More and more people are opting to hire a private chauffeured service for various private and business occasions. Limo service is becoming increasingly popular due to a number of benefits it offers.

Using a chauffeured service can make your travel more comfortable and stress-free, save you time and send a certain message to your family/friends and colleagues/clients.

When planning a travel, you usually have to make a lot of decisions. The destination to travel to, to book the type of transportation which is the fastest and most comfortable, the best accommodation to stay too, and so on.

Further, you need to choose where to go for sightseeing, where to eat, and in which activities to partake once you arrive there. Making these decisions is stressful, especially if you are traveling with a group of friends or a family and have to decide whether to rent or hire a car to travel around.

Whether you’ll opt for a car rental or car hire lies in what you prefer – to drive or to be driven.

If your options are a taxi or an Uber and a car rental, our advice is to consider a chauffeured service as well, as it offers a little more benefits.

Car rental gives you independence, but it is not always convenient. For example, if you are traveling across different countries, you might need an International Drivers Permit and a Green Card as a supplement to your other driving and traveling documents.

Rental car companies will charge you extra for picking you up at an airport, for driving their car to certain countries, as well as for dropping the car off at a different location.

Although both taxi and a limousine have a driver and transport you from one spot to another, more inclination goes to the latter. A taxi or Uber is an excellent choice if you suddenly need a ride. But when planning ahead, a private hire service is more reliable. You are guaranteed to be picked up and arrive on time at any destination.

Even in a case when your flight is delayed or arrives early because limo companies track flights and plan their time accordingly. While taxis and Ubers are focused on getting as many rides as they can, private chauffeured services are committed to providing the best service only to you.

Their chauffeurs are well trained and experienced in defensive driving, they will help you with your luggage, and even wait for you to drive you back if necessary.

If you think that the car chauffeured service is highly expensive, sorry but we must tell you that you are misinformed. In the present, limousines are affordable and here are the tips on how to choose the best one.

Car chauffeured service
Car chauffeured service

1. Get all the important chauffeured service company info

While planning a trip, make sure to have enough time to research and find adequate limo service. Ways to do so are many – ask friends for information and their experiences with certain companies, search them online or pay them a visit.

It depends on the occasion for which you want to hire a chauffeured service. If you opt for online search, look up for information that meets your needs. Pay attention to how user-friendly their website is, whether it is easy to find what you are there for.

Serious companies take their online appearance seriously. Find information about their team, their fleet, contact, and services. Most valuable is the word-of-mouth. If you don’t have anybody who used a particular company’s services, check for the comments and evaluation of their clients as they will provide you with the first-hand information about their experiences.

Since not all companies are equal and they offer different services, there are several other important features you must take into consideration:

  • Their license,
  • Their experience,
  • Their reputation,
  • Their reliability,
  • Their prices.

2. Check their fleet

It is very important to check for an adequate and available vehicle. Limousine doesn’t relate to the brand of the car, but to the specific features, it provides. So, the type of car will depend on the occasion, on the number of people traveling together, on the distance, and the space needed for the luggage.

For example, if you need a limousine for a wedding, a classy white Lincoln is usually the first choice. For more vintage weddings, there are also romantic Bentley and Volkswagen Bug.

If you need a limo for a party, then a limo party bus is a must! There are also limo vans and buses for larger groups of people and longer trips. And for airport pick-ups and business trips, sedans make a perfect choice.

Do not forget to check for the amenities that come with the car and each limo company offers its own and unique ones. To ensure the quality and luxurious experience, top-notch features include:

  • Tinted windows,
  • Interior designed with any theme or materials or matching any style,
  • Interchangeable cabin lighting. It can be hidden, illuminate in any colour and have multiple intensity levels,
  • Built-in computer,
  • Modified heating, cooling, and air purification system, which is excellent for a mixed group of smokers and non-smokers,
  • Sound System,
  • Free Wi-fi connection,
  • Bluetooth Capability,
  • Flat Screen TVs,
  • Game consoles,
  • Bar and full beverage station.

Other requirements for the special occasion might include balloons, flowers, music or special drinks. You must insist on an impeccable interior and enough space, an experienced chauffeur, and safety.

Limo companies usually have a large variety of vehicles in their fleet and if it’s not easy for you to decide, feel free to ask them for some advice. They will listen to your needs and wishes and do their best to get you the most perfect vehicle and an unforgettable experience.

mercedes s class chauffeured service
Mercedes S-Class limo

3. Talk to them vis-à-vis

After you narrow down the list of companies you find suitable, go and visit them personally if possible. If not, a phone or video call via Skype will do the job too. This way you will find out more about the limo company, their services, quality, and availability.

There are several important questions you must ask in order to get the most premium service:

  • For how long have you been in the business? – Coordinating a successful ride is not an easy job. In-depth experience of both the company and their staff in transportation is highly important in this business in order to make sure that everything runs smoothly.
  • Do you have transportation licenses? – You want to make sure that you are getting a trained and experienced professional driver. Also, if you need to travel to different countries with the same company, ask them if they possess International Drivers Permit and international insurance.
  • Do you provide car seats for children? – When traveling with children, the most important thing for you is for them to be safe. Don’t forget to ask this question because not all companies offer this service and the laws regarding the age of children who need a car seat might vary from country to country. Another important thing is to ask the company if they allow the transportation of animals if you are planning to take your pet(s) on your trip.
  • What am I paying everything for? – To avoid the occurrence of additional fees, ask which services their charges cover. Ask them whether they charge their bills from garage to garage, point to point, or per hour. Ask who pays for the fuel, especially for longer trips, insurance, tolls, and administration costs, and whether the luggage fee and tip for the chauffeur are included in the price. Limousine break down is rare, but it won’t hurt to ask who covers the charges if that happens. Before booking, make sure that you know all the charges to avoid any bad surprise. Be smart and ask them to e-mail you the invoice.
  • How do I pay? – Ask them if it is necessary to pay some percentage in advance and how to do it. In the modern day time, payments are usually done via e-banking, but some companies might have some other options. Also, ask them about their return money policy in case of cancellation.

4. Make a wise choice

Following these steps will help you find the best chauffeured service for any occasion. Find the most adequate vehicle and require experienced and licensed chauffeur.

Safety on the road is the most important, especially when traveling with children. All limo companies should be regularly checked by the mechanics and the police to ensure that everything works fine and that there is no unpredictable breakdown during transportation.

Book them in advance to assure that the most suitable vehicle is available on your dates. Make sure to check if everything is legal and to sign the contract with the limousine company. The day before your scheduled appointment call them again to confirm your reservation.

Check twice if the chauffeur (check out what is the difference between chauffer and a driver) has got your reservation, your pick up, and destination addresses. Also, respect their time and don’t be late, as you expect from them respect yours.

If you are traveling to Switzerland via plane, our chauffeur will be waiting for you at any of the main airports – Geneva, Zurich, St. Moritz, and transport you to any place within the country or even to the countries in the region. We will make sure that all your requirements are needed and that you get the best quality service and experience with us.

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