.

One of the main reasons for renting a limo service for prom night is surely convenience.

If you choose a limo service, you will get there in style!

An extraordinary event calls for an extraordinary ride. 

Prom night is one of the most memorable experiences in every adolescent’s life. It is the perfect occasion to leave a lasting impression on your classmates and peers.

It is also something everybody will talk about at high school reunions years later.

mercedes benz limousine - mercedes benz limo - limousine - stylish s500 mercedes limo - s500 mercedes limo
Mercedes Benz S500 Limousine – To get there in style! | Edelswiss

Prom limo rental is a point-to-point service that provides a comfortable ride that complements the formal attire and sense of the event.

Limousines exude style, high class, and luxury.

Prom limo will make you feel important and confident when you step out onto the red carpet and walk into the hall.

You will surely start the night off on the right track.

Impress your date with a limousine for prom night

You have finally found the courage to ask your date to go to prom with you and you want to impress her or him?

And what could impress them more than seeing you pull up in front of their house in a fabulous car to pick them up, looking all dapper and self-confident?

flowers in a mercedes - bouquet in a limo - bouqouet of flowers in a prom limo - prom limousine - renting a limousine for prom
Imagine your prom date when sees a bouquet in a limousine like this | Edelswiss

Prom night is a special occasion and a limousine is necessary to complete the atmosphere.

Arriving at the party in a prom limo and having a chauffeur to open the door to you and your date will make quite the entrance. Your date will be impressed and feel very important and appreciated.

Prom night requires elegance, hence girls wear formal gowns, and guys put on their suits or tuxedos.

At prom, you want to look your best, dress your best and have a time of your life. The impeccable appearance of the limo for prom perfectly complements the occasion.

To make sure your outfit, hair, and makeup remain intact, the best decision is to use a trusted and professional prom limo service. This way you will avoid wrinkling your clothes by cramming yourselves in a tiny car.

2. Some services offer prom limo packages

Most companies only rent cars or buses for consecutive hours. This means that they will charge you for the whole time – not only for the time spent in the car but also for the waiting hours while you are at the dance.

prom night - girl at prom - girl dress for a prom night
All the girls like beautiful dresses for their prom nights

Luckily, some limo prom packages behave differently. Those packages will not charge for the hours when the vehicle is not used.

Some companies offer split packages that will charge you only for the hours before and after the dance, not for the time you spend at the venue.

What do prom limousine packages include?

They include the following:

  • A reasonable price
  • A reliable and licensed chauffeur
  • Punctuality
  • Vast and stylish fleet
  • Cool beverages
  • Unlimited amount of stops and mileage

3. How much does a limo rental for prom cost?

Limo rental costs for a prom night usually vary from $270 (€ 225) to $400 (€ 334).

This seems quite reasonable since these packages offer bonuses such as pick up from several locations, drop-off at your prom venue, cool and non-alcoholic beverages with glasses, and a ride home afterward.

stretch limo rental cost - limo rental cost - stretch limo rental price - limo rental price - money
Limo rental prices

If your prom transportation includes long-distance or picking up people separately, the cost may increase due to the gas expenses and longer travel times.

The cost also depends on the number of passengers you are sharing the ride with. In those cases, be careful not to overcrowd the vehicle, it wouldn’t be pleasant if 10 people sit closely together.

Keep in mind that you need comfort and enough space to have a great and pleasant time.

Don’t forget to consider common fees when calculating the final cost.

Most companies charge a 20% service fee that typically covers a 10% tip for the chauffeur and a 10% for administration expenses.

Also, a fuel fee is somewhere between 5% and 10%. Don’t be surprised if a company charges a per-stop fee, usually $15-30 (€ 12-25).

Try to avoid fees for exceeding the arranged time. The overtime cost varies by company but is usually 50-100% more than the hourly rate.

4. What to expect inside a limo?

A luxury limousine is a perfect choice for a prom night or when you just want to have a great time out with your friends.

Most people don’t know what to expect when they hire a limo. Those who never have driven inside a limo will share many common misconceptions.

mercedes limousine interior - s500 mercedes limo interior design
S500 Mercedes limousine interior design

When inside a limousine, you get first-class treatment. It can turn your prom into a memorable experience.

Limo interior amenities depend on the model of a limo as well as the package you choose. You can choose a fully stocked alcohol bar, a big TV, neon lights, and many more.

Here are the most common interior features you can find inside of your prom limo:

  • Leather interior
  • The limo bar
  • LED TV
  • CD/DVD player
  • Special lighting
  • Stereo system
  • Air-conditioning system

Over time, the appearance of limousines changed.

With the progress of humanity and technology, they’ve been developing as if the manufacturers are racing who would build the most amazing and unbelievable vehicle.

Since the limousine is not a brand of car, there are many types of vehicles used for this purpose.

There are cars of various shapes, sizes and equipped with different amenities. Some designers went crazy with their ideas resulting in some of the most incredible, unique, and astounding pieces.

What prom limo is the best choice?

