Wedding transportation tips for a ride to remember

Your luckiest day ever is getting closer and you surely want it to be PERFECT. 

Almost everything is ready and now is the time to think about one more important thing – wedding transportation.

It would be ideal if everyone would transport themselves to the wedding venue, but that isn’t always possible. 

just married wooden sign
On this special day, everything has to be perfect! | Source: Envato Elements

For that reason, it is essential to make room in your wedding budget for transportation. There are plenty of options to think about according to your interests.

With unique wedding transportation, your wedding will be remembered not only by the bride and the groom.

If you want to find out fascinating wedding transportation ideas and tips, and also the average price of that, you are in the right place.

The average price of wedding transportation 

Are you wondering how much wedding transportation costs?

Well, it depends. It depends on WHEN, WHERE, and WHAT you rent.

According to the most recent research, the average cost of wedding transportation is $800, with most couples spending between $500 – $1,100.

calculating costs for a wedding
Wedding expenses can be very high. | Source: Pexels

Of course, you can pay less or more depending on many other things that are applied in your overall wedding organization.

In most cases, companies will charge by the hour, depending on the type of vehicle and the number of people in it. Most companies will charge a minimum of 3 to 4 hours.

Limousine as wedding transportation

When it comes to choosing a wedding limousine, there are many choices. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the vintage, classic or modern limo.

The price could vary from $50 to $150 per hour for a car or a limo, or more expensive. All in all, there is no standard cost.

A 15% to 20% tip is usually considered and might be in a contract. If not, a $20 tip for each driver is acceptable.

Take into consideration the distance from one place to another while booking.

woman in wedding dress - black limousine
You can’t go wrong with choosing a limousine for your wedding. | Source: Pexels

No matter, if it is your wedding, your family members, your friends, or your colleague, hiring a wedding limo, will enhance this special event with style and elegance.

Party bus as wedding transportation

If the group is large, renting a limo party bus is a great choice. 

The best thing about these group vehicles is that the whole crew will be in one place. They will have the chance to warm up right before the event with their favorite music playing in the background.

The price for something more extravagant or larger than a limo, like a party bus is from $200 to $300.

Limousine Van as wedding transportation

The luxury van limousine is about the same size as the passenger van on the outside, but inside they seem more spacious as they offer fewer seats than the passenger van.

luxury limousine van - black limousine van
A luxury van can be the most cost-effective wedding transportation.

Limousine vans aren’t only suitable for the bride and the groom, they are also practical for other members and out-of-town guests who will be a part of the wedding party.

It is much cheaper to rent a van than to rent so many vehicles to fit the entire group of passengers.

15 Fascinating wedding transportations ideas

Are you looking for creative wedding transportation ideas? 

Here are 15 amazing ideas that will make your wedding unforgettable:

  1. Wedding limo
  2. Wedding carriage
  3. Wedding Vespa
  4. Wedding boat
  5. Wedding yacht
  6. Party bus
  7. Wedding trolley car
  8. Vintage car
  9. Wedding truck
  10. Wedding tandem bike
  11. Wedding taxi
  12. Biker wedding
  13. Wedding helicopter
  14. Wedding golf cart
  15. Wedding gondola for two

1. Wedding limo

When it comes to wedding transportation, the most common choice for many people is a wedding limo.

wedding limo - wedding limousine - wedding under the sun - wedding couple in front of a white limousine
Wedding limousine – Always a great choice! | Source: Pexels

If your way is the sophisticated way, a wedding limo is the best choice. A limo can be your pompous entrance into your everlasting journey.

Think about the photos inside of it. A solemn wedding dress or an elegant suit combined with champagne followed by happiness on your faces.

Also, an amazing limo interior will delight you, but the limousine doesn’t have space for many people.

If your circle is small, you have one more reason to choose a limo.

2. Wedding carriage

Every girl dreams of her big day, hoping it will be like a fairytale.

wedding carriage - wedding couple - old fashioned wedding
Romantic wedding carriage | Source: Wikimedia

Have you found your prince charming? Pick a horse-drawn wedding carriage.

Decorate it with bows and ribbons in different colors to suit the vintage theme of your big day.

You can also take a carriage ride for photographs that will portray the most romantic experience ever in an old-fashioned way.

Keep in mind that the distance and the time of arrival match. Choose a destination that isn’t remote and your dreams will come true.

Before your special day, go for a ride to ensure that your day will pass without incidents. Safety first!

3. Wedding Vespa

What’s better and more amusing than arriving at your wedding venue on a Vespa!

wedding vespa - wedding venue on scooter
If you want to be different this is the right thing for you! | Source: Envato Elements

It doesn’t cost much and it gives a lot of trills.

Keep in mind that your wedding dress isn’t floor length.

Life is a long and winding ride, better have the right one by your side.

4. Wedding boat

“You float like a feather” sang Radiohead.

wedding boat - wedding couple on a boat
Wedding boat – Fell the waves! Source: Envato Elements

The wedding dress moves in the rhythm of the waves. Breeze stroked the bride’s hair.

Sounds dreamy, right?

Choose a boat as your wedding transportation and you will be in a “beautiful world”.

Mark your special day in a luxury boat with your loved ones.

