What is the best limousine service to hire for your friend’s wedding?

Weddings are some of the major events in people’s lives. Wedding day is an important day no matter if it’s ours, our family member’s, our friend’s or of our colleague. On this day, we all want everything to run smoothly and perfectly. And if it is a wedding of a person that is close to us, we would do everything to make it even more special.

So, your friend’s wedding day is approaching and you would like to get a limo for them. This is your first time to hire a limousine service and you are not sure where and what to look for and which limo would be the best? Luckily, you have us to guide you through the hiring of the most perfect limousine service for your friend’s wedding.

1. The best limousine service is professional and reliable

Serious limo companies invest in their services. They put their money, their time and effort to provide the best and highest quality service. This means that they provide appropriate training for their employees and that they maintain their vehicles well. This also means that their focus is always on the customers and their desires and needs.

They have an assertive and professional attitude towards costumers and it is easy to make a deal with them.

In business, years do count. The older the company, the greater the experience it has got. There are a lot of nuances in coordinating a successful ride. In-depth experience in transportation is the best way to make sure that everything will run smoothly. If you find a newer company that seems to meet your needs, check into the experience of the staff.

Limo companies provide a full background check of their future employees before engaging them. The requirements one has to fulfill to become a part of the professional chauffeur service are:

  • Having a driver’s license,
  • Clear criminal record,
  • Not having a history of driving offences,
  • Personal characteristics like calmness, punctuality, politeness, and neatness.

Professional limousine services provide their chauffeurs with training on the national and international traffic laws and road regulations, defensive driving, routes, and traffic patterns, operating communication equipment, operation, and maintenance of the vehicles.

They are also well trained in communication with the customers, organizing the fastest and safest routes, while they are open for any suggestions regarding the itinerary, car amenities, or decorations.

This is especially important when hiring a limousine for the wedding, as people usually like to decorate the vehicle with flowers, ribbons, balloons, and they want to have special drinks in the mini-bar to celebrate the day.

friends wedding limousine - just married on a limo - the best limousine service for your friends wedding
Just Married

2. The best limousine service takes good care of their fleet

Limousines come in all shapes and sizes. Premium limousine service has got a wide range of vehicle in its fleet to choose from. Some limos are modernized vehicles equipped with all modern amenities, while some are vintage cars and old-timers.

There are buses, hummers, classic stretches, SUVs, and vans available like limousines. The occasion and the number of passengers usually dictate the type of vehicle.

limousine van
Limo Van

Location of the venue might be crucial, too. If you are not sure which type of vehicle to hire, discuss it with the limo company. Come to them with the information about the number of passengers, the venue, the distance, the amenities and decorations, and the company will recommend you their best and most suitable offer. Don’t forget to take the bride and groom’s taste and the wedding theme into consideration as well.

Professional limousine service takes good care of their vehicles. They hire mechanics to maintain them regularly. Customers’ safety is the most important, so all the vehicles must work perfectly. Therefore, car breaks-down rarely happen with serious limo companies. But vehicle maintenance doesn’t consider mechanical reparations only.

Professional chauffeurs are responsible for the inner and outer appearance of the limousines. This means that every customer must be welcomed in a clean and spotless vehicle. Its bodyshell must be shiny and the upholstery impeccable.

3. Check for the prices

You sure want to make your friend happy for their big day, but you also want it to be affordable to you. Weddings are expensive not only for the bride and the groom but for their guests too and this is understandable.

Limousine services are luxury, and the prices often reflect the quality and content of the service. So, check for the prices before you make a reservation.

Price is an important factor because limo companies may have layers of fees added to the base rate. Those might include fuel charges, administration costs, tolls, insurance fees, a fee for luggage, and gratuity for the driver.

Limos generally are rented hourly, but there might be some wedding packages which include a set of period service. Those may or may not limit the number of stops the limo can make, the number of places the limo will go, and whether the limo can wait for the celebration to end in order to take the newlyweds to their home, hotel or airport straight to the honeymoon. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, check everything before booking and make sure that the final price is all-inclusive.

In order to get all the information, search the Internet to find the limousine companies operating in the area where the wedding will happen. Search their websites to see how user-friendly they are. Professional limo companies invest in their online appearance and are highly transparent.

Look for the comments and the experiences of the customers, because the word of mouth does much to the reputation. Check if the company possesses all the licenses and certification and is available on your date. See if the payment method is suitable for you and whether you have to pay the full price in advance or it is possible to pay after they provide you with the service.

Make sure to sign the contract with stated all services, charges, and agenda. This way both you and the limousine service will be sure that everything runs smoothly.

the best limousine service - edelswiss limousine service - premium limousine service
Premium Limousine Service | The Best Limousine service

Edelswiss is proud to meet all these criteria. We are a professional company with perennial experience in providing the best limousine services to thousands of customers. Feel free to contact or visit us and our team will be happy to make an arrangement for you and give our best to make your friend’s wedding day perfect and unforgettable.

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