Rent a limousine in Switzerland (Must Go Places)

Are you planning to go on a trip around the ‘old continent’? Do you fancy adventurous activities high in the mountains? Or are you rather dreaming of experiencing a fairy-tale?

Anyhow, Switzerland is a country in which everyone should pay a visit to at least once in a lifetime. Rent a limousine in Switzerland and enjoy the true Swiss beauty!

Switzerland lies between the Swiss Alps on the south, the Swiss or Central Plateau, and the Jura mountains on the northwest. The Alps comprise about 60% of its total area, but the majority of the population lives in the Swiss Plateau.

It is one of the world’s most developed and richest countries, in natural as well as in nominal wealth. It lies at the crossroads of several major European countries.

It is the country of four languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. All but Romansh maintain the equal status of official languages. In some situations, even Latin is used, particularly as a single language to denote the country. Therefore, it is the country of diversity, embracement of differences and good relations. This is reflected in a wide range of traditional customs.

Swiss folklore describes a collection of local stories, celebrations, and more of the alpine and subalpine peoples that occupy Switzerland. It is also home to many notable contributors to art, architecture, literature, music, and sciences.

bern - switzerland bern - rent a limousine in switzerland and see bern
Rent a limousine in Switzerland and see Bern

Though small, Switzerland is a country of many natural and man-made wonders. It is the most famous for its mountains. There you can go climbing, skiing, snowboarding, biking, hiking and enjoy other recreational activities.

There are also more than 3000 km² of glaciers and firn. But winter is not the only season in which you can enjoy this country’s astonishments. It is also a country of many lakes, castles and picturesque landscapes.

The best time for a scenic drive in Switzerland is from June to September. However, pass roads require some special driving skills. If you rent a limousine in Switzerland, you can get the most perfect experience of the country’s offerings. Yours is just to sit back and let yourself fully enjoy the journey.

Must Go Places in Switzerland

Switzerland is majestic. Indeed, it is both difficult and ungrateful to highlight only several “must go places” in Switzerland, this fairy-tale country. But here we give our best to list the most outstanding ones. Make sure to take a camera with you, because at each of your steps you will be taking post-card photographs.

1. Bern

Not many people know that Bern is actually the capital of Switzerland. It lies on the Swiss Plateau in the canton of Bern. Unlike many, this is the city which has managed to maintain its historic features.

In the narrow streets of the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you would feel like lost in some medieval epic fantasy movie. The 11 Renaissance fountains, sandstone facades, and historic towers make this city quite unique.

Many buildings are woven with arcades on their ground floor. There are actually six kilometers of arcades, hiding restaurants, bars, cafes, cabaret stages, and boutiques.

The best view of the old town, around which the River Aare flows, is from the elevated Rosengarten above the Bärenpark and the platform of the 101-meter-high cathedral tower. The Rose Garden is the most beautiful in spring and early summer when 223 rose and 200 iris species are in blossom. It also has 23 rhododendron species that flower in May, as well as a graceful pond with lilies that bloom in July.

The city of Bern has long had an affection for bears. In the 12th century, the animal was adopted as an emblem and, since the 16th century, Bern has kept its own bears. In 1857, they were moved to the Bear Park on the opposite bank of the River Aare.

The habitat was modernized in 2009 when a new space was opened next to the original pit. The two enclosures are linked by a tunnel, and even allow the three bears that currently live there to take dips in the river.

While in Bern, pay a visit to some of its many museums. In its eastern outskirts, there is a phenomenal modern museum for one of the most influential artists of the early 20th century, Paul Klee. The oldest art museum in the country is the Museum of Fine Arts. It contains the earliest pieces from the middle ages up to the present day.

The Bern Historical Museum is Switzerland’s second-largest institution in this field. It handles historical and ethnographical collections going back to the Stone Age.

Another must-see is the integrated Einstein Museum. It contains lots of footage, photography, and objects illustrating his time in Bern when he devised his Theory of Relativity.

zermatt switzerland - switzerland must go places
Zermatt – Must Go Place in Switzerland No1

2. Thun

Only half an hour away from Bern, lays one of the loveliest lakes in Switzerland Lake Thun. It stretches 18 kilometers from the town of Thun to Interlaken and is almost 4 kilometers across at its widest point. With the Bernese Alps as a coulisse, glimmering topaz water and a shoreline bestrewed with castles and chalets, it’s an idyllic and restful holiday destination.

The town of Thun is the perfect mix of old and new. It has cobblestoned alleys, covered bridges, and historic buildings of the nobility, including the town hall which dates back to around 1500. Thun can even remind you of Disney World. Every time you turn the corner, another castle looms on the skyline.

At the entrance to the Bernese Oberland region, strikes the medieval castle of Thun. This almost completely preserved symbol of power contains the Knights’ Hall, one of the few surviving halls of its type from the Middle Ages. Built at the end of the 12th century, Thun Castle with its four towers provides an unforgettable view of the town, Lake Thun, and the surrounding mountains.

The castle is turned into a museum highlighting the history of the region. It also hosts temporary exhibitions on a variety of historical, cultural, and current issues. Concerts and other public events are held in the intact Knight’s Hall.

