Why You Should Rent a Limo in St Moritz For Your Corporate Event

Only three hours away from Zurich is one of the most exclusive ski resorts in the Alps. St Moritz, a cradle of winter tourism. A jet-set holiday resort in the Upper Engadine Valley in the canton of Graubunden. Many of the jet setters rent a limousine in St. Moritz to go out and about.

Placed at 1,856 meters above sea level, it is protected by high mountain ranges from all its sides. Being sun-drenched for more than 300 days a year, St Moritz boasts the perfect location for business meetings, various events, and conferences set amid unspoiled nature.

It is famous for its picture-perfect surroundings, cosmopolitan flair, unique events, and style.

st moritz
St Moritz and its beauty

Surrounded by spectacular landscapes and a seemingly endless lake plateau, no wonder it is the No. 1 choice for team-building and recreational activities.

St Moritz offers exclusive hotels, fine restaurants, designer shopping, and fantastic year-round recreation. Besides the luxury, you can enjoy a number of galleries and museums and many other cultural highlights of the region.

The best time to visit St. Moritz

St. Moritz as a ski resort in the Swiss Alps hosted The Winter Olympics in 1928 and 1948. It has god 25 crystal-clear mountain lakes, forests, and glaciers. With this fascinating scenery, it is a big tourist attraction, drawing tourists all around the world.

Besides skiing and snowboarding, St. Moritz offers natural and artificial ice-skating, Nordic skiing, bobsledding, tobogganing, winter polo, even kite skiing.

During wintertime, it hosts world ski events, as well as international horse races on the frozen lake.

During summer you can do so many activities, like sailing, windsurfing, hiking, climbing, golf, riding, tennis, and even skiing in the glaciers.

We can conclude that there are two major seasons in St. Moritz:

  • Winter: December to March
  • Summer: Mid-June to Mid-October

Spring also can be a favorable time of the year, but the best time to ski is from December to March, when there is a lot of powder snow, with clear and cold days.

Before you go to and rent a limousine in St. Moritz, you should check the climate and the weather. St. Moritz has got a lot of raindrops during the year, even in the driest month.

The driest month is February, while the warmest month is July, about 13ºC. January has the lowest temperature of the year, about -8ºC. The windiest month is May, while the wettest month is August.

The Swiss Ski School St. Moritz

The Swiss Ski School St. Moritz is the oldest and the biggest ski school in Switzerland. It has got more than 350 professional instructors from different nations.

They can help you to improve your skills and make sure you have a holiday to remember. Lessons can be private or in groups.

Kids between the age of 3 and 4 can learn to ski in entertaining surroundings at Snowli Kids‘Village, with a conveyor belt, a carrousel, and a ski lift. They will have their first ski experience under professional guidance.

Kids can enjoy all extra options, including surveillance over lunch.

Conventions in St Moritz

Small-to-medium sized conventions, conferences, business meetings, and banquets are frequently being held in St Moritz.

One of the best locations is the striking Rondo Convention and Event Center, the highest-altitude convention center in Europe sat in the nearby delightful destination of Pontresina.

pontresina switzerland
Pontresina – Switzerland

The Center is completely powered by renewable energy. It features 1500 square meters of event and meeting space spread throughout four floors. It consists of seven seminar rooms, three foyers, and an impressive 500-person auditorium.

The views from all the rooms are phenomenal – large windows let you enjoy a fantastic view over the mountains and glaciers, and at the same time let in plenty of natural light. There are countless ways to enjoy leisure time in the majestic, unspoiled outdoor playground which is Engadine.

Perfect to recharge batteries after a seminar, conference or some other event, isn’t it?

Are you planning to organize or participate in similar activities in this beautiful resort? If so, you should also rent a limo in St Moritz, and here is why.

1. Renting a limo in St Moritz speaks volumes about your corporation

Hosting a corporate event in St Moritz speaks a lot about your sophisticated taste and the power of your company.

St Moritz is an upscale destination. It successfully combines luxury with tradition, while still retains a cosmopolitan spirit.

Limousines share similar traits. They are a symbol of elegance, high class, and style. St Moritz and limousines go so well together.

A limo pick-up of your guests at the airport and the courtesy of having the door opened for them will leave a strong first impression.

There is no vehicle more comfortable than the limousine. A lot of space, leather seats and accompanying devices guarantee a pleasant ride, relaxed participants and consequently positive outcomes of the event.

