Top 9 Electric Limos

In 2015, Tesla has introduced an electric limousine to the automotive industry. The breakthrough was done with the launch of the Model X.

Later, in 2018, the market for electric SUVs started blooming. New models were introduced to the world: Jaguar’s I-Pace, Audi’s E-Tron, and Mercedes’ EQC. Furthermore, BMW started making plans for its futuristic iNext all-electric SUV.

In this article, we will give you a list of 9 top electric limousines that currently dominate the EV market.

Let’s explore them together:

  1. Tesla Model X
  2. Tesla Model S
  3. The Faraday FF 91
  4. The KAZ electric limousine
  5. Toyota Prius Limo
  6. Electric Nissan Leaf Limo
  7. Lazzarini’s Electric Limousine
  8. Venere by LVCHI Auto
  9. Mercedes-Benz EQC

The beginning of electric limousine

Tesla models formed the basis for how an electric limousine should function and look like. You can read about them below.

1. Tesla Model X

The first electric limousine was the Model X all-electric SUV.

tesla model x front - front view of tesla electric model x
Tesla Model X – Front view – Source: Wiki

It is considered to be the highest safety-rated SUV on the market, recently ranked by NHTSA a 5-star in every safety classification. It also goes with the lowest possibility of injury or rollover.

It has two battery pack options (75kWh and 100 kWh), it is all-wheel-drive with dual motors and autopilot capabilities.

Right now, Tesla is working on new interior designs for the Model S and X, whilst the launch of Tesla Semi and a next-generation Roadster are expected.

The new models will boast the following improvements:

  • autonomous driving system
  • touchscreen technology
  • instrument cluster
  • single vent air conditioning

Improvements are also expected in the seating – they will be ventilated and softer, and a second-row console will be installed in the rear seats.

Other upgrades in these models of electric limousine are connectivity features such as a wireless phone charger, upgraded front storage, and a mobile app that will enable operating in the vehicle.

These improvements, reasonably, contributed to the price increasing. Nonetheless, a new standard will be established with improved features.

Tesla is thinking of going a little further and installing a dash-cam, by using its Autopilot cameras. Furthermore, we can anticipate an alert system that will inform about the number of family members when the owner picks home as a destination in the navigation system.

tesla model x aside - tesla model x electric vehicle
Tesla Model X – Electric Limo – Source: Wiki

Model X can go 295 miles on battery alone! It can accommodate 7 passengers, going from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds. Its price varies from 68,136 € to 114,929 €, based on battery and other specific amenities.

2. Tesla Model S

The 2020 Tesla Model S continues the sensation that turned the EV market on its head, but without significant changes since its debut. The Model S remains one of the leading electric vehicles.

tesla model s - tesla electric limo model s
Tesla Model S | Source: Wiki

It offers a comfortable ride, with seats that are cozy and soft.

The infotainment system is housed on the gigantic 17-inch tablet. For a technically developed vehicle like this, we are disappointed to say that there is no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto smartphone integration.

The performance is impeccable, even the base version is capable of hitting 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds, and paying an extra $20,000 since the performance will set it down to 2.3 seconds.

These numbers are almost unbelievable, and the estimated range also tops anything else on sale today, even though it is common that real-world range falls a bit short of Tesla’s figures.

Still, the Tesla Model S is one of the best electric limos currently on the road. Right now, its big competitor is the Porsche Taycan, but the Taycan isn’t that quick, it offers less range, and it is more expensive.

3. The Faraday FF 91

The FF 91 represents a futuristic vision of a zero-emission electric limousine.

future limo - electric limo - ff91 - faraday ff91 limousine
Faraday FF91 futuristic limo – Source: Wiki

Its interior is called the “third internet living space” by Faraday, which implies that the passengers can operate in it just like from home or office, with the same dose of comfort and good connection.

The rear seats are very comfortable, with large legroom. They are heated, ventilated, and massage-adjustable in the ambient, mood lighting, followed by visual and audio effects.

The vehicle has 11 screens, one descending from the roof, a 27-inch high-definition unit.

As the driver gets closer, the car responds through Bluetooth connection and smartphone.

On-board facial recognition controls and adjust screens, seats, mirrors, volume, temperature, and everything else according to the driver’s needs.

The fun is guaranteed in this electric limousine since it has incredible heads-up displays, three motors that give 1,050 horsepower, and a 130-kilowatt-hour battery. The limo delivers a zero-to-60 time of fewer than three seconds, and it can be recharged very quickly.

Faraday’s factory can produce 30,000 cars per year, even though it is being said that soon only a small number of the FF 91 will be available.

