Why you should hire a limousine service for prom?

Sun rays in spring bring back the joy in people after long, grim and misty winter. Days are longer, with lots of sunshine, but not too hot and not too warm – just perfect for festivities. Every year sometime at the end of May, parents around the globe share the same merriment – teenagers finishing secondary school are having a prom.

Most teens say that prom night is the most important event in their lives. At first, they see it as the best party ever, but soon enough they start to realize the greater meaning of prom. Prom represents a turning point, the first step towards adulthood. It is the end of one and the beginning of another part of life, usually a completely different one. Therefore, it is a notable social event, important both to teens, their families, and teachers.

hummer limo
Hummer Limo for a prom- Why not?

Prom customs might vary from one place to another, but they all share some common traits. It is a major event, so everybody wants to look glamorous and outstanding. Couples in tuxedoes and gowns with smiley faces go to the prom dance. But how do they arrive at the venue? And does it even really matter?

Well, as a parent, you worry about your child’s safety on the road. Of course, you wouldn’t let them drive, but they wouldn’t let you drop them either because they are all grown up and independent now, right?! That is where a limousine service comes in handy.

So, why should you hire a limousine service for prom?

Reason number 1: Limousine for prom complements the occasion

No vehicle is more formal and sophisticated than the limousine, regardless of the type. Therefore, it perfectly complements the prom atmosphere. Stylish and spacious, like the youngsters’ attire, limousine service for prom provides a comfortable, classy and fun ride.

Decorating a vehicle to match the prom theme is also an option. Balloons, flowers, ribbons, neon lighting, strobe or a disco ball – the choice is yours. Bring in some snacks and drinks, and get the party started.

What is the biggest concern of all teenagers? To be liked by others and to impress everybody. And to post the best photos on Instagram. Hiring a limousine for prom, in this case, is a win-win situation. Arriving at the prom venue in an elegant vehicle and having the door opened by the chauffeur in a classic dark suit will make heads turn. Photos taken in and out of the limo will bring to the boil their Instagram accounts!

Reason number 2: Limousine service is reliable

If you are a parent of a teenager, you worry all the time about hundreds of things. Prom night can last until the early hours, and you worry about how they will come back home.

With limo service, you will have one worry less. Reputable limo services, like ours, have only experienced, responsible and well-trained professionals in their teams.

Personal Chauffeured service

Make an agreement with the company about the exact time and place of meeting with the chauffeur. Celebrants can gather at a certain location, or the chauffeur can pick them up at different addresses. The same applies to their return home. Prom kings and queens can relax and enjoy their prom night with friends, while you can enjoy your good night’s rest knowing that they are in good hands.

Reason number 3: Limo rides are fun

Some limos are perfect for business trips, some for weddings, and some of them scream “party”! They are equipped with a TV, sound system, computers, game consoles, dance floors.

Limos are not just transportation, they are also entertainment. You can arrange a movie time, karaoke, or a video game contest in a limousine! Let’s bet that you can sing better after the party!

If you and your friends are not party animals, a city tour is a perfect idea for you. This is especially convenient if you want to impress your date. Organize a visit to some places significant just for the two of you, or to the museums and exhibitions, or even to other nearby places. Take your crush with a limo to the city’s viewpoint to watch the stars together, and you’ll steal her heart forever.

Reason number 4: Memories created in a limousine are for life

Prom night is one of the most memorable events in young people’s lives. It is extraordinary and significant for many reasons. Some seniors move away from the family home for studies, some start working and some start their own families.

Whichever path they choose, it is life-changing. For the same reasons, it is also a moment for a farewell with school friends and teachers because life will take them separate ways.

Hummer Limo Interior
Limousine for a prom party?

Hidden behind tinted windows of a limo, a group of friends can sing together, dance, take photos, laugh, and shed some tears. Memories created in a limousine are lifetime memories. They will be one of the main topics to talk about at high school reunions years later.

Let’s sum up why renting a limousine service for prom is an excellent idea:

  1. Limos add a touch of glamour to the occasion,
  2. Limos are safe – limo chauffeurs are professionals with excellent driving skills,
  3. Traffic crowds and finding free parking space is someone else’s problem,
  4. Limos are spacious and comfortable – there will be no wrinkling of clothes,
  5. Hairstyles and makeups will remain intact because of the air-conditioning system,
  6. Ride in a limo is fun and entertaining,
  7. Limos are an awesome backdrop for photos,
  8. There is a wide range of vehicles from which you can choose the one that meets your needs best,
  9. You can book one online, just do it a couple of days in advance,
  10. And finally, everybody at least once in life deserves to experience such a luxury and commodity.

To arrange a limousine for prom for your child or your friends and yourself, contact us and feel free to even visit us. We promise you the highest quality service and a great time!

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