Such a small outlay for your pocket, but such a giant gain for your business.

rent a limo in st moritz
Rent a limo

2. It facilitates the transportation of your guests

The nearest entrance to St Moritz is, of course, the Zurich airport. Others are Geneva, and Milan Malpensa.

During the skiing season, transport from the airports to Engadine might take even longer because of the snowfalls and busy roads.

Longer stay requires more baggage, and larger groups of people come with lots of suitcases. Not to mention the materials and the equipment necessary for holding any corporate event. Renting a van or a large limo bus will make it all a lot easier.

Rent a limo in St Moritz, make a detailed arrangement, and let the professionals do their job while you can deal with some other tasks.

3. Renting a limousine is time-saving

In the business world, time is highly valued. Luckily, excellent time management and defensive driving skills are among the highest-ranking skills all professional limo drivers share.

In favor of this comes the fact that in order to become a chauffeur, one needs to pass a set of training courses. They also have the knowledge of and experience in road regulations, traffic congestions, and rush hours.

They are there to provide high-quality service – punctuality, comfort, and professionalism. Hence, by hiring a limousine service, you will make sure that all your invitees arrive all together and right on time.

Limo chauffeurs follow the flights so you can be sure that your limo will be there to pick your guests up even in the case of flight delay.

The same goes for the returns – they pick you up at the address given and drop you off at the airport with a couple of spare hours so that you have enough time for all check-ins and other airport regulations.

4. Renting a limousine in St Moritz or elsewhere is highly convenient

To rent a limousine in St Moritz means more than just having a pleasant ride. It simply means that the entire experience is problem-free and that everything goes smoothly.

First of all, online booking facilitates the procedure a lot. You can make an arrangement in several easy steps.

Then, limousines are regularly maintained and there is always enough fuel in the tank.

A meet-and-greet at the airport by a limo driver keeps clients relaxed and aware of where their chauffeur is.

Limousines also come in various sizes so that up to 50 participants of your event could be picked up all at once.

Regardless of the number of seats, they are spacious, impeccable inside, and equipped with the various amenities to make the passengers feel extraordinary.

coach bus edelswiss - limo bus
Limo Bus – Edelswiss

5. You can combine work and pleasure

Leisure time after hard work has a massive impact on productivity. When in St Moritz, it would be a shame not to go on a tour, which is, by the way, an excellent team-building activity.

Arrange some outdoor activities that will keep the spirit high and fill the group with good energy. It can be a tour around the beautiful lakes, followed by relaxing yoga at the shore or mount hiking for vigorous ones.

The tour might include visits to amazing mountain outlooks like Muottas Muragl, Piz Nair, or Diavolezza to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy spectacular views. Sports activities are also an option.

Horseback riding, sailing over the Lake St Moritz, polo on a frozen lake, unavoidable skiing, and many others are very popular in the region.

lake st moritz - engadine lake
Lake St Moritz

6. Renting a limousine for top 5 winter activities in St. Moritz

Besides for corporate events, we recommend you rent a limousine in St. Moritz to experience these top 5 winter activities:

  • Cresta Run
  • Olympia Bob Run
  • Ice skating
  • Illuminated ski run
  • Events on the frozen lake

Adrenaline rush at Cresta Run

Cresta run is a natural ice run that starts in St. Moritz and ends in Celerina – in the part that was the village of Cresta. It is about 1,212m long, and it has got two starting points – Top and Junction.

Only qualified ones can ride from the Top. Among 10 corners, the most notorious is Shuttlecock.

The season starts before Christmas and lasts for 9 weeks with more than 30 competitive races. Earlier the track was available only to men, but nowadays women can also use it on some days.

Beginners must pass a training course before setting sail on this exciting adventure.

The Cresta run was founded by a British club in the 19th century, and for decades the only members were American and British.

Nowadays it is more international, even though announcements in races, between December and March, are only in English.

Catching the Olympic spirit

The Olympia Bob run in St. Moritz is the only natural ice bobsleigh in the world. The run is 1,722m long, and it has been a part of two Olympic Games and other prestige championships.

But luckily, you don’t have to be a professional to try the run. A highly professional pilot will guide bobsleigh while the other will control the brake.

Feel the Olympic vibes at first hand at the Olympia Bob run!

Ice skating in St. Moritz

Ice skating should not be missed in any ski resort. During the winter, the lake of St. Moritz freezes and it becomes a gigantic natural ice rink.