Still, another limo is in progress. Chinese automaker Hongqi is planning to start producing Rolls-Royce-like H7. Don’t judge a book by its covers – even though it’s big, inside it has a standard two-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Some people don’t mind the quantity as long as they have the quality of arriving in style.

4. The KAZ electric limousine

The KAZ stands for Keio Advanced Zero-Emission Vehicle and it was designed in Japan.

the kaz vehicle
KAZ Vehicle

This electric limousine can travel at 300km/h. It looks like a sports car, it has 8 wheels, and it is designed for balance and stability.

With its unique exterior and spectacular engine capacity, the KAZ is one of the most impressive electric limos ever made!

It boasts 600 horsepower, which is incredible for a vehicle of this size. It is also long and comfortable, but not as long as regular stretch limos.

The limo is running on lithium-ion battery technology, using 84 of the litter buggers to start it up. The battery capacity provides a ride for a full 180 miles before recharging. This superb battery makes the KAZ limo one of the longest-lasting cars in its class.

The KAZ proved that electric cars can be just as fast while maintaining a classy and smooth interior, as well as the exterior. The fact that it’s electric may not be everyone’s first choice, but you have to admit, it’s pretty spectacular what they achieved with it.

5. Toyota Prius Limo

Toyota Prius V is an electric limousine customized in 2013. It is completely insured, examined, and verified.

Toyota Prius V stays loyal to everything that a limo provides: comfort, luxury, and safety. It comes in green color, it’s not too expensive, and it boasts the latest technology of the revolutionary Toyota Prius.

This electric limousine/gas hybrid vehicle provides the perfect experience for regular use. It is clean, comfortable, luxurious, and pleasant.

Even though Toyota as an electric limo is in the top 5 in the automobile market, its makers haven’t ceased to be creative and innovative. They are discovering new technology features that will provide them keeping the throne.

It is being speculated that Toyota considers developing a larger version of the Prius which will be powered by a lithium-ion battery.

Right now, Toyota uses a nickel-metal hydride battery to start up its electric vehicles.

Furthermore, they are considering tapping its lithium-ion batteries. They have a partnership with Panasonic that will contribute to developing them for vehicles.

6. Electric Nissan Leaf Limo

A Missouri automaker introduced his vision to the world – turning a modest 2012 Nissan Leaf into a stretch limousine. He fulfilled his dream, the Imperial Coach Builders of Springfield, MO created the world’s first electric stretch limo.

How did they do it? They cut in two a standard Nissan Leaf electric sedan and enlarged the frame to put a center section that will stretch it into a limousine.

Just try to imagine how the automakers grasped the 24-kilowatt-hour battery pack that normally goes under the floor of a production Leaf! We can conclude that it was adapted to match the enlarged floor-pan.

The automakers keep on creating electric limousine not only because the world needs zero-emissions cars, but also because there is big enforcement on limousine companies to expand fleet gas mileage.

To keep them on the road, limo operators have to reduce the overall gasoline consumption. To succeed in that, they have to add an electric leaf.

We can assume that the first model created by Missouri will just be a demonstration of the plug-in limousine before they put it on the market.

In some interviews, it is being said that currently “it takes any 12-volt battery charger, and all you have to do is take the charger, plug it into the car, and plug it into an outlet — no money needed.”

We have to contradict, even though it is indisputable that an electric Leaf Limousine is certainly cheaper than paying to start up a converted Hummer H2.

7. Lazzarini’s Electric Limousine

Pierpaolo Lazzarini, a designer behind the Jet Capsule projects and the UFO houseboats, recently revealed a new vehicle model that he named the Lazzarini One.

Now and then, he does automotive concepts, sometimes just from a scratch, or starting from famous vehicles like the Ferrari or the Fiat.

The Lazzarini One is probably one of his the least talked-about projects, a four-person electric limou that looks like a prototype of something that a villain in the ‘80s to early ‘90s would drive.

Lazzarini describes the 1,200 horsepower four-seater as an electric limousine.

Maybe a better and more precise description would be a supercar or a luxury sedan.

His electric limousine has a Bosch electric engine, all-wheel drive. It is about 21.5-feet long, while a wheelbase is almost eight feet wide.

The vehicle boasts an impressive canopy door that opens the roof from the back.

The price is very high, about 2,298,500 €.

Considering the style, Lazzarini One unifies the futuristic and retro components. This extraordinary electric limousine looks like something that would perfectly fit in Tim Burton’s Batman universe, but with an extra note of impulsiveness.

