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Limousine Sightseeing Tours in St. Moritz

EdelSwiss Limousine Company offers a variety of preset or custom made sightseeing tours in St. Moritz and the surrounding area.
Tailor your own list of venues and sites of interest and expect EdelSwiss Limousine Company’s staff to make the tour unforgettable.

Found in the Engadine valley, one of the highest inhabited valleys in Europe, the town of St. Moritz is located 1,856 meters above sea level on the southern side of the Swiss Alps.
It is by far the oldest and most desirable winter vacation destination in the world but also a very expensive one.
Today, Engadin St. Moritz is probably the world’s most famous destination for snow and ice sports. Residents of St. Moritz witnessed the birth of winter tourism in the Alpine region as well as winter sports, and hosting two Winter Olympic Games was a form of a tribute.

St. Moritz is blessed with a mild, “champagne climate”, which provides an average of 322 sunny days per year. However, due to its altitude (between 1,800 – 3,000 meters above sea level), the snow is guaranteed in the winter.
This is the reason why the summer season, although less alluring, in fact, brings more tourists than winter.

Experience amazing St. Moritz in person, at your convenience, and with your own chauffeured limousine at your disposal.

Through the entire year St. Moritz is a venue of sports attractions, world-class events, cultural events, and stylish shopping.
It also hosts supreme hotels, excellent restaurants, and other facilities of exceptional leisure.

Things to see:

The Segantini Museum – dedicated to Giovanni Segantini, a painter that lived in Engadine.
The Bobsled Run – usually takes place in December each year.
Viewing the Glacier Landscape – visit any of the numerous panoramic view points and admire the landscape.
– Climb to 3300 meters up to Piz Corvatsch, visit an astounding ice cave and enjoy a long ski slope back to St. Moritz Bad.
Muottas Muragl – enjoy an amazing view across the Upper Engadine lake area.