This beautiful landscape attracts tourists who hurl to practice pirouettes with their equipment. The security staff pays attention to every detail and no skating is allowed until everything is completely safe.

There are almost 20 ice skating rinks, both natural and artificial. Artificial rinks are also available in summer.

Albula and Engadin are the most fascinating ice rinks because of their fairytale look. The skate lines extend through forests are offer splendid scenery.

The ice way Madulain on a river Inn should also be mentioned.  It is one kilometer long and it goes through the dreamlike countryside. When you visit this place, you have to bring your equipment.

If you want to take a class in ice skating, you can contact a professional instructor who will give you appropriate equipment.

You can also rent an ice rink, and, in addition to that, you can rent curling and hockey ones, to master these wonderful activities.

Moonlight drive

Imagine your Friday night on the longest illuminated ski run in Switzerland!

The fantastic scenery with themed music can’t be easily forgotten.

The party continues with the best Italian food on the menu. After this exciting experience, warm yourself in a cozy place that offers pizza from the wood-fired oven.

Events on the frozen lake

The frozen lake of St Moritz hosts many events like polo, horseracing, and cricket matches.

Cricket on Ice takes place from Thursday to Saturday every February. St. Moritz hosts top players from the UK, Pakistan, and India. The teams have the chance to participate in the most reputable annual event in the Swiss cricket calendar in a competitive and friendly atmosphere.

White Turf is an international horse race of the exclusive top class. It is also a social event with catering, popular music, and art performances presented in the most beautiful landscapes.

The Snow Polo World Cup is one of the most prestigious events on the snow, happening in February. In the stunning natural setting, the polo represents the epitome of the elite.

Among crowds, you can spot extravagant clothes and fur coats. The event includes a variety of entertaining activities, including the first-class cuisine.

If you are in this amazing resort during these top-class events, don’t miss the opportunity to appear in glamour. Rent a limousine in St. Moritz and attend all of them in high style.

7. Sightseeing in St. Moritz

As we mentioned before, you can rent a limousine in St. Moritz to go on a tour that might include visits to amazing mountain outlooks like:

  • Muottas Muragl
  • Piz Nair
  • Diavolezza

Muottas Muragl is the key sightseeing location in St Moritz, above the Upper Engadin Valley and its lakes. Book a table on time, and feel the explosion of tastes in panoramic restaurants while watching the sunset.

This place is also famous for the fastest toboggan run in Switzerland.

Mouttas Muragl - Samedan - Switzerland
Muottas Muragl, Samedan, Switzerland – Photo by Angelika Spanke on Unsplash

Rent a limo to the funicular of Piz Nair, then take the cable car and enjoy the most spectacular surroundings. The dreamlike sightseeing of St. Moritz 30m above with hot chocolate in your hand.

You can’t have that every day, right?

Delightful images await you as soon as you step out of the limo.

piz nair - st. moritz switzerland
Piz Nair, St. Moritz, Switzerland – Photo by Xavier von Erlach on Unsplash

Diavolezza is another amazing sightseeing in St. Moritz.

Start your journey with a limo, and continue with the combination of train and gondola, keeping up the luxury note.

A moment of bliss among frozen beauty of Piz Palü, 4000m up high! Or visit the smaller Munt Pers, a have a memorable picnic. Hikers and climbers this is your thing, don’t miss it!

diavolezza - st. moritz switzerland
Diavolezza, St. Moritz, Switzerland – Photo by Xavier von Erlach on Unsplash

You’ve probably been asking yourself where to stay when in St Moritz.

As the most prestigious ski resort, St. Moritz is also known for its exorbitant prices. Nevertheless, every luxury needs to be paid for.

Rent a limousine in St. Moritz and make a glamorous entrance to your hotel.


St. Moritz is the kind of destination where you can watch polo on a frozen lake, and experience the most beautiful landscapes above the Upper Engadin Valley and its lakes.

The fact that the resort has the oldest bobsleigh run in the world, and that it hosted The Winter Olympics twice speak volumes about its sporting spirit.

The resort possesses a calendar with exciting events, both in winter and summer. Would you like to witness them in the picturesque town of St. Moritz?

One the other hand, if you are organizing a corporate event in the resort, express the power and sophistication of your company by picking up your guests at the airport. Appear with a limo in high style, and leave a strong first impression.

The options are endless, yours is just to choose the most suitable ones.

Rent a limousine in St. Moritz, tell the limo service your ideas, and let the professionals make your wishes come true.

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