On his website, you can read his motto, in which he states that he is a designer that believes in taking a different design approach. We can agree that he’s holding to it.

Lazzarini didn’t offer great details on the electric limousine project, which ended with a lack of attention in comparison to other projects. But one thing is for sure, this project serves as a reminder that we can shape the future, according to our dreams and desires.

8. Venere by LVCHI Auto

Venere was revealed at the Geneva Motor show as the first full-electric limousine with outstanding performance. It was designed by the Italian firm I.D.E.A and it was prepared for production in 2019.

venere lvchi auto - electric venere automobile - electric limo
Electric Venere automobile – Source: Wiki

Venere is an electric limo with four seats, but when you check its four electric motors with a total of 740 kW of power and 2.5 seconds for its 0-62 mph time, it maybe deserves to be called a sports car, not a limo.

With its specs, Venere is very similar to the Tesla Model S, but the look and the style are pretty different.

The vehicle has been tested by CSI and the results will amaze you: it launches from 0 to 100 km/h in 2,5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 286 km/h thanks to its over 1.000 hp. The autonomy scope is one of the best, more than 652 km with a single charge.

LVCHI Auto came into the EV market to be one of the leading players. It was created in 2016, while in 2017 the project Venere along with the I.D.E.A. Institute started. This company is active since 1978, on a worldwide scale.

The main purpose of the project Venere is to bring innovations to the EV market. For instance, the chassis is made of a composite material, a sandwich of carbon fiber and honeycomb, to reach the bending firmness that the high performance and the weight required.

Venere operates with 4 motors, 2 at the front, and 2 behind, together capable to activate to 13.000 rpm and generate 185 KW each with 1,540 Nm of torque. These incredible features combined with a 100 kWh Lithium-Ion battery pack, enable outstanding capacity related to autonomy and performance.

It weighs 2,100 kg and it is fast charging – 80% in 50 minutes.

The production of Venere will start in Turin, then a new electric City car will be presented, allowing the brand to be positioned on different market ranges.

In 2021, the launch of SUV and MPV platforms is expected, along with the launch of Urano – an electric sedan, introduced in Shanghai.

9. Mercedes-Benz EQC

Mercedes-Benz EQC is a perfect electric limousine for those who want to blend comfort and performance.

mercedes benz eqc - mercedes benz electric limo
Mercedes-Benz EQC – Source: Wiki

It represents a compact SUV with seats five, with a body that will remind you of the gas-powered GLC-class.

It has two electric (twin) motors, torque-vectoring four-wheel drive, and combined peak outputs of 402bhp and 564lb-ft. EQS’s powertrain delivers quiet performance, followed by the crisp acceleration that comes with many luxury EVs.

Being technologically advanced, it has plenty of driving modes, and at first look, it seems quite hard to grasp all of its advanced settings related to battery regeneration and semi-autonomous driver-assist systems.

The interior looks quite fancy, with high-gloss plastics, the latest design, and seductive textiles. Once you step into the vehicle, it becomes very pleasant and enjoyable to drive, but also very extravagant and classy at the price of a 77,855 €. It will give you more luxury than its rivals such as the Tesla Model X and Jaguar I-Pace.

WLTP-verified battery range is 259 miles officially, and according to some tests, between 80% and 90% of it can be reproduced in mixed real-world driving.

That is shorter than that of its competitor Tesla. All in all, the EQC’s unification of Mercedes-Benz splendor and energy-efficient electrification make the vehicle a perfect choice for buyers who want a healthy and luxurious ride.

Inside the vehicle are two 10.25-inch screens, one for the instrument cluster, and one for the infotainment system. Together, they provide a modern look. There is a touchpad that controls the infotainment system, and it serves as a replacement for the central control knob that was used in the older versions. Besides, the EQC provides redundant touchscreen capability.

Mercedes-Benz provides a rationally competitive warranty. Nevertheless, you’ll get longer coverage from Jaguar.


Every month, something new hits the EV market, and the number of choices will keep rising for many years to come.

If you are in pursuit of an extravagant electric limousine right now, the question arises:

What is the best model to drive?

Read this article, discover Tesla models, Mercedes-Benz EQS, Venere, or Nissan Leaf Limo, and find out what is your perfect choice.

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Gene Grossman
1 year ago

The one thing this article seems to ignore is that it looks like all any car company needs to do is call one of their models a ‘limo,’ and just like Trump declassifies documents by “thinking about it,” that car model instantly becomes a limousine… notwithstanding the fact that last year it was just a plain, nice, 4-door sedan.

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