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Limousine Sightseeing Tours in Rhine Falls

Luxury limousine sightseeing Tours Rhine Falls



Limousine Sightseeing Tours in Rhine Falls

EdelSwiss Limousine Company offers a perfect place for sightseeing tours – the Rhine Falls.

Located on the High Rhine, near the town of Schaffhausen, “Rheinfall” is by far the largest plain waterfall in Europe.
It has been a tourist attraction for centuries, and since Swiss citizens petitioned against a power station project in 1951, the Rhine Falls’ soul orientation has been tourism.
Tourists from all over the world flock here to awe at the magnificent power and beauty of the Rhine Falls.

Take one of our sightseeing tours to the place where nature’s creation bewilders ordinary people and captures the minds of poets and painters.

Today you can board a boat on a trip up the Rhine river to the base of the falls or to see the beautiful Wörth castle.
Also, the platforms placed on both sides of the Rhine river offer a magnificent up-close view of the falls.
The whole area is packed with little hostels, scenic restaurants, and abundant parking lots.