Limousines have always been considered the sleekest and the most luxurious form of transport, but we humans always get bored of everything so quickly, don’t we?

In recent years, we have been coming up with new and even more interesting limousines for all sorts of occasions and with some extravagant features.

Let’s take a look at some of the world`s most unique limousines. Some of which we don’t think any of us could imagine even in our wildest dreams. 9 unique limousines on our list are:

  • Tank limo
  • Armor Horse Vault XXL
  • The Midnight Rider
  • Mini Cooper pool limo
  • Rolls Royce Phantom limo
  • All Electric limo
  • Jet limo
  • Lifted Chevy Suburban limo
  • F1 Grand Prix racing limo

Tank Limo

It was almost impossible for us to see this and not make it the first on the list.

This limo is ideal for situations when you just want to go all out. It seems like a great choice when you want to announce your arrival with noise and then stun people.

tank limousine
This isn`t a tank, it is a limo! | Source: Wikimedia

Located in the UK, this service came to be after the owner rented his tank to someone and they paid him so much money that he decided to make a business out of it. It is perfectly road legal in the UK and people rent it for all sorts of occasions, even to get married and for kids parties, when the kids want to have a themed party.

Additionally, Tanks-a lot also provides a service for when you just want to watch a car get crushed by a tank.

Armor Horse Vault XXL

This vehicle looks like anything but a limousine – I think all of us would confuse it for an armored truck that’s carrying money to deliver to the bank.

It is a luxurious limousine that has bullet-proof windows, emergency escape hatches, and gun ports, just in case you get attacked by… your enemies?

Armor Horse Vault XXL

It has 14 seats, a bar, an audio system, and multiple LCD screens, so you can have fun while being as safe as a president.

The Midnight Rider

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Midnight Rider is the heaviest limousine in the world. If you’re wondering why, take a look at the photo below:

Midnight Rider
The Midnight Rider | Source:

The Midnight Rider weighs 25 tons, is based in Southern California and the business has a license to travel throughout the USA, at least on the roads where the vehicle can fit.

If you want to rent it, it costs $1000 per hour and a crew of 5 is included in the price, which consists of a hostess, a bartender, 2 drivers, and an operations specialist.

It consists of thee lounge areas and each has its own bar, phones, and big screens. Take a look at Midnight Rider`s limo interior here.

Mini Cooper Pool Limo

This one’s not as extravagant as the previous two, but it is pretty unique. When we say limousine, we all think of giant vehicles, but this one is here to change our perspective.

mini cooper pool limousine
Mini Cooper`s unique pool limousine

Unlike the previous two, this one comes with a pool, if you want to ride around the city and take a swim at the same time. Well, take a swim if the limo is parked, because the pool doesn’t have seatbelts.

What we love the most about it is that from the front, it looks like a regular Cooper, but as it starts passing next to you, first you notice its size and then the pool in the back.

Rolls Royce Phantom limo

We chose to put this one on the list because it isn’t tacky at all. Quite the opposite, it’s stylish, but what makes it more unique than all the other sleek limousines is the fact that it’s armored.

It weighs over 2.5 tons and has WiFi, DVD and a high-quality sound system, along with ambient lighting. Another cool thing is that most features can be controlled with an iPhone. This classy and armored limo is great for all sorts of occasions.

All Electric Limo

The KAZ, which stands for Keio Advanced Zero-Emission Vehicle, was designed in Japan and can travel at 300km/h. It handles like a sports car, has 8 wheels and is designed for stability and balance.

It proved that electric cars can be just as fast while maintaining a unique and sleek interior, as well as the exterior. The fact that it’s electric It may not be everyone’s cup of tea appearance-wise, but you have to admit, it’s pretty impressive what they achieved with it.

kaz - electric limo
KAZ – Electric Limo | Source: Wikipedia

Unique Jet Limo

So far, we’ve seen a tank and a legit truck, but what about jets? Don’t worry, there’s a service that provides them, as well.

Want to turn heads in the most unexpected kind of way? Have your chauffeur drop you off in front of an event venue in a literal jet.

Amazing and unique – Jet Limo

First introduced as a prototype in 2006, this service is now available for hire and the jet limo is 100% street legal.

Lifted Chevy Suburban Limo

If you are a monster truck fan, but also love to live fancy, I think I have the limousine for you.

monster truck limousine
Monster truck Limousine | Source:

This beast of a vehicle is as unique as it is cool and is 3.6 meters tall and 9.7 meters long. It can accommodate 12 passengers and honestly, even though it doesn’t have a pool and LCD screens, we still think this is one of the coolest and the world`s most unique limos we’ve seen.

F1 Grand Prix Racing Limo

Speaking of cool, if you’re more of a fan of speed than of limousine luxuries, you’re going to love this one.

f1 grand prix limo
Grand Prix Limo | Source:

If tours on buses with open roofs aren’t really your thing, this F1 limousine would probably be a better choice, since this limo is street legal.

Invented by the Canadian entrepreneur Michael Pettipas, it can accommodate 6 passengers and is said it can break 482kph. True or not, it is still unique and impressive design.

The world`s most unique limousines – Our conclusion

There you have it, 9 interesting and unique limousines that might as well come with a guarantee of turning heads at any event.

Whether you want to bring the ruckus with a tank, travel in a literal huge truck, or just feel safe and stylish in an armored Rolls Royce, the possibilities today are pretty much endless.

If you still prefer more classic limousines, you can hire Edelswiss – Switzerland`s limousine service.

Thank you for reading and leave a comment on your favorite limo!

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