A charming village not far from Thun, Oberhofen is best known for its Castle with its distinctive medieval keep and picturesque turret. This romantic castle, with its gorgeous tiled roof towers and a keep that dates back to around 1200, has had many different owners over the centuries. In 1844, the castle was renewed to its modern-day appearance by the Prussian Count Albert de Pourtalès from Neuchâtel who bought it as a summer residence for his family.

In 1954, the castle interior was turned into a museum showing the history of its former residents. From the Oriental Smoking Room at the top of the tower, a view over the lake and mountains is stupendous.

Arriving by road with your limo to the town of Spiez, you will be greeted by views from the top down over the lake. Spiez is said to reside in ‘the most beautiful bay in Europe’ and with the tranquil turquoise water lapping gently at the shore, it is hard to disagree. Surrounded by magnificent vineyards, Spiez Castle sits protectively on the shore.

The castle dates back to 700 AD. Opposite the Castle, there is a 1000-year-old church from the Early Romanesque period, featuring frescoes from the 12th century in the apse and choir. A climb to the top of the Castle’s tower is ravishing and you are rewarded with stunning 360° views.

3. Geneva

Embedded between nearby Alpine peaks and the hilly terrain of the Jura, the “world’s smallest metropolis”, Geneva lies in the bay where the Rhone leaves Lake Geneva.

Because of its humanitarian tradition and cosmopolitan flair, Geneva is also known as the “capital of peace”. It is home to the International Red Cross and many other international major organizations. With 20 percent of its land devoted to parks, it earns the nickname of “city of parks”.

Geneva is the city of cultural diversity. Among its streets paved by gold, you can hear people chattering in almost every language. International artists perform in the Grand Théâtre and Geneva Opera House.

There is also an extremely diverse range of museums such as the International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, which provides an insight into the work of these humanitarian organizations, and the “Musée international de l’horlogerie”, a watch museum with a collection of jewelry watches and musical clocks.

On the west of Geneva and east of Lausanne, there is a giant liquid basin once called by Celts ‘Lem an’ or ‘Large Water’. It’s now referred to as Lac Léman by the French-speaking Swiss who reside in the area. The shore of Lake Geneva is dotted with luxurious fairy-tale chateaus. Hillside vineyards rise from the lake, giving a rare glance into the world of Swiss wine.

In 1886, the fountain was built on the Lake in order to control and release the excess pressure of a hydraulic plant at La Coulouvrenière. Soon, Jet d’Eau  – literally meaning ‘Water Jet’, became a remarkable landmark of the city and so it was amplified and relocated to the center of the Lake. It shoots 500 liters of lake water into the air every second at a speed of almost 200 kilometers per hour.

rhine fall switzerland - must go place in switzerland
Rhine Falls – Geneva

4. Zurich

Zurich is the financial center of Switzerland. Due to its largest and busiest airport and railway station in the country, it is the first introduction to Switzerland for many foreign tourists. It also has a reputation for being clean and efficient and is often ranked as having the highest quality of life anywhere in the world.

Zurich is attractive to many different travelers. History lovers will be amazed by the tall clock towers and gothic spires, culture buffs will enjoy the museums and universities which have 21 Nobel Prize winners to brag of, and for edgier people, there are hundreds of clubs and world-class restaurants.

Lake of Zurich was formed by glaciers in the Alps and stretches from the city of Zurich to many other smaller towns. It is very clean and has many beautiful beaches and swimming areas.

About halfway from the Bellevue area, there is a meadow where it is great to relax on a sunny day. Here, travelers can find large manors and bodacious islands to explore. And at 870 meters above sea level, there is a mountain Uetliberg towering over the rooftops of Zurich. It is a summit from where you have an enchanting view of the city and lake, and possibly even a glimpse of Alps.

In 853, Louis the German-built church Fraumunster for his daughter, Hildegarde, to have a place to do the worships. It was a nunnery for seven hundred years, and at one point the abbess (head of an abbey of nuns) was called to be the ruler of the city.

Today, Fraumunster is known as the women’s church and is considered one of the Zurich’s main landmarks. It is open both for services and tours. Its special impress is the stained glass windows, some of which are 9 meters high, as well as frescoes by the artist Paul Bodmer and the church’s clock tower.

Zurich Altstadt  – the Old Town, has kept an older architectural feel and is home to many notabilities, plazas and other popular tourist attractions including Fraumunster, Lindenhof, St Peter’s Church, the old Medieval Rathaus quarter and the New Market. In the sense of architecture, there is a blend of gothic and medieval spirit and visitors can still see where the old ramparts of the ancient walled city once were.

On the border between cantons Zurich and Schaffhausen, you can find the largest waterfall in Europe – the Rhine Falls. They are 23 meters high and 150 meters wide. They were formed in the last ice age, approximately 14,000 to 17,000 years ago, by erosion-resistant rocks narrowing the riverbed. If in Zurich, do take a time to visit these breathtaking Falls. Make it a must to feel the roar and vibration of the water over your entire body – either you will regret forever for missing it.

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And there you have it! These are some of the most popular locations our clients visit when they rent a limousine in Switzerland for sightseeing. If you want to do the same, don’t hesitate to call off or request a quote on our website.

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