5 reasons Swiss ski transfers are so amazing

When you think of Switzerland, the first things that come to your mind are probably chocolate and mountains.  Though Swiss chocolate is one of the best and well-known in Europe, the magnificence of the Swiss mountains is glorious worldwide.

There are three geographic regions in Switzerland – Swiss Plateau, the Alps, and the Jura Mountains. The Alps cover 60% of Switzerland’s total landmass, making it one of the most mountainous countries in Europe.

swiss ski transfers
Swiss ski transfers

Almost all the highest peaks of the Alps are located within Switzerland. The most famous Swiss mountains are Monte Rosa, Weisshorn, Matterhorn – it’s an unusual peak you have probably seen on the package of Toblerone, then Mount Pilatus, Rigi, Jungfrau, and many others.

There are around 300 ski resorts near Zurich only. But, more often than not, many people dread transportation when going on vacation, especially in winter. Choosing the best transportation can have a huge impact on whether a vacation is fun and exciting or problematic.

In modern-day time, there are ski transfers all around Switzerland to complement your holiday atmosphere. Ski transfers are done by companies that provide transportation from major airports to ski resorts. And if you are planning a ski holiday, taking Swiss ski transfers from any of the airports is the best place to start it. Ski transfers from main airports like Zurich, Geneva, or Sion to Swiss ski resorts are usually done by train or bus. But private shuttles are also available.

While planning your holiday, make sure to do the search for ski transfers, too. If you are staying in the Mitten Region, for example, check online Zurich ski transfers. Or, if you prefer quiet and historic places, you might like Titlis Mountain to which you can get by taking Engelber airport transfer.

Let’s see why Swiss ski transfers are so amazing.

1. Efficiency

Ski resorts in Switzerland are all easily reached by public transport, regardless of whether they are placed in remote valleys or in high altitudes. Many of the famous – Andermatt, Davos, Gstaad, St. Moritz, have mainline railway stations in the center of the village.  Others can be easily reached by bus from a nearby station or cable car.

World Economic Forum ranked Swiss railways number one in Europe. Switzerland, with its` 29,000km of public transport routes, has the densest transport network in the world.

Trains, buses, and boats are all part of the Swiss Transport System which is fully integrated. There are regular departures every half an hour and delays and cancellations are extremely rare. Railways in Switzerland work so fluently and efficiently that worldwide famous expression “It works like Swiss clockwork” could easily be changed with “It works like Swiss railways”.

2. Accessibility

Swiss ski transfers are generally not so cheap. The cost of ski transfer depends on which airport you are arriving, the ski resort you are going to, and the number and age of passengers.

There are several ticket options to help you make the most of your journey:

  • The return Swiss Transfer Ticket enables you to travel from any entry point, including airports, to your holiday destination, and vice versa, by direct trains or buses on days of your choice within one month. The best thing about this ticket is that it is available for purchase even outside Switzerland.
  • If you buy the Swiss Transfer Ticket, you can request a complimentary Swiss Family Card. This is for those who are traveling with children who are under 16 because they can use public transport for free when accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket.
  • There is also the Swiss Travel Pass, the ticket for those who would like to first visit some of Switzerland’s beautiful historic cities and then proceed towards ski resort. If you are under 26, you will have 15% discount and children under 16 can travel for free if accompanied by an adult holder of the ticket.
  • There is also the Swiss Travel Pass Flex ticket which allows you to pick the days of your travel within a month. This ticket provides you with unlimited use of the bus, train and boat travel on non-consecutive days. There are three types of tickets – for four, eight or 15 days. Children under 16 also can travel for free in a company of an adult Swiss Travel Pass Flex ticket holder.
  • Some ski transfers also provide group discounts. Here you can find both ticket prices and timetables for ski transfers all around Switzerland.

3. All about Swiss ski transfers` Comfort

There is a network of railways and roads all over the country which connect main cities with almost all mountain resorts.

Trains and buses in Switzerland are modern and fast.  They are great for single travelers or smaller groups. Also, they have very comfortable and spacious seating arrangements, with soft cushions and retractable footrests. If you are taking the train, there is also an option to separately transport your luggage directly to your destination.

Most trains are equipped with foldable tray tables and charging ports which are quite handy if you travel to the ski resort is short.

For longer travels, there are snack bars or fully-functioning restaurants serving hot meals and beverages. If you are traveling with small children, they can also spend their time in the train restaurant drawing or playing board games. And if you somehow miss the train, don’t worry, there are often multiple trains traveling the same route scheduled within an hour. You can also download the SBB Mobile app to look up for the next available train and board the most suitable one. Trains are also covered with Wi-Fi.

For families and larger groups, more convenient would be taking private transportation. There are many options, depending on the number of passengers, from limousines and sedans to vans, minibusses, and SUVs. You should not worry about your safety either since they are equipped with snow tires and chains and have enough space for the baggage and ski equipment.

Chauffeured service companies track the flights on your arrival and departure days, so they will wait for you at the airport at the time of your arrival and collect you and take you to the airport about 2 hours before your flight departs.

swiss alps
Beautiful Swiss Alps

4. Scenery

Switzerland could easily change its name to Wonderland. Traveling by train in this country is pleasurable because they have large, panoramic windows overlooking the picturesque valleys and pristine lakes.

Take your time to enjoy the attractions of the Swiss landscape – rustic scenes of cows in the fields, glacier lakes reflecting magnificent mountains, cute little villages with historic churches and adorable chalets, or rivers cutting through the forests. You will find yourself passing over the statuesque bridges and through the cleanest tunnels while traveling to the remote and wild countryside before you get to the heart of your resort.

Boarding the mountain excursion is an option, such as from Zermatt to Matterhorn, Zermatt to Gornergrat or from Lucerne to Engelberg. You will lose yourself in the view of lush valleys ringed by white-fanged mountains dotted with rooftops of distant log cabins. Train journeys in Switzerland also have their own names – the Bernina Express, the Glacier Express, or the Chocolate Train, making it an attraction in itself. The view and trip are absolutely stunning and worth every effort.

5. Distance

Airport transfers are usually tiresome and long. This is especially the case in winter when snowfalls and busy roads can turn this part of the journey into a nightmare.

However, the Swiss Transport System and roads in Switzerland are designed in such a way that many ski resorts are usually between 20 to 60 minutes away from the main airports.

Many resorts in Switzerland have a train station in the village, and there are 1,823 ski lifts in total to facilitate transportation up against a slope to the top of a run.

Anyhow, if you hire private chauffeured transportation, reaching the holiday destination could get even shorter because they can take you right at the airport and drive you all the way to the resort you booked. This way you can avoid crowds, planning for taking the nearest stations and catching the transportation on time or paying extra for your luggage.

So, if you having any doubts about whether to go on a winter holiday to Switzerland, we hope that we have assured you that Swiss ski resorts and ski transfers are one of the best in the world and that everyone should visit them at least once in a lifetime. If not now, when?

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