To help you narrow down your list of prom limos, here are some of the finest vehicles that can never be a wrong choice:

Chrysler four-door sedan

Maybe your ideal limo for prom is an elegant four-door sedan with all the amenities that come along.

chrysler four-door sedan
Chrysler four-door sedan – Black limo

You can expect special features such as a beautiful black exterior that will make quite an entrance, tinted windows, and a stunning stereo sound system.

Classic black limousine

If you are a classic sort of elegance person, consider hiring one of the classic black limos with an irreplaceable exterior and comfortable interior that will make you and your friends satisfied throughout the whole night.

limo - mercedes limousine - classic black limousine
Premium limousine service – Edelswiss – Mercedes Benz fleet

Stretch limousine

Stretch limos are the best because they are perfectly spacious, and they can accommodate up to 10 passengers, meaning that inside your group can be four more couples, besides you and your date.

Stretch SUV limousine

limo - stretch limousine - stretch limo
Stretch Limo

Besides being ultra-elegant, the Stretch SUV limos provide enough space for up to 14 passengers, which means that you can extend your group of companions even more.

They provide great views and privacy partition.

5. Chauffeur service for prom

Prom customs might vary from one place to another, but they all share some common traits.

chauffeur - chauffeur service - chauffeur for prom limo - chauffeur opening door - chauffeur service for prom
Chauffeur opening door | Edelswiss limo service

It is a major event, so everybody wants to look glamorous and outstanding. Nothing fits the occasion better than a prom chauffeur.

Chauffeur service compliments the prom

Today, there is a great demand for professional limousine chauffeurs worldwide.

The dress code is quite important in the industry.

A professional, personal chauffeur has to be well-groomed, to wear a clean and pressed black suit, a shirt, and a matching tie and shoes. Most drivers wear black or white leather gloves, too.

Sometimes they even wear hats and uniforms. Therefore, he perfectly complements the prom atmosphere.

What is the biggest concern of all teenagers?

To be liked by others and to impress everybody. And to post the best photos on Instagram.

Hiring a limousine for prom, in this case, is a win-win situation.

chauffeur service in switzerland - limo driver
Portrait of a handsome male chauffeur riding car

Arriving at the prom venue in an elegant vehicle and having the door opened by the chauffeur in a classic dark suit will make heads turn.

Photos taken in and out of the limo will bring to the boil their Instagram accounts!

Prom limo chauffeur service is reliable

With prom chauffeur, you will have one worry less. 

Reputable limo services, like Edelswiss, have only experienced, responsible and well-trained professionals in their teams.

Make an agreement with the company about the exact time and place of meeting with the chauffeur.

limousine service chauffeur - chauffeur
The best limousine service – The best chauffeur

Celebrants can gather at a certain location, or the chauffeur can pick them up at different addresses. The same applies to their return home.

Prom kings and queens can relax and enjoy their prom night with friends, while you can enjoy your good night’s rest knowing that they are in good hands.

6. Prom party bus

When considering your transportation ideas and if your group is large, think thoroughly about the prom party bus.

Party buses hold the first place as transportation that gets you to the venue in the celebratory mood.

Most party buses are decorated differently with various amenities, including the latest sound systems to play your favorite high-school songs.

You can even connect your phone or streaming device to create a completely personal experience.

luxury bus inside mercedes - luxury bus interior - luxury bus for a prom - luxury prom bus
Luxury bus interio | Edelswiss

You can also think about after-prom rentals so that you can be picked up afterward and continue with the party in one of those extremely entertaining buses.

To keep you well-informed, we’ll list some of the most common amenities that those luxury buses have:

  • Leather seats
  • TVs
  • Complimentary beverages
  • Complimentary snacks
  • Coffee and tea
  • Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Lots of legroom
  • 140 degrees reclining seats
  • Power outlet next to your seat
  • Big footrests
  • Personal attendant
  • Fleece blankets and pillows
  • High-capacity cargo bays
  • Overhead luggage area
  • On-board restrooms

The key focus of the luxury bus is the comfort of the passengers. It is achieved through previously described extra features.

Best limousine service for a prom – Edelswiss

Do you want to hire the best limo service for your prom?

When it comes to choosing a limousine service, it may seem like a heavy task since there are endless options out there.

edelswiss limousine service - swiss limo service - limousine service in switzerland
Edelswiss – Perfect limousine service for your prom

For an elegant event like prom, you want only the best.

Edelswiss is happy to answer all the criteria. We are an experienced and professional company that never failed to provide the best limo service to thousands of customers.

Let’s sum up why renting a limousine service for prom is an excellent idea:

  • Limos add a touch of glamour to the occasion,
  • They are safe – limo chauffeurs are professionals with excellent driving skills,
  • Traffic crowds and finding free parking space is someone else’s problem,
  • Limos are spacious and comfortable – there will be no wrinkling of clothes,
  • Hairstyles and makeups will remain intact because of the air-conditioning system,
  • Ride in a limo is fun and entertaining,
  • Limos are an awesome backdrop for photos,
  • There is a wide range of vehicles from which you can choose the one that meets your needs best,
  • You can book one online, just do it a couple of days in advance,
  • And finally, everybody at least once in life deserves to experience such a luxury and commodity.

To arrange a prom limo for your child or your friends and yourself, contact us and feel free to even visit us.

Choose the highest quality service and let’s make lasting memories of your youth together!

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