Photos will be amazing and everyone will enjoy their party on the waves. You can have the most unique wedding in the most exclusive location.

5. Wedding yacht

Exchange your vowels in gigantic luxury and give yourself something you will look back on with pride and joy. 

Think of beautiful landscapes and romantic backgrounds, everyone will talk about it for years!

Make sure that the weather and sea conditions are favorable before you set the date. 

Finally, if you choose a yacht for your wedding, your party will be extravagant and unforgettable.

6. Party bus

How can you transport a bridal party? There’s no party like a bus party!

party bus - wedding bus
Party bus – Unforgettable experience for you and your friends!

There will be enough room for your family members and close friends. Share everything with them and sheer happiness is guaranteed.

Rent a party bus and you won’t regret it. Let’s get this party started!

7. Wedding Trolley Car

This is one more outstanding option for a couple that wants to party with their friends and family.

The trolley company can transport you from your home to the ceremony and finally to the wedding venue.

It can also become a memorable shuttle that brings your besties in exceptional style.

A perfect backdrop for your photographs awaits!

8. Vintage car

Out of ordinary has been the essence of your life?

vintage wedding car - vintage car
Elegant vintage wedding car will give a special touch to your wedding.

Keep it that way, don’t let yourself down. Indulge yourself and live a dream that comes from a different time.

Pick an old-fashioned dress that matches the color of a car. 

Choose a stunning Cadillac or other classic models such as Chevrolet, Ford, or Maserati. Wear long gloves and pose with the umbrella in your hands.

Your vintage transportation will enhance your wedding day style.

9. Wedding truck

Happily ever after starts right here!

Decorate the truck with ribbons and bows in different colors. Turn up your favorite country music. Put on your cowboy hat. Put on your cowboy boots.

Match the rustic atmosphere with the reception venue. Live your romantic country fantasy!

10. Wedding tandem bike

You probably asked yourself: “How much should wedding transportation cost?

wedding on a bike - wedding tandem bike
Wedding tandem bike – Romantic ride for two!

If you can’t afford the carriage for your wedding, there is a solution.

Keep it simple, cute, and not so expensive. 

Skip the conventional wedding, choose a bike, and get to the church on time!

You’d look so madly in love upon the seat made for two.

11. Wedding taxi

If you have a classic wedding in the city, (an antique) taxi is a great choice.

wedding taxi
Wedding taxi can look very unusual and impressive.

Taxi can enhance your wedding theme by providing stunning photographs.

Choose your favorite color and decorate it accordingly.

Get ready for the ride of your lives!

12. Biker wedding

Put on your leather jacket and leather boots for your wedding day.

wedding - bike wedding - biker wedding
Biker wedding – focus all attention on you!

Let your life adventure begin with the wind cutting your face and with the breeze down your hair.

Wild hearts deserve strong lovers, right?

Yes, you’re born to be wild!

13. Wedding helicopter

Hire a helicopter for your wedding and make your entrance with style.

wedding chopper - wedding helicopter
Fly to your wedding in style.

Feel like a movie star and add a VIP extravagancy to go as sophisticated as possible.

Helicopters can transport couples from a house to a church, from a church to a wedding venue, and finally, leave the reception for a hotel in the evening. 

If you choose the helicopter, distance, and time as obstacles will be overcome.

14. Wedding Golf Cart

If you are a golf fan or a golf player, Golf Cart is the best wedding transportation you can choose.

Make sure it’s decorated and not far away from your wedding ceremony and reception.

After all, golf is the closest game to the game we call life.

15. Wedding gondola for two

Can you think of anything more romantic than a wedding ride on a gondola? 

wedding gondola - wedding in a gondola
Maybe Venice is the best choice for your gondola wedding?

Italian vibes attached to your wedding transportation seem like a perfect scenario for your biggest day.

I’m positive you’ll never forget this experience beyond romanticism. 

Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about.

Wedding transportation tips

Now that you’ve chosen your wedding transportation, there are useful tips that will make the whole organization much easier.

If you make a good plan and stick to it, surely the whole organization of the wedding, including the transportation for the wedding, will be perfect.

wedding retro car - flowers on the black car
Organizing transportation for other guests is also important. | Source: Envato Elements

So, here is a list of 7 wedding transportation tips that will help you transport your loved ones to and from the wedding venue right on time.

  1. First, check your wedding budget before making plans.
  2. If you are planning transportation for your guests, you must consider their needs. 
  3. Provide transportation that is right for everyone to use.
  4. Once you established a plan, you are ready to contact rental companies.
  5. Make sure that you book in advance, several months before your wedding.
  6. Check the wedding transportation contract from the chosen company.
  7. If it’s a traditional wedding, find out in advance what it all entails so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

If you want to learn more about Swiss wedding traditions – Click Here!


Now you are familiar with 15 creative wedding transportation ideas.

We hope you will be inspired enough to turn one of those ideas into reality. Find your best solution according to your budget and your preferences.

Don’t forget to put your immaculate plan into motion. Good organization is the key to success. Use our wedding transportation tips that will surely make your day less stressful.

If you need professional transportation for your wedding, EdelSwiss has a great solution for you!

Choose our smooth and reliable premium transportation and make your wedding day a day to remember.

Keep calm and enjoy your wedding day!

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