Hire a Limousine Service For These Unconventional Occasions

Elegance, wealth, and luxury, these are closely related to limousines. People tend to hire private chauffeured services for special occasions such as weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties, proms, and important business meetings.

But why should you only limit luxury limo transportation to these events? There is no event or occasion too small and unimportant so that you can’t hire a limo

You should celebrate any occasion that makes you happy. Hiring a limo will add to your festive spirit and make your day even better.

hire a limousine for special occasion - special ocassion limo
Hire a limo for everyday or special occasion

We have created a little list of unconventional occasions when you should hire a limousine. It may have not crossed your mind, but when you think about it, you would wish that you have come up with it first.

  • Spending time with your friends
  • Going on a shopping spree
  • Going on a brewery or winery tour
  • For a Halloween party
  • Sport events
  • Concerts
  • Theater trip
  • Milestone birthday
  • Picking up mommy and baby from the hospital
  • Anytime you feel like it

Spending time with your friends in a limo

Sometimes friends can be our second family. They are with us through thick and thin. They are happy about our achievements and comfort us in our failures. Why shouldn’t we hire a limousine to show to our friends how much we care? 

Can you imagine the expression on their faces when they see a limo waiting in front of their door? You cannot put a price on friendship and making your friends feel how much they mean to you is priceless. 

in a limousine with friends
In a limo with friends

Plan an outing, of any kind, rent a limo, and invite your friends to join. We promise this will be one of the best decisions of your life.

Go on a shopping spree

A chauffeured shopping day, this sounds like fun. You may feel that this is only for the rich and famous, but it can be you.

The fun is guaranteed when you pull up to your favorite mall, of specialty boutiques in a limo. Your daughter, sister, best friend are there with you too. It can be a royal treatment you so much deserve.


Going on a brewery of a winery tour

When you are going out and planning to drink wine or beer you cannot drive yourself. This may have thrown you off from going and having fun many times. 

But you don’t have to say no to a brewery of winery tour ever again. Hiring a limo service to escort you to and from such drinking activities will put your mind at ease.

It is a perfect choice that will make you relaxed and able to fully enjoy your tour not worrying about how you are going to get home.

brewery with a limo
To a brewery with a limo – Why not?!

Hiring a limo for a Halloween party

Many people hire limousines to get them to upscale business and holiday parties. Not many people take full advantage of a limo service on Halloween.

It would be so much fun arriving at a party or bar hopping in a limo on Halloween night. You and your friends all under disguise having the time of your life.

Arriving at a concert in a limo

Concerts can be, and mostly are, a mess when it comes to driving and parking. It can become hectic to park and you may end up having to park really far away from the entrance. 

When you hire a limousine for this special purpose, you won’t have to experience navigating in big crowds. You will get to and from the event safely. 

arriving at a concert
Arriving at a concert in a limo – the best way

When you are at a concert you are having fun. You are dancing, singing, and drinking. Don’t let an intoxicated driving ruin your night, or worse your life.

 A limo will whisk all your worries away so that you can fully enjoy the concert, without any bad thought crossing your mind.

Going to sporting events in a limo

These are, just like concerts, events that you go to relax and have fun. They are one of the most popular summer pastimes and are often enjoyed with a drink in hand.

You can relax and cheer for your team when you know that a limo company has your back. No more worrying about parking, it can easily become a nightmare. The parking can be pricy and you risk being late to the game because you can’t find a spot. 

Hiring a limo will let you avoid all this and allow you to enjoy the game.

Theater trip in a limo

Why not hire a limo next time you go to the theater? This will complete the evening of dressing up and enjoying some quality time with your loved ones or friends. 

visit theater with a limo
Visit theater – With a limo

It would be quite wonderful to put on your nice suit or dress, sip wine during the trip and enjoy the premium customer care before you watch theater, ballet, or opera.

Milestone birthday

People make a big deal of their birthdays when they are young. They throw parties, go drinking with their friends, and even hire a limo to drive them from place to place

But as we grow older we tend to put ourselves into the background and care about others more. A milestone birthday is an occasion that has to be celebrated. It marks a special milestone in your life. 

Riding in a limousine can start on a grand celebration of your milestone birthday. Share it with your closest people and celebrate your life.

Picking up mommy and baby from the hospital

Any new parent has been through the panic of an uncertain future that new addition to the family brings. Mothers go through a lot during pregnancy. After all they are growing life in their bellies. 

When the bundle of joy is born, all focus is on the baby most of the time. This is only natural. But don’t forget about your partner. Bringing a new child to this world is not easy.

picking a baby in a limo
Picking a baby in a limo

We know that you are constantly telling your partner that you are there for them and that you love them for giving a child to you. But, can you imagine the look on their face when you come to pick up mommy and baby from the hospital in a limo?

We are sure that they will appreciate it and that it will show that in your eyes they truly are royalty. Is there a better way to start out your adventure of raising kids together?

Hire a limo anytime you feel like it

The perfect opportunity to hire a limo is every. You should pamper yourself whenever you feel like it. Enjoy your life the way you like it and don’t mind what other people say. You will see that your life will become much happier.

special event limousin
Every occasion is perfect for a limo

To conclude

Limousine services are not reserved only for special occasions and business trips. You can hire a limo for celebrating a milestone birthday, going to the theater, sporting event, a wine tour. 

Pick up the mother of your child from the hospital in a limo. Spice up your Halloween party. Call your friends and have an epic night out.

We say that any occasion is the perfect occasion to hire a limo if it makes you happy.  

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